January 2013


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January 2013

  1. 1. The Rassy Review RASMUSSEN COLLEGE GREEN BAY CAMPUS 904 S TAYLOR ST GREEN BAY, WI 54303 PHONE: (920) 593-8400 FAX: (920) 593-8401 WWW.RASMUSSEN.EDU V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 3 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 3 Plan ahead: Rasmussen College Tamer Dawud brings fresh perspective to classroom, campus Speaker Series: Thursday, Feb 7th, 11:30am to 2:30pm Room 105/106 Doctor Tamer Dawud, the Helen Berg, a His charity involvement is Green Bay adjunct instructor of second-year actually how he met his wife of 4 “Social Media— Microbiology, has an ever- nursing stu- years, Eman. Since dating is for- How’s and Why’s” present smile and a passion for dent who is bidden before marriage in their helping others. He is teaching at taking Tam- culture, the two got to know each Presented by: Rasmussen while studying for his er’s class other through volunteering and, medical board exams, with the currently, later, sitting down with her family Kimberly Graff goal of completing a U.S. medi- called him a present. Eman was a practicing Lemonade Stand cal residency in surgery, while his “great teach- dentist but now cares for their wife and two young children are er” who relates real experiences two boys, ages 3½ and 16 Economics back in his home country of to the classwork. “He really sticks months. Egypt. Tamer’s personality, com- to the important topics of Micro- Tamer hasn’t seen his family bined with his distinctive back- biology,” she said. “He introduc- in nearly a year , which has been ground and doctoral experience, es what we need to know by not very tough, but hopes they can make him a classroom favorite confusing us too much.” join him in Green Bay in March. and has earned the respect of his Outside of his family, teach- He attributes t he delay to the colleagues. ing, and studying, Tamer’s pas- political unrest in Egypt. “Students love Tamer,” said sion is volunteering. Back in “I respect Tamer very muchHave an idea for the Riki Szymanski, a full-time nurs- Egypt, he volunteered for an or- for pursuing his dream,” said ing instructor. “He actively seeks phanage and a cancer institute. Riki. “He and his family have hadRassy Review? feedback from his students, and Here in Green Bay, he has been to make great sacrifices.” works really hard to improve his involved with the Islamic Society This political and societalNow seeking: class each quarter.” of Wisconsin. unrest is also influencing Tamer’s Students & staff Continued on second page Winter Quarter Charity Focus: Friends of St. Mary’s to highlight Original photography Every quarter, Rasmussen healthcare, the choice seemed sion. Because of this, profits are Seasonal recipes faculty and staff agree on a local appropriate. minimal. And, there are usually charity to support with a nominal According to the website, not many funds available to up- Campus events donation. The money raised from donations enable the hospital to date equipment or purchase the Other ideas these “casual Friday” donations provide “up-to-date services, ad- latest technology. The foundation has recently supported causes ditional staff training, and better usually provides the hospital with such as Adopt a Family and technology” and contributes to things like new cardiac monitors,Please contact Emily: March of Dimes. the healthcare of many citizens. infant incubators, screening de-(920) 593-8454 This month, “Friends of St. Riki Szymanski, a Green Bay vices, breast cancer centers,emily.hartwig@rasmussen.edu Mary’s”, the charity arm of St. campus nursing instructor, had stretchers, patient beds, etc.” Mary’s Hospital in Green Bay, this to say about the cause: will benefit from Rasmussen’s “Non-profit healthcare or- For more information, visit support. With so many students ganizations care for their commu- www.stmgb.org, and click working toward a career in nity’s poor as a part of their mis- “Friends of St. Mary’s” tab.
  2. 2. Adjust instructor working toward medical board exam, residencyfuture plans. After his U.S. residency, “It is amazing to have someone who Tamer added that he enjoys the friend-which will take anywhere from 3-5 years, finds their replacement before leaving for ly atmosphere around campus, and has felthe will reconsider staying in the United new adventures,” Bill said. “Tamer came very supported by his colleagues – espe-States versus returning to Egypt if the situ- in for an interview and we knew this was cially Bill and Riki.ation is still unfavorable. His aspiration is going to be a great relationship minutes “The students absolutely enjoy havingto be a surgeon. into our discussion.” him teach microbiology,” said Bill. “I be- Bill said the Tamer brings a “unique lieve they understand just how difficult this “[Tamer] has fabulous perspectives on perspective” to the campus, with his expe- course is and how much more interesting it healthcare in the States versus Egypt to share rience practicing medicine in Egypt. is with a knowledgeable instructor present- with the students and his colleagues.” “Even though all areas [of medicine] ing it in class.” have basic standards, there are unique dif- While Tamer is only teaching one — Riki Szymanski, nursing instructor ferences that someone of Tamer’s experi- class at Rasmussen, his impact to students ence can bring up and use for comparison,” and staff alike has been irreplaceable. Af- “I think [being a doctor] is one of the Bill said. “This allows students to under- ter passing his medical board exams andbest ways to help people,” Tamers said, stand the fine details and how each can moving onto the next stage of his career,adding that he finds great pleasure in help- make a great difference in the recovery of his presence will be missed.ing to heal a patient so he or she can lead a their patients; or have no effect except to In the meantime, don’t hesitate to stopnormal life. increase the cost of providing health care.” and chat with the friendly Microbiology While teaching isn’t Tamer’s long- Riki agreed, “He has fabulous per- teacher who has impacted the Green Bayterm career goal, he said he greatly enjoys spectives on healthcare in the States versus campus and community. Ask him how heinfluencing future medical personnel. Egypt to share with the students and his has adjusted to the cold weather, American “[I am] giving knowledge that will colleagues.” culture, and the separation from his family.one day make a difference in patients’ Tamer said that he tries to give stu- Tamer’s humble yet entertaining answerslives,” he said. “Teaching is a very nice dents the perspective of Egypt’s unregulat- will give you a fresh perspective.experience.” ed medical system, so they better appreci- Nursing Dean Bill Hartmann hired ate the U.S. system, despite its flaws. For more information on Egypt’s healthcareTamer on recommendation from former “I think this gives them another view system, visit the World Health OrganizationMicrobiology teacher, Mohamed Hegazi. of the world,” he said. website: http://www.who.int/countries/egy/en/ ~Photo of the Month~ Recipe Corner “Meat-za” Ingredients Directions 1 lb. hamburger Preheat the oven to 370 1 lb. Italian sausage, un- degrees. Mix the ham- cooked and squeezed out burger meat and sausage, of its casing salt, pepper, oregano and 1 tsp. sea salt (optional) garlic powder. Spread the meat out on a cookie 1/2 tsp. pepper sheet. Make sure the meat 2 tsp. garlic powder is spread fairly thin, with- 2 tsp. oregano out holes, & round the Paleo tomato sauce (1 can edges up to make a crust. tomato paste, 1/2 cup Cook for 10 minutes. In water or to desired thick- the meantime, chop up ness, 1 tsp. oregano, 1 and saute your toppings tsp. garlic powder) in a bit of olive oil. Meatza toppings of your Once the meat is done (or your kids’) choice! cooking, pour off the —I used Turkey grease and immediately Pepperoni, onions, cover the meat with the mushrooms, green tomato sauce. peppers, and black olives Add your toppings and “Lacey” ~ Audra Castonia Olive oil have a Meat-za party! Submitted by: Tony Possley