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This group was developed as an opportunity for natural health and well-being practitioners from any modality to form community and share techniques, inspiration and expertise. An excellent opportunity to build your referral network, build your list, sell your products and merchandise, and build community with others who share your commitment to more natural and health oriented ways of life.

For our visitors, this was a place to find healers, practitioners and products to aid in of their health and well-being. There is also a wealth of information and resources to inform and enlighten you in expanding the possibilities of the powerful creator that you are.

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Healers Unite Magazine | July 2013

  1. 1.       GEEC RAG Magazine | Volume XLIX | July 2013 B  E  G  I  N              T  O                H  E  A  L                B  Y                H  E  A  L  I  N  G                Y  O  U  R     AGREEMENTS,  COMMUNICATIONS!  YOU  ARE  NOT  YOUR  PAST   Stories of Inspiration Inside This Edition: Retrain The Brain When Retraining The Brain Isn’t Enough Spiritual Sales Coach Under Fire Natural Healers – Poem Going Green On Many Levels Self-Care For Care-Takers Letting Go Choosing Correct Words for Better Communications   W  O  R  D  S              C  R  E  A  T  E                Y  O  U  R                    P  E  R  C  E  P  T  I  O  N   CHANGE        YOUR        WORDS        CHANGE        YOUR        THOUGHTS  
  2. 2.                 Inside This Edition – July Volume #49 In The July Edition: - Words Create Your Perceptions, change your words change your thoughts * Retrain The Brain II by Karen Monteverdi, CPC * When Retraining The Brain Isn’t Enough by Karen Monteverdi, CPC * Choosing Correct Words for Better Communications by Elaine Lockard, BA, CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CM * Natural Healers - Poem by Rik Bertrand * Spiritual Sales Coach Under Fire * Going Green On Many Levels by Sam Marquit - Self-Care For Healers Coaches and Spiritual Leaders * Letting Go! by Jayde Gilmore * Law Of Agreement by Tony Burroughs - Deserving with Grace - Affiliate Marketing *Invitation & Products by Karen Monteverdi, CPC Offers, Courses, Sponsors and Advertising. Would you like free exposure for your practice? We’d love to see you here! Join us each month for insightful stories, perspectives and let us become your source as: HEALERS UNITE! Contact karen@gotocoach.net Subscribe at: http://tinyurl.com/HealersUnite- Subscribe
  3. 3.      One   of   the   distinctions   coaches   make   about   self-­‐ defeating   beliefs   or   behaviors  is  that  at  one  time   or   another   these   things   were   survival   mechanisms.   We   can   be   grateful   for   the   belief’s   original   inception   and   recognize   that   these   beliefs   and   behaviors   once   served   us.   The   survival   mechanism  can  become  self-­‐ defeating  when  the  behavior   or  belief  is  no  longer  needed   for   survival   and   now   impedes   our   evolutionary   process.       When   we   have   a   belief,   it   generates   a   thought,   which   brings  on  an  action  through   an  event.    In  a  nano-­‐second,   we  evaluate,  and  an  emotion   is   formed.     We   act   or   react,   creating   a   behavior.     We   evaluate   the   consequences,   which  lead  to  an  evaluation   of   our   original   belief.   Then   we   go   out   into   the   world   and   create   additional   evidential   experience   to   prove   our   logic,   regardless   of   whether   or   not   the   logic   Retrain  The  Brain  Free  30-­‐minute  training  course by Karen Monteverdi is   flawed.   We   continue   to   repeat  the  process.    Through   consciousness,  however,  we   can  begin  to  realize  that  we   have   choices   as   to   what   we   believe,   feel,   think   and   experience   and   also   about   how  we  behave.       When  we  hold  the  evidence   as   the   only   truth,   we   are   looking  at  the  world  from  a   single,   limited   perspective.    We  continue  to  
  4. 4. produce  the  same  results  in   our  lives  until  we  recognize   the   fact   that   we   have   another   choice.     We   even   create   agreements   with   others,   unconsciously   of   course,   to   help   us   identify   behaviors,   which   either   support   our   desires   or   become   signposts   showing   us   that   we   are   going   the   wrong  way.     On   May   24th   2013,   at   BizRichment   we   conducted   a   call   entitled   Retrain   The   Brain.     The   feedback   we've   received   has   been   incredible.   So   we   are   going   to   repeat   the   class   on   July   24th  2013.     We've   heard   stories   of   people  retraining  their  brain   using   our   techniques   for   all   kinds   of   old   thought   patterns   that   no   longer   serve  them.     My   favorite   story   is   about   75   year   old   woman,   who   is   an   energy   healer.   Katherine   has  been  working  very  hard   trying  to  get  her  website  up   and   running.   Her   belief:   Technology   was   too   complicated.       She   set   the   intention   that   she   would   easily   and   effortlessly   learn   what   she   needed   to   learn.   She   discovered   that   learning   was  fun  and  even  found  that   she   had   more   energy   when   she   let   go   of   the   resistance   to   discovering   new   information.   She   updated   her   computer   and   discovered   that   with   the   new   equipment   she   could   move   much   faster   around   the  web.       This   amazing   woman   is   courageous   to   start   a   business  now  in  this  time  in   her   life.   She   claims   there   was   the   logical   choice   for   her   once   she   realized   how   much   she   had   to   offer.     Katherine   became   a   client;   she  writes:     "I   have   the   utmost   confidence  in  my  Coach.  I  am   amazed  at  how  much  I  have   been   influenced   to   the   negative   and   'lost   my   personal  power.'  I  want  that   back.   I   don't   smile,   I   don't   feel   happy,   I   am   gaining   a   solid   foundation   with   my   Coach,  Karen.  I  am  learning  I   don't   have   to   let   the   influence  of  others  stop  me,  if   I   can't   physically   move   on,   I   can   emotionally,   spiritually   and   mentally   move   on   and   my  physical  being  will  begin   to  support  me.  I  am  grateful."  
  5. 5.                             Update:     "I   have   been   using   the   Retrain   the   Brain   continuously   and   am   clearing  out  lots  of  stuff.  I  am   clearer   in   my   thinking.     Yesterday,   I   cleared   being   intimidated   and   that   is   a   huge   shift.   I   have   spent   a   lifetime   doing   what  I  have  to  do  instead  of   doing   what   I   like   or   being   more   spontaneous.   Now   it's   all   switched   and   that   is   a   huge   shift.   I   pulled   some   positive  from  the  front  of  my   brain   and   am   keeping   those   thoughts   as   my   new   motivation.   My   whole   body   feels  different  and  spirit  feels   different."     Of   course,   our   stars   of   the   show  was  LaTara  and  Laura.     LaTara   is   moving   to   Italy,   and  if  you've  been  following   some  of  our  recordings  you   know   she's   been   dreaming   about   this   for   over   a   year   now.  Her  list  was  easily  and   effortlessly   made   after   taking   some   of   our   free   online   courses   about   organization,  self-­‐awareness   and   taking   action   to   make   things   happen.   However,   LaTara   felt   that   the   accomplishment   of   such   a   task  was  overwhelming  and   too   complicated.   LaTara   retrained   her   brain   and   knocking   out   the   items   on   her   list.   She   is   closer   than   ever   to   living   in   her   dream   of  moving  to  Europe.     Laura   discovered   has   had   the   belief   that   clients   don't   know  where  to  find  her.  She   firmly   rooted   that   clients   now   know   where   to   find   her.  We're  going  to  help  her   with  that  belief;  you  can  find   Laura  at     http://www.transitionswith laura.com/   Please   help   Laura   get   her   name   out   to   the   world,   if   you  or  someone  you  know  is   looking   to   increase   your   ability   to   build   a   healthy,   happy  and  deep  connection,   either   in   a   personal   or   professional   relationship   Love   Coach   Laura   can   help   you   or   someone   you   know.   Singles,   Married   Couples   and   Entrepreneurs   all   benefit   from   her   courses   and  coaching.          
  6. 6.                                                       Karen Monteverdi, CPC is   the   Owner   and   Program   Director   for   GreenMountain  Enrichment  and  Empowerment  Center.  Her  book  became  a  #1   best  seller  in  2012.  Karen  assembled  a  team  of  experts  who  can  assist  healers,   coaches  and  spiritual  leaders  establish  their  business.   Her  background  was  originally  in  structural  and  civil  engineering.  This  gives  her   a  unique  ability  to  understand  structures  and  technology.  Our  team  will  stand  by   you   throughout   this   journey   as   she   helps   you   understand   the   mindset   of   an   entrepreneur.     Karen   teaches   Life   Skills   Training,   life   balance   &   Living   Consciously   Education   For  Individuals  are  for  those  who  aspire  to  own  a  30-­‐100k  business  within  the   next   year.   Entrepreneurship   is   not   for   everyone.   It   takes   self-­‐motivation,   self-­‐ awareness,  and  let’s  face  it  a  lot  of  courage.  You  want  to  make  a  difference  in  the   world.  You  have  a  product  or  service  that  if  people  knew  about  it,  used  it,  it  would   make  their  life  easier,  happier  and  more  fulfilled.   http://gotocoach.net  
  7. 7.     The   other   day,   I   was   watching   the   video   interview   with   Bruce   H.   Lipton,  PhD.  and  Dr.  Wayne   Dyer;  after  reading  a  post  by   one   of   my   friends   who   was   complaining   how   there   was   no   control   to   be   had.   Though   we   often   believe   circumstances   are   in   control,   we   can   choose   another  perspective.   As  I  was  researching  how  to   respond  to  my  friends  post,   and  further  create  a  solution   for   those   who   want   it;   I   remembered   that   I   actually   wrote  about  this  in  the  book   Living   Consciously:   In   An   Ego   Driven   Society.   I   offered  an  opportunity  for   people   to   take   100%   responsibility   for   their   situation.   When   we   realize   we   are   responsible,   we   have   the   opportunity   to   create   change,   set   up   boundaries   and,   create   a   new   set   of   When  Retraining  The  Brain  Exercise  Is  Not  Enough  by Karen Monteverdi instructions   for   our   subconscious  mind.     Setting   up   boundaries   with   ourselves  we  begin  to  see  a   transformation   in   the   way   we  impact  our  environment.     We   have   the   power   to   impact   our   environment   as   Bruce   &   Wayne   describe   in   their   video   "Conversations   to   Awaken   your   Soul.   Live   from   the   Hay   House   "I   Can   Do   It"   conference   in   Las   Vegas.   A   conversation   with   Dr.   Wayne   Dyer   and   Bruce   H.   Lipton,   PhD."   -­‐   your   biochemistry   is   transformed,   how   you   respond  is  transformed.  
  8. 8. As   they   said   in   the   video;   95%  of  our  response  does   not   come   from   the   conscious   mind   (it   is   subconscious.)   We   realize,   there   is   some   work   that   is   needed   to   be   done   from   a   different  perspective.  I  offer   this   solution   from   my   book:   Chapter  Two,  page  34:   Being  in  Ego,  How  to   Recognize  the  Signs   As   I   stated   in   the   sub-­‐ chapter,   emotions   can   be   a   barometer   of   how   one   experiences   life.     Signs   of   being  in  ego  include  feelings   and   language   of   blame,   shame,   judgment,   domination,   guilt,   and   a   disproportionate   need   to   compete.     The   list   goes   on   and  on.       When  we  recognize  that  we   are  caught  up  in  one  of  these   experiences,  we  can  actually   begin   to   retrain   the   biochemistry   of   our   mind   if   we   immediately   stop   and   say  “Oh  that’s  ego.       What   is   true   for   me   is____________”   and   allow   a   statement   of   truth   to   come   to  the  forefront  of  our  mind.       This  happens  when  we  take   100%  responsibility  for  our   experience   and   begin   to   notice  where  we  are  in  error   and  where  we  are  failing  to   accept   the   reality   of   the   situation.       When   we   allow   for   others   (even   in   acts   of   violence   towards   one   another),   to   have  their  own  experiences,   we   begin   to   see   life   differently.       This  does  not  mean  we  must   stand   by   and   do   nothing   about  the  physical  reality  of   victimization.       The  opposite  actually  occurs   when   we   take   100%   responsibility   for   our   experience.    Because  we  are   now   responsible   for   our   own   experience   and   are   no   longer   being   victimized   ourselves,   we   are   able   to   respond   quickly   with   ease   and  decisiveness,  and  create   empowerment  for  all.   There   is   a   belief   I   have   discovered  in  my  own  circle   of   friends   that   has   moved   me   to   add   the   following   information   about   confrontation.       When   a   boundary   has   been   set,   and   an   intrusion   of   the   boundary  has  occurred  how   does  one  stand  for  his  or  her   self   without   creating   negative  results?  
  9. 9.         1.        Come  from  a  place  of   empowerment.   2.        Do  not  make  the  mistake   that  the  other  person  knows   this   is   a   boundary.   Do   Not   Assume   (discussed   more   in   Chapter  Three)   3.        State  the  boundary  as  a   fact.   4.         Internally,   let   the   emotional   upset   be   dealt   with   another   time,   ask   the   ego   to   simply   stand   down,   thank   it   and   acknowledge   that  the  ego  has  done  its  job   by   alerting   you   of   the   intrusion.   5.        Allow  others  to  know   your  expectation  of   behavior  with  love  and   kindness.   6.        Create  a  space  and   openness  to  hear  what  the   other  person  has  to  say.   They  may  have  insight  or  a   misunderstanding  of  the   situation.   7.        Create  an  agreement  to   move  forward  after  both   parties  have  been  self-­‐ expressed.   8.         If   emotions   are   getting   the   better   of   you,   and   you   cannot   in   that   moment   allow   your   emotions   to   be   the   gauge   of   your   thoughts,   ask   for   a   break   from   the   conversation.   You   can   do   this   easily   by   excusing   yourself   to   get   a   glass   of   water,   use   the   restroom,   or   ask  for  a  continuation  of  the   discussion   at   a   later   time.   While   you   have   excused   yourself   count   to   10   and   breathe   slowly.   With   each   number  and  breath  think  of   how   much   you   love   this   person,  something  you  value   about   his   or   her   friendship   while  you  are  breathing.   We   offer   the   free   course   Retrain  The  Brain,  however,   some   of   our   subconscious   programming   is   so   ingrained  that  we  have  to   go   even   deeper.   Living   conscious  is  an  awareness  of   how  we  are  being.  There  is  a   lot  of  high  profile  people  in   the   world   that   tell   us   our   ego  is  bad.   Another   perspective   is   that   the  ego  is  very  important  to   understand   how   we   navigate  through  our  reality,   if   we   let   go   of   the   identification  of  self  as  being   ego.     To   understand   the   ego   and   it's   true   nature   we   must   understand   how   the   brain   interprets   the   information  received  from   the  outside  world.  The  ego   filters   information,   we   can   identify   with   the   filter   as   being   the   truth.   Or,   we   can   see  the  ego  as  the  filter  it  is.    
  10. 10. By  using  the  ego  as  a  tool,   rather   than   self-­‐ identification,   we   gain   true  wisdom.   Pattern  Awareness     In  the  TeleCourse,  You  Are   Not   Your   Past,   we   discuss   the  risk  of  living  consciously   by   taking   100%   responsibility   for   how   we   interpret  our  world.  We  ask   you   what's   stopping   you   from   creating   peace   and   standing   in   your   power   of   creation?   We  discuss  the  Natural  State   of  being,  and  the  feeling  we   can   become   addicted   to   by   continuing   to   create   drama   and  trauma  in  our  lives.   We  discuss  the  mess  that  we   create  as  a  distraction  from   our   core   beliefs.   Our   goal   with   this   course   is   to   help   you   find   a   way   to   get   the   results   you   want,   and   stop   creating   more   negative   results  in  your  life.   We   help   you   leave   the   past   in   the   past   by   clearing   out   the  old  junk.   We   help   you   grieve   for   a   past   unfulfilled:   intense   disappointment,   by   setting   up   the   space   for   the   expression  of  emotions,  in  a   safe  space.   We   help   you   set   up   a   time   and   space   to   create   emotional  intelligence.   You   begin   to   see   the   possibility  of  learning  a  new   way   of   being,   through   perspective  checks  and  cost   analysis.   This   helps   the   logical,   ego   driven   part   of   the  brain  accept  the  change   you   are   asking   for   in   your   life.   Then   you   assess   the   commitment   to   the   results   you   want,  you   ask   "is   it   worth  it?.     Sometimes   it   is   not,   while   other   times   the   result   is   such   a   burning   desire   it   becomes   a   "no-­‐brainer".   (Excuse  the  pun)   The   next   part   of   the   program   is   an   opportunity   to   see   where   you   have   allowed   the   old   set   of   instructions,   from   your   subconscious,   to   recreate   the  past  in  your  present.  We   call  this  pattern  awareness.  
  11. 11. During   the   exercises   in   the   course   we   help   you   create   reality   checks   about   what   you've   learned,   by   interacting   with   others   to   test  your  theories.     You   begin   to   discover   new   information   through   the   experiences   you   are   testing   in   your   real   life   situations.   You   watch,   you   learn,   and   then   you   return   to   the   course  with  the  information   in  hand.     From  that  point  you  look  at   how   the   information   you   glean   effects   your   beliefs.   This   is   the   testing   ground   for   your   new   set   of   instructions   you   will   use   to   retrain  your  brain.   The   last   two   exercises   in   this   course   are   to   let   go   of   blame,  shame,  guilt  and  fear   surrounding   your   old   behaviors,   beliefs   and   ways   you  looked  at  the  world.    Then,   you   get   to   begin   cleaning  up  your  mess  with   integrity  and  a  commitment   to  create  a  better  world  for   yourself  and  others.   Our   instructors   are   all   certified   professional   coaches  who  will  then  spend   the   next   8   weeks   with   you   as  you  begin  to  live  in  your   new   set   of   instructions.   We   have   no   other   agenda   than   to   help   you   solidify   your   new   way   of   life,   you   have   chosen   for   yourself.   This   creates   real   change   and   offers  you  an  opportunity  to   stand  for  yourself  in  a  whole   new  way.   To   find   out   more   information   about   the   course   You   Are   Not   Your   Past     We   spoke   with   Bruce   Lipton's  team  in  2010;  who   has  pioneered  this  research   at   a   University   level.   They   said    “we  appreciate  you  and   your   work   to   support   others   in  discovering  their  personal   power.   We   appreciate   you   for  it!”     Mainstream   personal   growth   and   development   has   created   a   great   shift   concerning   the   use   and   power   of   positive   energy   and  how  it  affects  daily  life,   perception   of   life   and   life   itself.       We   help   people   look   deep   within   and   let   go   of   their   self-­‐sabotage   by   supporting   spiritual   growth,   emotional   intelligence,   body   awareness   and   intellectual   understanding   of   the   mind-­‐ body  relationship.       It  is  the  heart  center  that  the   soul  can  heal.       'Living  Consciously:  In  An   Ego  Driven  Society'  is  Life   Changing!      
  12. 12.             Choosing  the  Correct  Words  for  Better  Communications     by Elaine Lockard, BA, CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CM   Remember   that   last   awkward  conversation  with   someone   who   used   words   you   didn’t   easily   understand?       Maybe   they   used   slang   terms,   unusual   words   or   even   technical   phrases   to   try   to   communicate   their   message   to   you.   Did   you   feel   like   you   needed   a   dictionary  to  make  sense  of   it  all?    While   they   may   have   been   using   proper   English,   they   were   not   communicating   effectively   if   you   didn’t   understand   what   they   were   saying.   And   just   imagine   how   this   is   affecting   their   business   and   personal   relationships!     Below   are   some   quick   and   effective   tips   to   help   avoid   communication   difficulties   and   misunderstandings   in   communicating  with  others;   whether  it’s  on  the  phone,  in   a  business  memo  or  even  an   email   where   the   rules   of   communication   are   being   more   vague   and   cloaked   in   acronyms   and   “email-­‐ speak.”   Keep   your   communications   clear   with   these  tips:     1. Focus   on   using   conversational,   common   and  clear  language  until  you   get   to   know   someone   well.   Don’t   assume   they   will   understand  you.   2. Avoid   using   colorful   words   and   phrases   and   slang   terms   since   they   may   only   be   understood   regionally  or  in  a  particular   group.   Without   realizing   it,   you   could   be   insulting   someone!   3. In   business,   don’t   use   company-­‐specific   terms   or   abbreviations   with   customers   or   other   colleagues   outside   your   organization.  
  13. 13. 4. While   email   is   a   widespread   tool   of   communication,   remember   how   impersonal   it   really   is.   Always   present   the   right   voice   and   image   in   your   communications,   but   especially   in   those   dealing   with   business.   Without   careful   thought,   you   risk   being   misunderstood   and   coming   across   as   vague   or   confusing.   You   may   even   appear   to   be   insensitive   since   the   reader   cannot   properly   assess   your   emotions  through  your  face   or   inflections   in   your   voice.   Here   are   a   few   more   tips   specific  to  emails:   a. Always   keep   your   emails  straightforward.   b. More  is  better;  explain   yourself  well.   c. Avoid  abbreviations  of   text  (you  can  use  them  with   your   friends,   but   not   in   business).   d. Never   use   emoticons   in   business;   it   screams   “unprofessional!”   (Save   those  for  your  friends  too.)   e. Always  proofread  and   use   a   dictionary!   It’s   tempting   to   rely   on   your   computer’s   spell   check   for   correcting  your  spelling  and   grammar,   but   that   will   never   be   as   good   as   a   dictionary!  For  example:  did   you   mean   “your”   or   “you’re?”   What   about   “weather”   or   “whether?”   Spell   check   cannot   pick   up   on  these  subtleties,  but  with   the  help  of  a  dictionary,  you   can!   5. And   finally,   the   biggest  tip,  LISTEN  WELL  to   the   other   person.   Communication   is   a   two-­‐   way   street!   That’s   why   we   have   two   ears   and   one   mouth.   Always   listen   more   than  you  speak!   We  all  want  -­‐  and  need  -­‐  to   be   understood.   Learn   to   be   flexible   –   and   powerful   -­‐   with   your   words   and   conversations;   your   words   have   great   power!   Learn   to   use  specific  words  fitting  the   situation   and   person   being   spoken   to.   Effective   and   proper   communications   skills,   along   with   interpersonal   skills,   will   help   you   make   a   great   first   impression   and   serve   you   and   your   audience   every   single  day!     What   steps   can   you   take   today   to   improve   your   communication   skills   so   you,   as   well   as   the   other  
  14. 14.     you,  as  well  as  the  other  person,  know  you  are  clearly  heard  and  understood?     If  you  need  assistance  in  honing  your  skills,  schedule  a  free,  informational  conversation  with  me  now   at  https://www.timetrade.com/book/9BPFK  .   About Elaine Lockard Elaine is and always has been a healer. She heals: •
 intellectually, emotionally,
• through providing YOU the tools and processes to heal yourself and your business physically and through the and transfer of information, and She firmly believes that all healing, change, success and occurrences in your life and business begin with YOU! And by having the courage to know, understand and develop those parts of yourself and your business as necessary, you can achieve whatever you desire. Read More http://elainelockard.com  As  a  BizRichmentTM  trusted  business  provider,  Elaine  Lockard,  offers  5  programs  we  know  can  serve  you  well.   4D  Life  Assessment.   Intuitive  Consultation  :  Explore  the  depths,  which  you  previously  overlooked  or  unrealized.   Angel  Links  Attunement  :  Link  and  infuse  your  energy  patterns  to  Angelic  Virtues.   Lightarian™  Ray  Attunement  :  Connecting  you  to  universal  energies  for  the  highest  good.     Numerology  Soul  Chart:  Aligning  you  with  your  Soul  to  travel  Life  with  ease  by  knowing  your  Life  Purpose,   Direction  and  Potential   Spirit Quest: You  seek  in  your  development,  to  raise  and  increase  your  personal  vibration,  expand  your   awareness,  and  grow  to  higher  levels  of  feeling,  thinking,  acting,  living  and  being. Each  program  you  buy  helps  fund  this  magazine.  This  is  a  win  for  us;  a  win  for  Elaine  and  a  big  win  for  you.  You   continue  to  receive  great  information  each  month.  Have  access  to  fantastic  business  and  professional  services   that  change  the  “mind-­‐set”  of  your  inner  game.   Elaine  Lockard:  New  Path  For  Life,  LLC   Elaine   Lockard   is   a   Trusted   Business   Enrichment   Provider   Badge   for   Excellence   and   is   approval   by   the   BizRichment   Committee.
  15. 15.                     Natural  Healers by Rik Bertrand Natural  Healers     Pain  can  be  a  pillar  to  the  emotional  soul,   Its  foundations  can  imbed  and  take  control.   The  mind  must  fight  with  survival  instinct,   To  propel  all  that  is  you,  back  into  sync.     Nature  suffices  and  it  heals  itself,   It  does  not  use  medicine  from  off  the  shelf.   Natural  healing  with  the  grace  of  God,   Natural  healers,  my  approval  I  do  nod.     There  are  many  ways  in  which  we  can  heal,   Self-­‐caring,  green  living,  conscious  livings  are  real,     Modality  awareness,  your  health  and  well-­‐being,   With  this  care  and  control  your  mind  you’ll  be  freeing     Natural  healing  is  mother  earth’s  way,   So  I  ask  you  to  collaborate  and  heal  this  day.   Natural  Healers  unite  and  work  for  the  future.   Your  inspiration  can  become  nature’s  suture.     ©REB  (JUNE  2013)  Natures  healing  ways,  natural  healers;  they  smile  upon  us.    
  16. 16.   Rik  Bertrand  (REB)  is  a  retired  US  Army  Soldier  currently  living  and  working  in  Belgium.  He  has   been  writing  for  as  long  as  he  can  remember  but  has  never  really  tried  to  publish  any  of  his   words.  Rik  has  hundreds  of  poems  and  short  stories  that  he  has  written  and  shared  with  friends,   and  although  many  have  encouraged  him  to  publish  books,  he  admits  that  he  just  doesn’t  have   the  time.  Rik  has  7  children  of  which  5  are  still  in  the  home.  They  keep  him  and  his  wife  Leen   busy  and  will  continue  to  do  so  for  many  years.    Rik  loves  writing  and  promises  to  someday   publish  his  works.       I  am  blonde  haired  blue  eyed,  and  was  homegrown  in  Portland  Oregon,  home  of  many  true   artistic  talents.     You  may  experience  some  of  the  great  poetry  from  Rik,  including  beautiful  images  he  uses  on   facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/rik.bertrand    
  17. 17.       Spiritual  Sales  Coach  Under  Fire  by  Karen  Monteverdi,  CPC   http://sellingwithspirit.com   Tshombe   has   a   contagious   laugh,   with   a   fun   and   engaging  ability  to  speak  on   a   multitude   of   topics.   His   disarming   ability   to   use   short  stories  to  illustrate  his   experience   in   any   given   situation  is  riveting.  He’s  got   a   million   of   antidotes   and   he’s   not   afraid   to   share   them!   I   encourage   you   the   reader,   to   take   the   opportunity   and   create   a   connection   with   him   to   discover  for  yourself  his  wit,   charm  and  beautiful  spirit.  It   will  be  worth  your  time!   I  learn  something  new  every   time  I  talk  to  Tshombe.  Are   you   wondering   how   to   pronounce   his   name?   He   sends  this  link  with  every  e-­‐ mail   so   you   too   can   learn   something   new   and   fun…   I   will  share  it  with  you  here.   When   asked   about   how   technology  has  transformed   business   and   working   with   clients,   Tshombe   points   out   that  technology  hasn’t  really   changed  human  nature.  The   media  has  changed  the  way   we   communicate.   However,   our   ability   to   connect   personally   has   remained   mostly  the  same.   People   still   have   the   same   concerns   and   desires   to   create   a   journey   that   is   successful  for  them.     He   shares,   “The   core   foundation  for  success  is  the   extent   to   which   a   prospect   will   know,   like   and   trust   us,   and   knowing   that   directs   us   in   how   we   reach   out   to   people”  as  service  providers.     “We   ask   ourselves,   ‘is   what   I’m   doing   furthering   our   relationship  of  trust’.  “     TSHOMBE  BROWN  
  18. 18. This   interview   was   an   opportunity   to   learn   from   an   expert   and   share   it   with   our   readership.   I   asked   Tshombe   to   share   some   of   his  secrets  with  us.     “If   there   is   a  secret   it   would   be  this,  to  build  a  community   while   becoming   known   for   what  you  do  and  who  you  do   it  for.     I   think   also   going   back   to   basics   rather   than   jumping   from   thing   to   thing”   (Bright   Shiny  Object  Syndrome).     I   asked   Tshombe   how   does   he   stay   up   with   technology   and  yet  not  get  caught  up  in   the   Bright   Shiny   Object   Syndrome?     He   replied,   “There   are   a   million   things   we   could   do,   but   I   always   ask   myself   this   what  is  working  for  me.”     He   went   on   to   quote   C.J.   Hayden   who   said,   “The   magic   formula   for   professional   service   marketing   and   sales   is   choosing   a   set   of   simple,   effective   things   to   do,   and   doing  them  consistently”.     Choosing   technology   that   doesn’t   get   in   the   way   and   helps   you   seamlessly   be   proficient  at  your  task  is  an   important   quality   for   my   clients  and  me.     Consumers   like   sustainability   of   a   business,   so   creating   a   consistent   message   over   time   creates   an   opportunity   to   build   a   following   that   understands   what  you  offer.     If   you   sell   professional   services,   however,   it   is   equally   important   to   make   sure   your   marketing   and   sales   processes   are   both   effective   and   appropriate   for   your   industry   and   community.     The   Internet   has   given   us   access  to  people  all  over  the   world.   With   the   advent   of   social   media   and   the   ability   to  create  deep  relationships   with   people   we   have   never   met  in  person  it  has  created   fun   new   ways   to   share   ourselves  authentically  with   our  world.     I   asked   Tshombe   how   does   this  way  of  connecting  with   people  change  how  we  work   and   connect   with   our   clients.       His   reply:   “The   world   has   become  the  town  square  of   the   past.   What   is   fun   about   the  connection  online  is  that   you   can   bring   the   relationship  offline  as  well.   The   key   is   to   create   relationships   with   people.   That  way  when  they  need  a   product   or   service   we   are  
  19. 19. the   first   ones   they   think   of.   Take   Tshombe   for   example,   he  says  that  “whether  online   or   off   everything   he   does   boils  down  to  4  things.   1)   Build   relationships   that   are   deep   and   meaningful,   where   I   am   completely   transparent.     2)   Give   value   first,   whether   that   is   to   colleagues   or   to   potential   clients   or   people   who   might   be   potential   referral  partners.   3)   I   use   Twitter.com   mostly   for  research  and  to  reach  out   to   colleagues   and   to   potential  referral  partners.    With   twitter   I   research   the   needs   and   desires   of   my   prospects.   I   pay   attention   to   how   they   talk   about   their   issues   and   problems   and challenges  and  how  they  feel   about  how  their  life  is,  and  to   really   see   if   there   is   an   opportunity   to   get   to   know   them  a  little  more.   4)   For   me   the   last   thing   would   be   continuing   education,  which  I  use  online   and  offline.   Meet   Tshombe   Live   at   his   next  spirited  event.     Spiritual  Development   with  Tshombe  Brown       Tshombe   helps   service   professionals   build   their   practices.   Massage   therapists,   yoga   teachers,   and   alternative   health   care   providers   turn   to   him   for   inspiration   and   guidance,   progressing   from   the   passion   of   service   to   strategies  for  attracting  and   retaining  clients.  His  weekly   online   radio   show   "Selling   with   Spirit   Radio   Hour"   features   guests   who   offer   their   insights   on   liberating   professional  potential.   Save these dates! Wed Aug 7, 6-8 pm How  to  Release  the  Struggle   to  Get  Students,  Have  Better   Income   &   Serve   More   People   Wed Sep 25, 6-8 pm How  to  Uncover  What  Your       Students   Really   Want   (and   Give  it  to  Them!)   Wed Nov 13, 6-8 pm How   to   Re-­‐envision   Marketing   Your   Professional   Self  as  Spiritual  Practice   We   encourage   you   to   take   all   3   workshops,   as   they'll   build   on   each   other,   but   each  can  stand-­‐alone.  
  20. 20. Learn  More  Here:   http://www.nwytc.org/businessdevelopment.html   Connect  with  Tshombe:   Facebook.com/tshombe   Twitter.com/tshombe   Linkedin.com/in.tshombe   You  can  find  Tshombe  online  at   YourSignatureConsulting.com     …and  interact  with  him  on  his  blog,   SellingWithSpirit.com.       Sign   up   for   your   Better   Than   Free   Coaching   Session  at  www.BetterThanFreeCoaching.com   Tshombe   is   a   Sales   Coach   for   Spiritual   Entrepreneurs.     He   specializes   in   supporting   solo   practitioners   in   the   healing   or   bodywork   professions  (yoga  instructors,  EFT  practitioners,   for   example)   who   want   to   attract   more   clients   and  sell  more  services  in  a  way  that  is  fun,  easy,   and   congruent   with   who   they   are.   As   they   discover   that   selling   is   a   spiritual   practice   and   learn   to   hone   their   skills,   they   naturally   feel   great   about   selling   and   attract   only   their   best   clients.     “Tshombe  .  .  .  (stands)  out  in  a  world  full  of   bland  and  boring.”   Tshombe   continues   to   be   one   of   the   most   enthusiastic,   helpful,   "can-­‐do"   business   leaders   I   know   in   the   NW.   His   enthusiasm   is   contagious,   and  he  really  does  "see"  people  for  where  they  are   at.   Thanks,  Tshombe  -­‐  for  being  "real"  and  standing   out  in  a  world  full  of  bland  and  boring.   ~  Lori  Richardon,  Sales  Strategist   (www.ScoreMoreSales.com)    
  21. 21.       hotel   chain   recently   implemented   a   major   new   eco-­‐friendly   program   in   the   form   of   its   purchasing   practices.   Given   that   the   average   100-­‐room   Marriott   hotel   uses   approximately   10,000  key  cards  each  year,   each   hotel   produces   about   50   lbs   of   key   card   waste   material   annually.   To   stem   this   waste,   all   Marriott   hotels  are  now  switching  to   recyclable   green   key   cards   made   from   a   corn-­‐by-­‐ product.   Admittedly,   if   the   Marriot   chain   consisted   of   only  a  handful  of  properties,   saving   50   lbs   of   waste   would   be   an   admirable   but   not   exactly   amazing   policy   change.   Fortunately,   the   Marriott  is  one  of  the  largest   At   the   regional   level,   the   City   and   County   of   San   Francisco  recently  launched   a   pilot   program,   in   conjunction  with  the  Clinton   Global   Initiative,   which   will   curb   the   amount   of   greenhouse   gasses   produced  by  the  area’s  large   bus  fleet.       Utilizing  map  data  and  real-­‐ time   route   solving   software   provided   by   a   pair   of   leading   private   companies,   the   program   will   curb   emissions,   reduce   congestion,   and   even   save   up  to  20  percent  on  annual   fuel  costs.     Taking   green   initiatives   to   the  global  scale,  the  Marriott   Going  Green  on  Many  Levels  by  Sam  Marquit   Green  initiatives  at  the  local,   regional,   and   global   levels   are   changing   the   way   that   contractors   must   approach   their   projects.   While   sometimes   complicating   an   already   complex   business,   the  trend  in  both  public  and   private   sectors   comes   as   a   welcome   change   to   everyone   seeking   to   preserve   the   planet's   resources   while   remaining   economically  relevant.    
  22. 22. hotel   chains   in   the   world   and   the   simple   change   applies   to   some   24   million   keys.   All   told,   the   policy   change   is   expected   to   save   close   to   66   tons   of   plastic   from   being   dumped   into   landfills  every  year.     On  a  more  singular  note,  the   Palazzo   Hotel   &   Resort   in   Las   Vegas   is   proving   that   it   is   possible   to   boast   eco-­‐ friendly   practices   without   sacrificing   quality.   In   fact,   the   numerous   green   practices   of   the   Palazzo   have  gone  so  far  that  the  5-­‐ star   establishment   was   recently   named   the   “Most   Eco-­‐Friendly   Hotel   in   America.”       As  one  of  the  largest  LEED-­‐ certified   buildings,   the   Palazzo's   environmental   innovations   range   from   massive   water   and   energy   conservation   efforts   to   promoting   alternative   transportation   for   guests   and   employees.   Additionally,   responsible   recycling   efforts   during   construction   are   thought   to   have   diverted   some   42,000   tons  of  waste  from  landfills.       In  short,  from  conception  to   implementation,   a   hotel   known   for   luxury   has   proven   that   going   green   works.   As   a   result   other   green  Las  Vegas  hotels  have   embraced   sustainable   practices   and   are   even   beginning   to   innovate   the   industry.     I   have   long   had   an   interest   in   the   emergence   of   green   technologies   and   their   application   to   the   contracting   world.   The   new   emphasis   on   eco-­‐friendly   practices   seems   to   prove   that  change  is  here  to  stay.     About  The  Author:   Sam  Marquit   Email:  smarquit@gmail.com     As   an   entrepreneurial   independent  contractor  and   home   renovation   /   remodeling   expert,   I've   made   it   a   point   to   lend   my   expertise   to   the   field   of   sustainable  (green)  building   /   LEED   certified   construction.   Applying   my   current   knowledge   of   home   construction,   architectural   standards   and   certifications   helps   me   to   forecast   the   possible   application   and   implementation   of   new   green   building   materials   and   technologies.   This   one   way   I   reduce   my   carbon   footprint   (made   with   real   steel  toe  boots).  
  23. 23.     I   got   some   news   this   week   that  really  upset  me.      Someone   who   I   know   doesn’t   like   me   said   negative   stuff   about   me   to   someone  I  like  &  respect.       I   spent   three   days   just   ANGRY   and   VENGEFUL   and   BOY   AM   I   GONNA   SHOW   HIM!     Those  same  three  days  I  had   a   migraine,   with   all   the   nasty  symptoms  that  entails.   When   I   wasn’t   focusing   on   the  bad  news,  I  was  focusing   on   the   pain.   Sometimes   I   focused  on  both.     Last   night   I   was   ranting   to   my   husband   about   ways   I   want   to   make   this   person   stop   bad   mouthing   me,   and   he   said,   “Are   you   bringing   this  on  yourself?”     Huh?     He   rephrased   the   question,   “How  long  has  this  guy  been   like  this?”     “As  long  as  I’ve  known  him.”   “And,  what  have  you  done  to   stop  him?”  “Everything  I  can   think   of.”   “So,   why   is   this   time  different?”   Letting  Go! by Jayde Gilmore – Wings Life Coaching   Oh,   right.   After   a   few   minutes   thought,   I   realized   that   this   guy   has   made   a   decision  about  me  based  on   bad  information,  is  perfectly   happy   about   that   decision,   and   will   not   entertain   any   information   to   change   that   decision.       So  my  option  is  to  continue   to  beat  my  head  against  the   brick  wall,  or…  stop.  Let  go.   I’ve  found  that  for  me  to  let   go,   it   has   to   be   kind   of   cathartic.     I  spent  the  evening  praying,   and   meditating,   and   journaling   (there   is   some   ranting  in  my  journal,  don’t   get  me  wrong!),  and  I  woke   up   this   morning   refreshed   and   much   more   at   peace  
  24. 24. (and,  migraine  free!).     Every  spiritual  practice  that   I’m   aware   of   has   some   element   of   letting   go.   And   there  is  an  inner  peace  to  be   gained   by   letting   God,   Your   Higher   Power,   The   Divine,   whatever  you  want  to  call  it,   take  your  stress,  your  anger,   your  worry.       Letting  go  of  that  negativity   and   quieting   the   mind   allows   you   to   hear   Their   Voice   and   receive   inspiration.       Maybe   there   is   a   problem   you’ve  been  chewing  on  and   you   can’t   come   up   with   a   solution.       Here’s   some   advice   that   always   made   me   roll   my   eyes,   but   actually   works   if   you  let  it:    Pray  about  it.       Take   some   time,   offer   a   short   prayer   about   your   problem  and  then  sit  quietly   and  listen.  If  you  have  a  hard   time   with   the   idea   of   a   deity/consciousness   out   there   who   wants   to   help   you,   try   journaling   about   it.   “Dear   journal,   I’m   really   struggling   with   ___________   and  I  don’t  know  how  to  fix   it.”  Then  sit  and  write  –  just   write,   brainstorm,   the   important  thing  is  don’t  edit,   don’t   think   about   it,   and   DON’T   STOP.   Write   for   several  minutes  –  20  or  30,   at  least  –  and  see  what  you   come  up  with.     Hopefully   it   goes   without   saying,   but   just   in   case:   I’m   not   suggesting   that   your   prayer  be,  “Dear  God,  please   give   this   guy   a   black   eye   every   time   he   says   something  bad  about  me!”     Try   something   more   like,   “Dear   God,   please   help   me   be   at   peace   with   this   person’s  negativity  and  let  it   not   affect   me.”   You   journal   prompt  might  be  “How  can  I   be   at   peace   with   this   guy’s   actions?”     It’s   not   easy.   Especially   for   those  who  haven’t  had  much   of   a   spiritual   practice,   it’s   hard   to   accept   that   something   as   apparently   passive   as   just   listening,   or   brainstorming  on  paper,  can   be   helpful,   but   it   really   is.   Try  it.   I’d   love   to   hear   your   experiences!   How   has   prayer  helped  you?  
  25. 25.       Jayde  Gilmore  coaches  at   http://www.wingslifecoaching.com   Read  more  of  her  writing  at   http://blog.wingslifecoaching.com   Special  offer  for  Healers  United  Readers:    free  eBook,   Journaling  to  Change  Your  Life:  30  Journal  Prompts  to   Create  Awareness  and  Change,  and  two  free  60   minute  coaching  sessions  to  help  you  get  started  and   evaluate  what  you  accomplished:   http://www.wingslifecoaching.com/journal.htm         (Let  me  know  you  heard  about  it  in  Healers   Unite  Magazine!)  
  26. 26.   The  Law  Of  Agreement  by  Tony  Burroughs   With   regard   to   our   health,   Mary-­‐Ann’s   story   is   one   of   the   best   examples   of   the   Law  of  Agreement  in  action.       This  parable  is  carved  right   out  of  today’s  headlines  and   is  offered,  humbly,  in  times   of   great   darkness   to   empower   those   who   are   able   to   integrate   the   message   subtly   imparted   herein.     MaryAnn   is   an   attractive   accountant   in   her   late   thirties   who   rides   the   commuter   train   to   work   every  day  in  the  city.     She   is   single,   friendly,   lives   with  her  mother,  and  is  just   the  kind  of  person  you’d  like   to  meet.     Our   tale   begins   one   day   when   MaryAnn   boards   the   commuter   train,   sits   down   in   her   usual   spot,   and,   across   from   her,   a   young   man   wearing   a   green   camouflage  jacket  sits  down,   and   he   is   carrying   a   birdcage.   The   birdcage   is   empty  and  he  sets  it  on  the   floor.   Then   he   smiles   cordially   at   MaryAnn,   and   she,  being  the  outgoing  type,   returns   his   smile   and   nods.   An   unspoken   communication   begins,   and   they   both   ride   the   train   for   fifteen   to   twenty   minutes   and   get   off   at   their   respective  stations.     The   following   day,   the   young   man   in   the   camouflage   jacket   gets   on   the   train   and   sits   down   in   the   same   place,   as   before—   only   this   time   he   isn’t   carrying  the  birdcage.  Again,   they   smile   and   nod   at   each   other.  On  this  day,  however,   MaryAnn  takes  a  longer  look   at   him   and   notices   that   he   appears   to   be   a   little   pale.  
  27. 27. She  thinks  nothing  of  this  at   first.   But   with   each   passing   day,   as   he   sits   down   across   from  her,  MaryAnn  sees  that   he   is   growing   more   and   more   pale,   and   he’s   clearly   losing   weight   and   getting   progressively   weaker.   By   the  end  of  the  week,  he  has   dark   shadows   under   his   eyes   and   is   beginning   to   cough.     This  goes  on  throughout  the   week  until,  one  day,  he  does   not   get   on   the   train.   MaryAnn   wonders   about   this,   and   finally,   after   several   days   of   not   seeing   him,   her   curiosity   gets   the   best  of  her,  and  she  asks  the   conductor  if  he  knows  what   happened  to  the  young  man   in  the  camouflage  jacket.     “He  died  last  weekend,”  the   conductor   says   sadly.   “It   was   the   BV—the   Bird   Virus.”   MaryAnn   mulls   this   over   as   she  continues  on  her  way  to   work.   When   she   walks   into   the  lobby  of  her  office,  there   is  a  newspaper  on  an  ornate   coffee   table,   and   as   she   passes   by   it,   she   can’t   help   but   notice   the   day’s   headlines.   They   are   a   little   bigger,   and   considerably   bolder,   than   normal,   and   they   say,   “BV   Claims   Many   Lives!”     Immediately,  MaryAnn  picks   up   the   paper   and   begins   to   read   the   article,   which   covers  the  whole  top  half  of   the   front   page.   It   describes,   in   great   detail,   the   same   symptoms   that   the   young   man   on   the   train   had:   paleness,   rapid   weight   loss,   progressive   weakness,   circles   under   the   eyes,   cough,  quick  decline,  almost   always   fatal.   And,   further   down,   in   the   next   paragraph,  it  goes  on  to  say   that   the   BV   is   very   contagious   and   there   are   “hot   spots”   where   a   person   is   more   apt   to   catch   the   BV—places   like   airports,   bus   terminals,   post   offices,   commuter  train  stations  .  .  .     MaryAnn  is  shocked,  and  in   order   to   pull   herself   together   before   going   on   to   work,   she   steps   into   the   ladies’   room   to   splash   her   face   with   some   cold   water.   As  she  dries  herself  off  with   a   paper   towel,   MaryAnn   looks   in   the   mirror   and   notices   a   faint   shadow   taking  form  under  her  eyes!   In  a  state  of  near  panic,  she   sits  at  her  desk  for  the  next   several   hours   trying   to   concentrate   on   her   bookkeeping,   but   with   very   little  success.     At  home  that  evening,  while   her  mother  is  in  the  kitchen   preparing   their   evening  
  28. 28.    meal,  MaryAnn  flips  on  the   six   o’clock   news   and   it   is   ablaze   with   stories   about   the   BV.   The   excited   anchorwoman  is  describing   all   the   symptoms   in   even   greater   detail   while   the   screen  is  filled  with  footage   of   sick   people,   noisy,   packed  hospital  emergency   rooms,   and   sorrowful   statistics  of  all  sorts.     After   dinner,   MaryAnn   is   feeling   weak   and   goes   to   bed   early.   The   next   morning,   she   feels   so   bad   that   she   can’t   even   go   to   work.   She   remains   bedridden   for   three   days,   with   all   of   the   BV   symptoms,   one   by   one,   beginning   to   manifest   themselves.     On   the   fourth   day,   her   mother  calls  a  doctor.     The   doctor,   though   compassionate,   is   obviously   distracted   and   in   a   hurry   and   is   only   too   quick   to   make   his   diagnosis.   “I’m   afraid   she   has   the   BV,”   he   tells   MaryAnn   and   her   mother,   and   he   prescribes   some  pills  that  are  meant  to   make   MaryAnn’s   last   days   more  comfortable.  After  this   he   says   that   there’s   not   much   more   he   can   do,   and   he  leaves.     Three   days   later,   thinking   that   her   beautiful   daughter   is   going   to   die   at   any   moment,  MaryAnn’s  mother   calls  a  priest.     But   the   priest   her   mother   calls   is   not   your   average   priest.  He  is  a  new-­‐paradigm   priest,  and  he  knows  only  to   see  the  wellness—  never  to   see   the   sickness.   He   knows   how   to   hold   the   light   for   others  while  they  are  unable   to   hold   it   for   themselves.   And  he  sees  MaryAnn  in  her   Highest   Light;   completely   well,   happy,   healthy,   whole,   and   full   of   life.   The   priest   holds  this  vision  in  his  mind   regardless   of   what   anyone   else  tells  him  about  her.     He  holds  the  template  of  her   in   her   Highest   Light—no   matter  what!  Then  he  shows   MaryAnn’s   mother   how   to   hold  that  same  vision  in  her   imagination,  so  she  sees  her   daughter   perfectly   well   and   happy.   He   also   teaches   MaryAnn   how   to   hold   that   image  for  herself.     Before   the   priest   leaves,   he   places   his   hands   on   MaryAnn’s   head   for   a   moment,   then   on   her   neck,   then   on   her   heart,   and   finally   he   massages   her   shoulders  gently.  As  he  does   this,   he   sends   the   light   and   love   of   God   through   his   hands   to   every   cell,   every  
  29. 29. atom,  every  molecule,  every   strand  of  DNA  in  MaryAnn’s   body   (you   can   call   it   Reiki,   Deeksha,  Ilahinoor,  Divine   Light   Transmission,   Oneness   Blessing—they   all   work).   He   fills   her   entire   body,  from  head  to  toe,  with   Light!       And  then  he  leaves  .  .  .     Two  hours  later,  MaryAnn  is   out  of  bed  for  the  first  time   in  two  weeks.  The  next  day,   she   is   puttering   casually   around   the   house.   Three   days   after   that,   she’s   shopping.   And   later   the   following   week,   she   is   back   at   work—happy,   healthy,   and   hummin’   with   life—all   because  she  ran  into  a  new-­‐ paradigm   priest:   someone   who   knew   how   to   hold   the   light   for   others,   regardless   of   any   and   all   evidence   to   the  contrary!     But   wait   .   .   .   there’s   an   epilogue   to   our   tale.   One   morning,   a   week   after   MaryAnn   went   back   to   work,  she  was  sitting  on  the   commuter  train  when  guess   who   boarded   it   and   sat   down  right  across  from  her?   The  young  man  in  the  green   camouflage   jacket!   He   wasn’t   dead   at   all.   The   conductor   was   entirely   mistaken.     The   young   man   was   just   overworked.  He  was  fine.     So,  let’s  take  a  closer  look  at   MaryAnn’s   story   with   new   paradigm   eyes.   There   were   several   places   in   it   where   MaryAnn   bought   into   the   sickness   instead   of   the   wellness.       Can  you  name  a  few?     Here   they   are,   gently   encoded   for   you:   rotcudnoc   eht;   reppapswen   eht;   swen   vt   ylthgin   eht;   rotcod   eht;   rorrim  eht;  .cte.   As   a   final   note:   Isn’t   it   interesting   that   every   time   MaryAnn   bought   into   the   sickness   and,   therefore,   created   it   for   herself   (our   thoughts   create   our   world),   she   also   had   the   option   to   remain   neutral   or   to   withhold   her   agreement   from   it   and   go,   Ohhh,   or   Mmmm   and   therefore   not   manifest  it  for  herself?     Excerpted   from   The   Law   of   Agreement   by   Tony   Burroughs,   available   at   www.intenders.com   and   www.highestlighthouse.com  
  30. 30. 2 Move From Dreaming To Doing! Welcome to the Deserving With Grace Coaching Program; specifically design to help you stop dreaming of opening your own business some day to beginning today! Deserving With Grace Coaching Program is the only business enrichment coaching program to help you create a conscious business by using the concepts from the best selling book: Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society©. A conscious business is one that has a mission, clearly defined service, knows who it helps, and why. A conscious business is built to add light into the world for the greatest good of all mankind. Conscious business owners are leaders in their communities. They are empowered by a higher mission to bring about an evolution in business through holistic marketing, service oriented healthier ways to live sociologically from a community mindset beginning with self- empowerment. We have three little steps to complete before you are really ready: 1) Identify Your Abundance Blocks 2) Assess the keys to establish your business 3) Commitment to a deserving mindset This program is for those who aspire to own a business within the next year. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It takes self-motivation, self- awareness, and, face it, a lot of courage. You want to make a difference in the world. You know you have what it takes to help your clients. You’ve taken the steps to gain your education; you’ve been struggling to move your practice into a viable business. • Do you know where to start? • Do you have enough experience? • Do you have enough support with your energy, time and money? • Do you have business savvy? • Does what you do fulfill a passion in your heart and a need in the world? • How you deliver your product or service and maintain the level of integrity that you want? • Do you understand the difference between marketing, sales and advertising? • Have you done your research: who is your client, what do they need? • Do you want to know how to get known? • What about your back office, do you know Save Time & Money, Gain Stress Relief and Grant Youself Sanity as You Stop Dreaming… Step Into It Deserving With Grace! BizRichmentTM “Business Experience Worth Having” Call (503) 762-3118 Deserving With Grace Coaching Program
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  37. 37. 8 Structures,#Types#of#Services# One/on/One#Coach/Mentor#Programs# • Assessments! • Executive!Coaching! • Planning! • Result!Based!Solutions! • Entrepreneurship! • Provider!Programs! • Product!University! • Certifications! Online#Self/Study#Courses# • Leadership!and!Development! • Life!Skills!Training! • Living!Consciously!Education! • Business!Building!Skills! • Books! Live#Telephone#Courses# • Signature!Program!! • SelfPKnowledge!Is!SelfPPower! • Leaderships!and!Development! • Life!Skill!Training! • Living!Consciously!Education! • Lectures!&!Free!Teleclasses! Business#Assessment#&#Efficiency# Training## • R.I.V.A.!Assessments! • SelfPKnowledge!Is!SelfPPower! • Product!University! • Sponsorship!Programs! • Provider!Programs! • Multiple!Streams!Of!Income! 9 Resource!Building! • Result!Based!Solutions! • Strategic!Planning! • Team!Building!I!&!II! • We!Speak!For!You!–!Company! Wide!Message!Delivery!System! –!Enthusiasm!&!Team!Building! • Customize!Personnel!Training! Courses! Products#$10.50#to#$49# • Living!Consciously!Book! • Deserving!With!Grace!–! Abundance!Block!Identification! • Save!90k!on!Research! Marketing! • Article!Writing!With!A!Book!In! Mind! • Communicating!Your!Authentic! Commitment! • How!To!Seduce!Your!Audience! • How!To!Engage!Your!Audience! • Power!TeleClass!Sign!Up! • Reminders!With!Love! • Time!Management!For!Project! Manager!–!(free)! Free#Resources# • Articles! • Case!Studies! • Provider!Programs! • Lectures!&!Teleclasses! • eBooks! • Webinars! • Slideshow!presentations! ! 0 BizRichment## The$Branch$Of$Service# BizRichment™ primary purpose is to enrich the lives of business owners through business systems and processes to create a powerful mindset of self-support while making a difference in the world through service-based business. BizRichment™ was founded in 2009 from the Healers Unite Lecture and further developed by The Meeting Place and Healers Unite Portland Movement and through the Portland Peace Conference. The wake up call: It was a stark realization to the group that 80% of all new coaches failed to create a self-sustaining income through coaching in the first year. Further discovery proved that 65% of practitioners in the healing community specifically alternative health industry went out of business in the first year. These statistics gave us pause, armed with the knowledge we could assist our community of healers, coaches and practitioners, through coaching and mentoring we began to see results. The overall statistics have changed in the national numbers. However, we noted that those businesses that chose to create a relationship with a coaching mastermind group, personal or executive coaching, began to see results right away. They increased their ability to maintain their success in “staying afloat” in the critical years. Get involved contact info@bizrichment.com