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Value Stream Mapping: What to Do Before You Dive In


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Value Stream Mapping is a powerful way to improve performance across a large portion of an enterprise. But, before you dive into mapping, there are significant steps you must take to assure a successful outcome. In this webinar, award-winning author, Karen Martin shares the proper preparation an organization must take to reap the full set of benefits Value Stream Mapping offers.

Topics include:
Leadership – what is their role?
Scoping – how "big” should you go?
Team formation – who are the right people to include?
Facilitator selection – what traits and skills are needed?
Charter development and socialization – it’s far more than a planning tool!
Logistics & communication – how do you make sure everyone is engaged and prepared?

Watch this webinar for a no-nonsense discussion about the key success factors and common failings in preparing to value stream map.

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