Double Certification in Digital Marketing 2014 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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A worthwhile digital course for working professional.

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Double Certification in Digital Marketing 2014 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. 1. E L I T E e d iti o n Z E I T G E I S T march/may 2014 powered by ClickAcademy Asia MALAYSIA’S FIRST WORLD-CLASS CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING powered by econsultancy of uK and GOOGLEADWORDS QUALIFIED INDIVIDUAL
  2. 2. certificate in digital marketing (powered by econsultancy of UK) google adwords qualified individual COURSE DETAILS This double certification course is a 7-week part-time programme for working professionals who intends to upgrade their knowledge in digital marketing. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will obtain a double certification, and are awarded the Certificate in Digital Marketing (powered by Econsultancy) and the Google AdWords Individual Qualification. This is a part-time programme with 64 contact hours spread over 7 weeks. Participants will only be certified after passing the Google AdWords exams and the digital marketing project, and complete at least 52 contact hours. This part-time programme covers topics ranging from the overview of digital marketing, customer acquisition channels to social media marketing. Course benefits MARKETING, Econsultancy of UK and ClickAcademy Asia are proud to launch the first world-class Certificate in Digital Marketing programme in Malaysia catering to senior managers and marketing professionals who want to understand digital marketing effectively in the shortest time possible. Complete a 7-week certification programme and get awarded the Certificate in Digital Marketing (powered by Econsultancy) and Google AdWords Qualified Individual certification. The double certification programme is uniquely positioned to deliver these benefits:  Course content and curriculum provided by Econsultancy of UK, the world leading digital marketing best practice community and publisher with 200,000+ members  Certification in Google AdWords, a highly sought-after professional qualification by Google for digital marketing professionals  Provision of a complimentary individual 1-year subscription to Econsultancy’s portal containing 500,000+ pages of digital marketing resources, reports and best practice guides  Short 7-week course conducted over 5 weekends. Designed for busy professionals who need not take annual leave to attend the course.  Practical and real-life training by certified digital marketing practitioners  Conducted locally in Kuala Lumpur with ‘live’ face-to-face training, and not webinars or online learning KeepCalm and become a digital marketing expert!
  3. 3. entry requirements This programme targets marketing professionals, business owners, C-level professionals and individuals who want to enhance their knowledge in digital marketing, and are looking for a credible certification course with “live” training conducted locally. There is no minimum qualification or pre-requisite set for the programme, but participants who have at least 2 years of marketing experience will be preferred. Schedule The March 2014 intake starts on 1 March, and May 2014 intake starts on 10 May. Choose to participate in either of these intakes, with course calendar as follows. No. Course Contact hours March 2014 Intake May 2014 Intake 1a Overview of digital marketing 4 Sat, 1 Mar 9am – 1pm Sat, 10 May 9am – 1pm 1b Web measurement & analytics 4 Sat, 1 Mar 1pm – 5pm Sat, 10 May 1pm – 5pm 1c Social Media Marketing 8 Sun, 2 Mar 9am – 5pm Sun, 11 May 9am – 5pm 2a Google AdWords (Search) 8 Sat, 8 Mar 9am – 5pm Sat, 17 May 9am – 5pm 2b Google AdWords (Display) 4 Sun, 9 Mar 1pm – 5pm Sun, 18 May 1pm – 5pm 3a SEO Marketing 8 Sat, 15 Mar 9am – 5pm Sat, 24 May 9am – 5pm 3b E-Mail Marketing 2 Sun, 16 Mar 9am – 11am Sun, 25 May 9am – 11am 3c Display Advertising 2 Sun, 16 Mar 11am – 1pm Sun, 25 May 11am – 1pm 3d Mobile Marketing 4 Sun, 16 Mar 1pm – 5pm Sun, 25 May 1pm – 5pm 4a Strategy Framework and Digital Project Briefing 4 Sat, 5 Apr 9am – 1pm Sat, 14 Jun 9am – 1pm 4b Google AdWords certification (part 1) 4 Sat, 5 Apr 1pm – 5pm Sat, 14 Jun 1pm – 5pm 4c Google AdWords certification (part 2) 4 Sun, 6 Apr 1pm – 5pm Sun, 15 Jun 1pm – 5pm 5 Final project preparation and presentation 8 Sat, 12 Apr 9am – 5pm Sat, 21 Jun 9am – 5pm Total 64 hours
  4. 4. (1a) OVERVIEW OF DIGITAL MARKETING Contact Hours: 4 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the new digital landscape, online consumer behaviour and digital trends 2. Grasp the digital marketing framework 3. Know digital jargons and terms Content 1. The digital marketing landscape 2. The case for digital marketing including market statistics and trends 3. The new marketing paradigm and marketing funnel 4. Paid, owned and earned media 5. The Dunbar Principle 6. Interruption marketing versus permission marketing 7. McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey and ZMOT Model Learning Format 1. Class lecture 2. Team discussion (1b) WEB MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS Contact Hours: 4 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Appreciate the importance of web measurement 2. Understand analytics and how to apply it for business 3. Discern between web usability and web analytics 4. Understand the basics of Google Analytics 5. Know the trend of big data Content 1. Overview of digital measurement and analytics 2. Basics of Google Analytics including account structure, tracking codes, terminologies, campaign tagging, reports and analysis, conversion tracking and customization 3. Fundamentals of web usability 4. Content testing using A/B testing in Google Analytics Content Experiment 5. Future trend of digital measurement including social data, Big Data etc. Learning Format 1. Class Lecture 2. Live Demo Course module details
  5. 5. (3a) SEO MARKETING Contact Hours: 8 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Learn the fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 2. Understand latest developments in search engine algorithms 3. Use SEO as part of an integrated online strategy to drive traffic and conversions Content 1. Why is search important and which search engines to focus on 2. SEO vs SEM 3. Pros and cons of SEO 4. Why positions on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) are important 5. Planning, strategy and goal setting for SEO 6. Keyword analysis and research 7. Competitor analysis and getting competitive data 8. On-page optimization – page SEO elements, latent semantic indexing, content optimization 9. Off-page optimization – link building strategies, impact of social media and UGC (user generated content) 10. Measurement and conversion analysis 11. Latest search engine algorithm changes including Google Panda, Penguin and other trends Learning Format 1. Class lecture 2. Group Exercise (2a) GOOGLE ADWORDS (SEARCH) Contact Hours: 8 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the basics of Google AdWords 2. Learn and implement search network marketing in Google AdWords 3. Prepare for Google Fundamentals test Content 1. Online advertising fundamentals 2. AdWords key terms demystified – Quality Score & Auction 3. Account strategy & structure including My Client Centre (MCC) 4. Keyword research & list development 5. Writing great ads 6. Creating your AdWords account and first campaign 7. Working with the user interface 8. Performance tracking Learning Format 1. Class Lecture 2. Live AdWords exercise (2b) GOOGLE ADWORDS (DISPLAY) Contact Hours: 4 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Learn and implement campaigns in Google Display Network (GDN) Content 1. Google Display Network (GDN) 2. Contextual Targeting and Placement Targeting 3. Audience Targeting & Remarketing 4. Mobile Advertising 5. YouTube Marketing Learning Format 1. Class Lecture 2. Group Exercise (1c) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Contact Hours: 8 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the social media landscape 2. Know the main channels for marketing 3. Understand the ROI of social media marketing 4. Use social media as part of integrated marketing Content 1. Why Social Media marketing 2. The growing state of social media 3. Major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn 4. The growing channels: Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Geo-Location 5. Developing a social media marketing plan 6. Considerations for social media marketing – social media policy, resourcing and ROI 7. Crisis management in social media 8. Using social media as part of the overall integrated marketing plan Learning Format 1. Class Lecture 2. Role Play 3. Group Exercise
  6. 6. (3b) E-MAIL MARKETING Contact Hours: 2 hour Learning Outcomes 1. Learn best practice in e-mail marketing 2. Understand the world-class e-mail marketing success framework Content 1. E-mail marketing – what are the acquisition and retention options 2. Spam e-mails and permission based e-mail marketing 3. 4 steps to integrated e-mail marketing 4. Writing persuasive copy 5. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Learning Format 1. Class lecture (3c) DISPLAY ADVERTISING Contact Hours: 2 hour Learning Outcomes 1. Know the digital advertising complex landscape, vendors and elements 2. Learn best practise in online display advertising Content 1. Key players, the specialists, small and big players different offerings 2. Budgeting and resourcing for online display advertising 3. Matching campaign needs against vendors pricing/ packaging 4. Types of ROI and benchmarking 5. Things to avoid 6. Execution, monitoring, evaluation and evolving into the future Learning Format 1. Class lecture 2. Group discussion (3d) MOBILE MARKETING & LOCATION-BASED MARKETING Contact Hours: 4 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Know the trends in mobile marketing 2. Be aware of the common mobile marketing and location based marketing tactics Content 1. The mobile landscape, trends and statistics 2. 7 unique benefits of the mobile channel 3. Mobile’s role in marketing 4. Common mobile marketing methods 5. Mobile web and native mobile apps 6. M-commerce 7. Definition of location-based marketing 8. Push-based or pull-based location-based marketing 9. How brands can used location-based marketing 10. The future trends of mobile Learning Format 1. Class Lecture 2. Case studies (4a) STRATEGY FRAMEWORK AND DIGITAL PROJECT BRIEFING Contact Hours: 4 hours Learning Outcomes 1. Learn the integrated digital marketing strategy framework 2. Get a brief on the final digital marketing group project Content 1. A digital marketing framework 2. Integrating digital marketing into overall marketing plan 3. Budgeting and resourcing for digital marketing (4b) GOOGLE ADWORDS CERTIFICATION (Part 1) Contact Hours: 4 hours 1. Do final preparation for AdWords exam 2. Take the Google AdWords Fundamental exam (4c) GOOGLE ADWORDS CERTIFICATION (Part 2) Contact Hours: 4 hours Participants will take the Google AdWords Advanced test as part of the Google AdWords qualification. (5) FINAL PROJECT PREPARATION AND PRESENTATION Contact Hours: 8 hours 1. Prepare for the final project in groups and class setting, and in consultation with the trainers 2. Complete the live digital marketing project in groups, and do a final project presentation
  7. 7. FACULTY The lead trainer for this certification course is Eu Gene Ang, Lead Trainer, Asia for Econsultancy, and assisted by a pool of certified trainers. All course material and content are developed from Econsultancy’s world-class portal – the world’s richest source of digital marketing and e-commerce insight, intelligence, advice, training, forums, events and answers. Powered by Econsultancy is a digital marketing best practice community and publisher, which educates the world’s marketers on everything from web analytics and email marketing, to social media, PR and e-commerce. Launched in 1999, it has since grown to a dominant position in the digital marketing industry. Its website and blog attract over 450,000 unique users per month, and its range of courses and conferences are attended by over 5,000 marketers every year. With offices in London, New York, and Singapore, Econsultancy is part of Centaur Media Plc. Econsultancy provides Asia with independent research, regionalised reports such as Asia’s Internet Statistics Compendium and State of Digital Marketing, consultancy services, and worldwide events, online resources and training programmes - enabling Econsultancy’s 200,000+ members to sharpen their strategies, make better decisions, build business cases, source the best suppliers, look smart in meetings, discover how to do everything better online and accelerate their careers. You can stay up to date by bookmarking: ECONSULTANCY’S SMALL BUSINESS SUBSCRIPTION FREE 1-Year Econsultancy’s Small Business Subscription (worth USD795 or RM2,500) for every course participant. Econsultancy’s Small Business Subscription is Econsultancy’s most popular subscription plan. This single user plan offers unparalleled access to Econsultancy’s rich resources of digital marketing reports, guides, stats, events, blogs and forums. The benefits of the Small Business Subscription plan are: • Unlimited free access to all the original reports that you need, including Best Practice Guides (cost USD695 each), Power Template Packs, Internet Stats Compendium, Trend Reports etc. • Discounts on events, including a 20% discount on Econsultancy conferences • Full access to member forum with inclusion of your profile in the forum • Access to the famous Econsultancy newsletter which provides award-winning insights • Invitations to exclusive social events and roundtables
  8. 8. CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING (Powered by Econsultancy) + google adwords qualified individual date: Select in-take MARCH 2014 / MAY 2014 admission: RM12,000 per pax (HRDF Claimable). A special early bird rate i.e RM10,000 per pax is applicable for participants who register one month before course date. venue Menara SSM@Sentral No. 7, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 Kuala Lumpur Sentral 50623 Kuala Lumpur maximum: 35 pax E L I T E e d iti o n Z E I T G E I S T HRDF Claimable Managed byPowered by PAYMENT DETAILS: CHEQUE MADE PAYABLE TO: CLICKACADEMYASIASDNBHD(934945V) No.31-3A, Jalan SS23/15 Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia FOR ENQUIRIES: Call James T: +6 012 329 1038 +6 03 7803 6191 F: +6 03 7803 3481 Name Contact Number Designation Email Name Contact Number Designation Email Name Contact Number Designation Email Name Contact Number Designation Email Name Contact Number Designation Email Contact Information Name Designation Email Address Organization Contact Number Address Information Participants Detail Registration & Payment • Full payment is required upon registration. • Registrations without full payment will be treated as provisional and will not be guaranteed a training place. • Payment can be made via a crossed cheque payable to “ClickAcademy Asia Sdn Bhd” at least 7 days before course commencement. Cancellation NO CANCELLATION is allowed but a replacement delegate can be sent. ClickAcademy Asia Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change or cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances. Registration Form Please fill-in-the blank box