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Internship Prep Guide


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This is meant to be an audio and visual preparation guide for students seeking an internship, but the audio doesn't work through slideshare. There will be a full version on our website at

It is tailored for IPFW students, but there is good information for all students. It guides students through the process of finding an internship including resumes, contacting employers, interviews, accepting/declining an offer, and more.

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Internship Prep Guide

  1. 1. Make the Connection to Internships! Table of Contents • Internship Benefits • Timeline • Contacting Employers • Interview Skills • Thank you cards • Before you accept an internship • How to accept/decline an internship • What to do if no offer comes • Professional Guidelines • Internship report form
  2. 2. Internship Benefits • Gain professional experience and work skills in a particular field or industry • Determine a career path or test compatibility of your chosen major by engaging in hands-on experience • Increased opportunity for securing full-time employment after graduation: about 60% of employers will offer full time positions to students who have had internships with them previously • Network with industry professionals Career Services only services non-academic credit seeking students. If you are looking to receive academic credit for your internship please see the Office of Academic Internships, Cooperative Education and Service Learning (OACS), located in Neff 337. Make the Connection to Internships!
  3. 3. Timeline4 to 5 Months prior to internship start date• Complete Internship Program: Interest Form (• Write out goals & objectives for your internship experience• Prepare a list of companies with whom you would like to intern• Create/Update your resume• Meet with a career counselor (bring goals, companies, & resume) 2 to 3 Months prior to internship start date • Complete a mock interview with a career counselor • Call companies to inquire about internships and interviews 3 to 4 Months prior to internship start date • Begin interviewing and follow up with • Attend career and internship fairs thank you notes • Research companies and internship opportunities, and compare to FLSA guidelines • Complete a resume critique with a career counselor and submit a finalized resume to internship coordinator • Apply for any open internship positions through JobZone (, Indiana INTERNnet (, or by creating an original opportunity with the assistance of Career Services Make the Connection to Internships!
  4. 4. Timeline 1 Month prior or within the 1st week of internship • Complete an Internship Report Form and submit it to Career Services1 to 2 Months prior to internship start date (• Continue interviewing and contacting employers• Write acceptance/rejection letter(s) based upon your decisions Throughout Internship Semester • Maintain appropriate work hours & performance as agreed upon by site supervisor • Connect with Career Services via a student appointment at least once during your internship • Participate in at least one site visit coordinated by IPFW internship coordinator • Complete an end-of-semester evaluation and submit it to Career Services with logged work hours ( Make the Connection to Internships!
  5. 5. Contacting Employers• Develop a list of companies or organizations that could best fulfill your goals.• You can review a list of current internship openings through JobZone and Indiana INTERNnet.• If youre unsure of what other companies are in the area, here are a few resources to use when doing your research: Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce Better Business Bureau United Way of Allen County Leadership Fort Wayne Phone Book - Yellow Pages Make the Connection to Internships!
  6. 6. Interview Skills To best equip yourself for an interview you should prepare before, during, and after the interview:Before: During:1. Research the company 1. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake, and the position make eye contact and smile2. Prepare for the actual 2. Be confident, alert, and enthusiastic interview (use the 3. Take time to reflect before answering a difficult Career Guide, section 8) question3. Practice and relax 4. Be prepared to ask questions at the end of the interview 5. Be conscious of your body language After: 1. Follow-up with a “thank-you” letter 2. Thank-you letters can be handwritten, typed, or emailed 3. Use the Career Guide, Cover Letter Section, for an example Make the Connection to Internships!
  7. 7. Thank You Cards • This is one of the most important yet least used tools in a job search. • The purpose is to establish good will, express appreciation, and/or to strengthen your candidacy. • The basic rule of thumb is to send a letter to everyone who helps you in any way. Thank-you letters should be sent within 24 hours to each contact. • Thank-you letters may be typed, handwritten, or e-mailed. Make the Connection to Internships!
  8. 8. Deciding on an Internship Does this Should I wait to internship help hear back from me achieve my other companies? career goals? Does this Would this qualify internshipDoes this internship as relevant meet the FLSAmatch my interests experience? guidelines? and values? FLSA Guidelines: Quick Facts about FLSA: NY Times article with additional information: Make the Connection to Internships!
  9. 9. Before You Accept an InternshipIf you choose to quit an internship before the semester is over, then you risk the following:• A negative perception of you & IPFW students• Companies network with each other and share good & bad experiences• Bad business etiquette• Career Services requests: • An official resignation letter to the employer to regain access to JobZone • Discuss reasons for quitting with a career counselor• Want another internship? Career Services will request additional work, like: • Professional goals • Pro and Con lists of other companies you’re considering • Mock interview appointment • Other careers/industries you would want to pursue • Practice networking *Note- You can still utilize services (other than internships) through Career Services, including: resume critiques, networking, grad school prep, job searching advice, etc. Make the Connection to Internships!
  10. 10. How to Accept or Decline an Internship Offer Please refer to the Cover Letter section in our Career Guide (available at or in KT 109) or contact Career Services for help with writing your acceptance or rejection letter Make the Connection to Internships!
  11. 11. What to Do if No Offer ComesContinue researching other internship opportunities Continue preparing for Ask companies if you may interviews follow up with them within the next week If you do not hear from companies within a week call/email to inquire about the status of their decision Make the Connection to Internships!
  12. 12. Professional Guidelines MAINTAIN PROFESSIONALISM • Arrive on time everyday • Know and follow company dress codes • Do not get on Facebook or other social networking sites while at work • Put your cell phone on silent; don’t text message during work hours • Don’t use company resources for personal use • No matter how bad of a day you had at your internship, DO NOT post negative comments about the company or its employees on the internet Make the Connection to Internships!
  13. 13. Internship Report Form Please complete the Internship Report Form and submit it to Career Make the Connection to Internships!
  14. 14. Congratulations! TAKE THE QUIZ Make the Connection to Internships!