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A pdf file of all Profiles International Assessments

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All Product Brochure

  1. 1. ProfileXT™ Profiles Performance Indicator™ The ProfileXT™ predicts job suitability and accurately A leader’s guide for all managers, the Profiles Performance matches people with the work they do, allowing you to Indicator measures key behavioral factors and their impact identify and place top performers in each position. on business success, providing managers with information that makes each employee more valuable and productive. Profiles also offers a sales assessment, the Profiles Team Analysis™ ProfileXTSales™, to assist sales leaders in identifying, developing and retaining people with an innate talent for The Profiles Team Analysis outlines team members’ selling. ProfileXTSales provides important information on characteristics compared to the team leader. This gives thinking style, behavioral characteristics and occupational the team leader insight into the role he or she must play interests on current employees or candidates. This to keep team members focused and to achieve team enables sales leaders to accurately predict success in a objectives. given sales position, develop strategic succession planning, ProfilesEasy™ and implement employment/redeployment programs. This ProfilesEasy is an online employment application collection tool allows leaders and organizations to effectively drive system that offers an effective method for streamlining your sales, increase employee satisfaction and leverage top organization’s job application process and helps facilitate performers to increase market penetration. consistency for every application processed, as well as helping employers meet important EEOC reporting Step One Survey II™ requirements. The Step One Survey II (SOSII) provides companies with a structured interview process and attitude assessment that Employee Background Check evaluates job applicants’ integrity and attitudes towards Employee Background Check is an information service substance abuse, reliability and work ethic. that verifies job applicants’ resume data, checks driving records and examines criminal history to reduce the risk of CheckPoint360°™ negligent hiring liability. The CheckPoint360° Feedback System™ is a multi-rater feedback process that allows managers to compare the Your Own Virtual Assessment Center opinions of others with their own perceptions, positively Profiles on the Web is the most convenient method you can identify their strengths and pinpoint areas needing use to administer assessments. In just minutes, you will be improvement. reviewing reports that serve a variety of human resources needs, including selection, management, coaching and Profiles SkillBuilder™ team-building. A companion to the CheckPoint360° Feedback System, the SkillBuilder Series offers managers the opportunity to Drug Testing develop the competencies that are most important to their Your Profiles representative can arrange a complete, professional growth and success. convenient drug testing service for you. If your hiring process includes drug testing, ask for a quote. Customer Service Profile™ The Customer Service Profile assesses the attitudes and customer service proficiency of employees and job Your Profiles Representative candidates in each of the following industries: healthcare, financial services, hospitality, business services and retail. Profiles Sales Indicator™ The Profiles Sales Indicator assesses key qualities necessary for sales success and predicts critical sales behaviors that affect performance. Profiles Office Park • 5205 Lake Shore Drive • Waco, Texas 76710-1732 • 800.960.9612 •