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Future State Implementation Plan Value Value Stream Mapping - Strategy Before Tactics


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Future State Implementation Plan Value Stream Outpatient Imaging Implementation Plan Review Dates Executive Sponsor Allen Ward 11/1/2007 Value Stream Champion Sally McKinsey 11/21/2007 Value Stream Mapping Facilitator Dave Parks 12/13/2007 Date Created 10/18/2007 1/10/2008 Block Implementation Schedule (weeks) Date Goal / Objective Improvement Activity Type Owner # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Complete Implement standard work for referral 2 Improve quality of referral KE Sean ORyan process Reduce lead time beween schedulingand Dianne 3, 4 Cross-train and colocate work teams PROJ preregistration steps Prichard Eliminate the need for two patient check- Michael 5, 6 Collect copays in Imaging KE ins OShea Dianne 6 Eliminate bottleneck in waiting area Balance work / level demand KE Prichard Eliminate lead time associated with 9 Implement voice recognition technology PROJ Sam Parks transcription step 10 Eliminate batched reading Reduce setup required KE Sam Parks Reduce inventory costs, regulatory risk Michael 7 5S CT supplies area; implement kanban KE and storage needs OShea 12 Reduce delay in report delivery Implement additional fax ports PROJ Martha Allen Increase percentage of physicians 12 Reduce delay in report delivery receiving electronic delivery (rather than KE Martha Allen hard copy) Approvals Executive Sponsor Value Stream Champion Value Stream Mapping Facilitator Signature: Signature: Signature: Date: Date: Date:© Karen Martin & Associates, LLC

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