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Team-Based Improvement Activities Rules of Value Stream Mapping - Strategy Before Tactics


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Team-Based Improvement Activities Rules of Engagement1. The team starts and ends the day together; begin and end breaks together.2. No interruptions or distractions – 100% focus; phones on silent; no email; no texting.3. Rank has no privilege.4. Seek the wisdom of ten instead of the knowledge of one.5. Use creativity before capital (in designing improvements).6. Finger-pointing and blame has no place: “It is what it is.”7. Respectful disagreement is encouraged. (It’s OK to disagree; it’s not OK to be disagreeable.)8. No veto power from outside the team.9. No silent objectors; don’t leave in silent disagreement.10. One conversation at a time; no side bars.11. What’s said in the room stays in the room.12. Ask Why? Why not? What if?13. Ban “Can’t” and “No, because…” from your vocabulary. Think/say: “Yes, if…”14. Ban internal, silo’d thinking; think externally (customer); value stream. 25

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