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  • Then press go to desktop
  • Here are the search results – 19 a much more manageable number to review You can see the first 4 teachers on the list – you can see Name School name Pupil age range Language the wish to work in Subject interest Country flag I want to click on the 4 th profile as this teacher looks like she might have similar project ideas
  • Finding a Partner

    1. 1. The eTwinning webinar ‘Finding an eTwinning partner school’ will begin at 16:30 While you wait you can check that you’ll be able to hear us by clicking ‘Tools’ – ‘Audio’ – ‘Audio Set-Up Wizard’
    2. 2. Nice tomeet youAn Isabel BrennanIntroductio British Council: Belfast.n to the Northern Ireland Regional OfficereTwinning A new mum, I read Italian crimeteam fiction and I’m enjoying the rugby world cup – for now!
    3. 3. Nice tomeet you An Jenny ComptonIntroductio British Council Belfast n to the Regional Officer: North West England & Yorkshire/HumbereTwinning team Cinema, cooking & walking the Belfast hills (well attempting to)!
    4. 4. Finding an eTwinning partner school
    5. 5. Blackboard Collaborate - Basic tools• Participants Box• Chat Facility• Voting tools• Other communication tools• Microphone• Whiteboard
    6. 6. Participants Box When you first sign in you will see your own name, the moderator and the other participants. We have disabled the webcam function for this particular session.
    7. 7. Chat Facility This is the chat box. You can ask us questions and talk to other participants Write in this white box, your comment or questions will appear above. Click enter to send – you can not delete but you can even add a smiley face!
    8. 8. Use the Chat function to introduce yourself, e.g.Task 1 Hi, my name is . . . I joined eTwinning in. . .
    9. 9. Voting tools Voting We will be asking you to vote on certain questions or topics. Click on the drop down menu. Click on your selection here.
    10. 10. Use the green tick (for yes) or red cross (for no) to answer this questionTask 2 Is this your first webinar?
    11. 11. Polling Tools Polling We may ask you to respond to a polling question. Like the question below.Click on your selection here.
    12. 12. Use the vote function toTask 3 answer our poll…. Where are you joining us from this afternoon? A) England B) Scotland C) Northern Ireland D) Wales
    13. 13. Task Use the vote function to answer our poll…. 4 What type of school do you work in?• Nursery/Infant B) PrimaryC) Secondary/Further D) SEN
    14. 14. Other communication tools You can also show us how you are feeling by clicking on this icon and you can display any of these icons beside your name. Try it out!
    15. 15. If you’re happy and youTask know if, click the smiley 5 button! Coz you’re happy and you know it!
    16. 16. Microphone If you wish to speak, you can click on this icon to raise your hand. This lets the moderator know you wish to speak.Here you can seeIsabel has raised herhand. You must click on the mic button here to turn your microphone on and speak. Remember to click it again to close the mic when you have finished.
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Let’s test our eTwinning knowledge!
    19. 19. What type of schools can I partner with?A) All types of schools (including SEN) from age 3 – 19B) Primary & Secondary Schools onlyC) Primary Schools onlyD) I don’t know!
    20. 20. What language(s) can be used for eTwinning projects?A) English onlyB) Any language, as agreed, by all the project partnersC) English & French onlyD) My native language only
    21. 21. When can I begin an eTwinning project?A) Any date, mutually agreed by partner school (s)B) During the Autumn term onlyC) During term time onlyD) September only
    22. 22. How long does an eTwinning project last?G) 1-3 monthsH) 1 year or moreI) Any amount of time, mutually agreed with partner school (s)J) 3-9 months
    23. 23. Are you still with me so far?Give me a smiley face if you are!
    24. 24. Any Questions?
    25. 25. In this Use the eTwinning partner finding forumWebinarwe will Use the eTwinning search learn functionhow to
    26. 26. Have you heard of the eTwinning forum?
    27. 27. Have you used the eTwinning forum before?
    28. 28. Find eTwinners Forum
    29. 29. Example 1Searching for an interesting post
    30. 30. Top Tips• Note the title of posts you reply to • Note the name of the post author • Regularly check eTwinning for replies and new messages • Remember netiquette! • Keep searching!
    31. 31. Example 2Creating a new post
    32. 32. • Your message will now be displayed at the top of the forum screen initially• Remember to monitor the post and respond to any replies• Remember netiquette
    33. 33. Any Questions?
    34. 34. Recap Where can you find the eTwinning forum?i) Projectsj) Resourcesk) My profilel) Find eTwinners
    35. 35. RecapImagine, you are looking for a new partnerschool to begin an eTwinning project. Youwould like to work with a school with pupilsaged 14-15. Which forum would you use?e) eTwinning project 4-11f) eTwinning project 12-15g) eTwinning project 16-19h) Comenius project 12-15
    36. 36. Recap Once you are in the eTwinning forum, what can you do?e) Read a forum postf) Read & reply to a forum postg) Create a forum posth) All of the above
    37. 37. Have you used the eTwinning search before?
    38. 38. Find eTwinners Search: quick search
    39. 39. Good for specific searches for individual schools or teachers
    40. 40. Category Search
    41. 41. Any Questions?
    42. 42. Recap Where do you find the eTwinning partner search?f) Profileg) Find eTwinnersh) My profilei) Projects
    43. 43. Keep searching! It can take some time to find the perfect partner school  Once you start communicating with partner schools:• Reply to email/messages/forum posts promptly• Discuss project ideas clearly and openly with potential partner schools• Be open and flexible to different ideas and approaches
    44. 44. Has this session been helpful?A. Very helpful B. HelpfulC. A little bit helpful D. Not sure