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Referral Marketing


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A presentation which promotes the advantages of referral marketing, and advocate marketing. Business referrers can come through friends and family. Promoting businesses by encouraging friends or family to promote the business via employee reward programme within their company. Referrals can also come from having business partners, promotion by complementary businesses, existing customers, news publications, review websites, news publications, testimonials, influencer opinions.

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Referral Marketing

  1. 1. REFERRAL MARKETING Karen McWattie
  2. 2. GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH REFERRAL MARKETING REFERRAL PROGRAMME Every business wants to minimise the time and money they spend trying to make direct sales. It is much more efficient to gain sales through business referrals. Who can make referrals to my business to boost sales? • Business Partners • Family/Friends • Complementary Businesses (businesses in the same sector, but offering different products and services) • Customers • Influencer Opinions (Bloggers, Social Media Influencers) • News Publications • Review Websites • Testimonials
  3. 3. REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAMME There are many different options for applying referral programmes to your business model. Look at the options available and decide what is right for your business. • Monetary Rewards for referring customers to business • Gift Rewards • Discount Rewards • Employee Rewards – offer rewards to employees of businesses who are part of your referral programme • Existing customers may want additional products and services • Increased website traffic between companies by mutually sharing content • Free subscriptions or membership to your business products and services
  4. 4. BUSINESS PARTNERS PAGE Promote other businesses in your sector with a business partners page. Monetise your website • Business Directory • Referral Apps – Feature on your website to encourage individuals to use • When your website visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product – you receive commission. • Ensure that business partners and complementary businesses are happy to promote your products and services by offering to promote their business on your website • Manage referral customers by allowing customers to visit other business websites via a unique link. • Promote other businesses via Google Adsense or Pay-Per-Click Advertising • Banner Advertising – allow external businesses to advertise using banner advertising. This method allows your business to receive upfront payment