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Enter to the whole of Mobile development. Understand how to create a mobile campaign especially via iOS applications. Omnitoons has created over 40iOS apps and currently focuses on Enterprise applications.

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Introduction to Omnitoons

  1. 1. Web Services   Mobile Applications   Social Media  
  2. 2. Why Omnitoons?  1. Strong portfolio   ü Over 30 apps created ü Innovative2. Total package   ü Consumer applications and enterprise solutions ü Technical and branding experience ü iOS,Android, BB, Facebook 3. Long term vision and strategy   ü Your long term mobile technology partner ü Regional experience and reach
  3. 3. Our Clients!
  4. 4. The Omnitoons Apps Marketing Package!App Analysis   for regulation compliance, pricing strategy, usability and a full competitive analysis  Social Media Marketing   increases word-of-mouth and attracts new users  Media Planning and Buying   in mobile and online channels target users when you need them, where you need them  SEO   to ensure that your application is easily located in the app store  Localization   for when you want to bring your app to the world  Public Relations   manages your presence with bloggers, magazines and media publications  
  5. 5. CASE  STUDIES  
  6. 6. Case Studies Augmented Reality App  Challenge:  To promote awareness and attendance of agolf tournament using interactive methods  Solution:  Created an augmented reality app with realisticsound effects and animation, enabling users toplay a game of virtual golf with their iPhone andtheir immediate surroundings. The novelty ofthe app attracted many downloads, leading toincreased awareness of the HSBC Women’sChampionship Golf Tournament and raisingattendance of the event by an estimated 19%
  7. 7. Case Studies Mobile Site and iPhone app  Challenge:  Build a community of health conscious peoplewho are looking for ways to lose weight  Solution:  Created an iPhone app with features such as aBMI calculator as well as fitness and wellnesstips to cater to consumer needs. A mobile sitewas also created to enable other smartphoneusers to access created content, furtherexpanding the community of users. The clientcan also upload new content via the ContentManagement System.
  8. 8. Case Studies Increasing calls for telco  Challenge:  To encourage people to make callsduring the Ramadan season  Solution:  Created an app for Batelco that reminds userseveryday during Ramadan to make a good callby sending them 30 Good Call reminders.It allows users to post comments and sharethem with friends, making the app viral. Userscan also track their Good Calls and view top 10callers on the leader board. Featured in theNew and Noteworthy section of iTunes SaudiArabia.
  9. 9. Case Studies Product Lifespan Extension  Challenge:  To generate further revenue from the movieAngus, Thongs and Snogging  Solution:  Created a comic version of Angus,Thongs andSnogging and launched it on the iTunes AppStore. This generated further revenue with thepaid version of the app as well as sustainedinterest in the movie amongst iPhone users.The app has seen more than 100,000downloads, testifying to the power of mobilemarketing in complementing conventionaladvertising efforts.
  10. 10. Case Studies Launch of New Product  Challenge:  To attract young trend-setters to learn aboutthe new product range  Solution:  Created a simple yet addictive game thatintroduces a new product range to users.Users stood a chance to win hampersThrough a leaderboard function, providingthem with an incentive to download theapplication. The option of sharing your scoreson Facebook also enabled users to spreadthe word among their friends, hence increasingconsumer exposure of the new product range.
  11. 11. Case Studies Location Based Product  Challenge:  To build a user generated ecosystem for pubgoers to share happy hours promotions  Solution:  In addition to creating an iPhone app, there isalso a website that users will be able to loginto, increasing mobile interactivity. This appis also currently being developed for Androidusers as well to support the growing marketand expand the community of users.
  12. 12. Innovative Solutions! !awaiting your discovery! Karen New Head Honcho