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Open book exams (1)

Open book exams require special preparation.

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Open book exams (1)

  1. 1. Open Book Exams cc: DonkeyHotey -
  2. 2. Not easier, just different • less memorisation • more emphasis on applying, analysing or criticising • you need to manage your time well cc: VCU Libraries -
  3. 3. You won't have time to read and digest large amounts of information in the exam. Your exam preparation should aim for good understanding of the subject and competence in any techniques you will need to a4gpa -
  4. 4. Similarly, you should be thoroughly familiar with the text/s you will use, what information is most pertinent and where to find it. cc: wenday :D -
  5. 5. Aim for good understanding of key concepts Ensure you can apply theories or formulae to real life problems Identify the most relevant sections of the text - you may be allowed to bookmark or underline, but extensive notes in a text are unlikely to becc: hjl -
  6. 6. Good quotes at key parts of a plot (literature) Key formulae (mathematics, physics, chemistry) Key events and related evidence (e.g. history) cc: Swamibu -