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Business card checklist


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Effective Business Card Marketing. Whether you are just starting a business or part of a long-time organization, spend a few minutes conducting a business card review. What does your business card say about you? Learn the 10 key elements that every business card should have.

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Business card checklist

  1. 1. Business Card ChecklistInformation that should be included on a business card  Your name As simple as this sounds, this can get tricky. Your name should be consistent on your business card, when you introduce yourself, and in all your online profiles. Do you go by Sue, Susan, or Suzie?  Your Position or Title Optional for sole proprietors  Company Name  Phone Number(s) Include “Cell,” “Office,” “Fax” for clarity  Website Include “www.” for clarity  E-mail Address  Street Address Optional for those who use a home office  Company Logo  Tagline Use this one-liner to describe your business  Call to Action Reciprocate offers both traditional and online marketing strategy services. Click here to post your business card on the Reciprocate Facebook page for a free business card analysis. or 651-675-6943