Mood Altering Marketing


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Connect to your customers and consumers at a deeper level. Intensify the relationship. Why using all of the senses intensifies you brand experience.

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Mood Altering Marketing

  1. 1. intensifying your brand experience& building your brand equity and loyalty in the new age of WOM marketing
  2. 2. It’s no longer good enough for your brandexperience to simply appeal to the 5 senses .
  3. 3. have the power to transform yourconsumers minds, change their moodand the way they think, feel and relate?
  4. 4. 10% Conscious Mind(analytical, logical, will power) 90% Subconscious Mind (instincts, reflex, emotions feelings, emotions, self)
  5. 5. Deeper connections must be made to the users mind and their core emotions and feelings. Outer Self Inner Self True Self
  6. 6. Emotions & deep feelings are controlled in 2 brain systems the limbic and autonomic nerve systems (vs. in the thinking, logical, problem solving, on-purpose cerebrum)
  7. 7. The emotional reactions of the limbic and autonomic nerve systems …. Every time he smells her fragrance his reaction is the same.
  8. 8. ...can be triggered by the senses but have a more intense emotional response. Nothing says I’m home like the taste of my Mom’s cooking.
  9. 9. Seeing a news clip Ialways relive the painof the of my ownexperience. However,what joy and relief I feltwhen I opened the safeto see all of mygrandparents photoswere protected.
  10. 10. Ever since I was a little girl,I loved feeling the sandbetween my toes. It justkeeps getting better.Now I want the same for my daughter.
  11. 11. Mood-altering Marketing results in “share of heart & soul” Body What You See Outer Self Game Face Sports Mind Clothes Image What You ThinkMake Up Inner Self Opinions Relations Car Unmet DreamsJob needs Heart & Soul What You Feel Analysis True Self ContrastShoes House Self talk Compare Problem solving Jewelry Latest Expectations Gadget
  12. 12. Which emotions areyour brand capable of reaching? Wheel of Emotions Robert Plutchik (1980)
  13. 13. Meeting unmet needs translates toopinions and thinking and leads to brandconsideration. Unmet Brand Brand Emotional Need Consideration Experience Relevanceintensifies the emotional response.
  14. 14. The more a brand connects to the consumers mind at every level, the more equity and loyalty is built, the more it cuts through the clutter of our busy lives, the more it motivates the user to tell others of their experience.Levels of Mood-altering MotivationConnection Experience • Relationship with brand• 5 senses •Loyalty • WOM sharing• Conscious •Equity • Social networking• Subconscious
  15. 15. Learn to use to intensify your brand experience and build your brand equity and loyalty in the new age of WOM marketing