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The Women in Technology Project


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Karen Holtzblatt from outlines deep research into why women stay at technology companies. Discover what she's learned so far, and how you can participate in the research.

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The Women in Technology Project

  1. 1. Karen Holtzblatt, CEO Twitter: @kholtzblatt Karen Holtzblatt, CEO Twitter: @kholtzblatt Sept, 2014 Women in Technology Factors influencing work choices
  2. 2. The Tech Corporation We keep trying to bring them in the door Early Interventions: • Community • School • College • Outreach But the problem is inside the work Policy: • Hiring • Culture • Women events • Promotion • Mentoring 50% leave the career within 12 years (vs 20% non-STEM) Women leave tech 2x the rate of men 30% leave because of the org climate
  3. 3. Field Research to find key factors  A 360 deep dive inquiry into the daily lives of women in tech  Engineers, UX, Product Mgt, Researchers  Managers and professionals  Automotive, consumer, ERP, information search, retail and more  Single, Married, Kids Quantitative survey of ~300 broaden data The Women in Tech Project Result: An action framework of key factors that keep women loving their work  Six factors that companies can work on A measure assessing women’s experience of each factor – Go take it!  What’s next? You can help!  More deep dive field data – use the measure – invent techniques to help your team Or invite us in to help your company!
  4. 4. Programs must attack Process & People The Corporation Self-confidence Success parameters Promotion push Work clarity Psychological sense of community Key Process Intervention Points My working team Great project The Push Support The Push Key Personal Intervention Points Personal Power Role Models
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  6. 6. No matter my job type I can’t be bored! Real, tangible:  Shipping product, hands-on making it, the next innovative thing, tangible data on customer needs, real research for publication Influential:  Part of industry change, affecting the company, affecting people’s lives, important to powerful people, totally new innovation, something I’ve used Learning:  New tech, about people, different roles… Work valued by the company:  I love my job – the team and company have to value it too! New:  I need change otherwise I’ll get bored. Advances my career goal  Work will make me more successful in my profession What’s a stimulating project?
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  8. 8. Daily work affects confidence and success The Corporation • Self-confidence • Promotion goals • Success • Better products The Push Psychological sense of community Support The Push My working team Great project Role Models
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  10. 10. Karen Holtzblatt, CEO Thought leader in user centered design Championing the Women in Tech Project