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  • Lets first look at the ‘quick search’ function. To do this, we log into and I want to spend a minute looking at a profile page first.
  • Then press ‘go to desktop’ to access your profile
  • This is an example of a profile page from my colleague It is extremely important to keep the information on your page up to date and relevant. It is the first impression of yourself to other teachers. (Give brief run through of profile) Top Tips for you to do after this webinar are… Make sure your information is correct – if not click on ‘edit profile’ Update a photo or image – could be your school or area or even a aviator of yourself, do this in edit profile Make sure you are ready to eTwinning project – (point to eTwinning Life) Write a description of yourself and your school or pupils on Your Journal – this could be a nice welcome message for other teachers! Lets look at the Find eTwinners tab!
  • In the find eTwinners Tab you cal see the Quick search text box and below the longer category drop down search options. Quick search really only works well if you already know the name of the teacher or the school name that you wish to find. This works well for Comenius schools (explain a little what Comenius is) because you will know the name of your Comenius partners You can later try to use this, if you would like to make myself or my eTwinning colleague a contact, you can practice on us! To show you I typed Isabel Brennan (my colleague) and it displayed the following result….. (next slide)
  • The search result showed 1 contact – Isabel’s. It will display basic information from that persons profile, but you can click on their name and school name to look at their profile page. Now lets concentrate on the category search.
  • Have any of you used this search before?
  • Click on the FIND ETWINNERS tab again and lets try out an example.
  • Use the drop down menus to select what is relevant to you and your search – remember not to be too selective at the start. It is better to start out with a board search and then you can narrow it down of needed. Lets pretend we want to partner with a Spanish teacher (explain the other drop down items) And click search
  • 11 Search results matched our category – which a good number to look through. Basic information is displayed from their profile (explain the info) But if you want to know more about a teacher then click on their name or school to view their profile – so lets do that and look at Gloria’s profile page.
  • This is the reason it is good to keep your own profile up to date, we can easily learn a little bit more about Gloria from this page, she has included A profile photo She is ready to start a project She last logged in quite recently so she is still active – this is a good thing to look for. You don’t want an inactive partner! There is a nice description from Gloria – you can see her page has attracted some replies. Click on Write a comment to reply or ‘I like it’ Her Contacts You can also click, on her school which is on blue text this lets you see who else from that school in registered and what projects they are
  • You can send her an eTwinning email – which is an internal email and will be displayed in your eTwinning mailbox. If you click on the letter you can draft your email – next slide
  • Keep your message simple, clear but with enough information. You can think about including information… about yourself your pupils - your project Any expectations – not too much detail yet but you will need to consider each others project expectations and objectives
  • If you receive relies these will be displayed as shown above (point)
  • Here is a good top tip for you, check your notifications and make sure you are subscribed by clicking on the ‘subscribe button’ (Explain the notifcations list)
  • In order to create an eTwinning project with a partner teacher, you both must be listed in each others ‘My Contact’ area. We will show you how to do this.
  • If we go back and look at a list of potential teachers from a search you can see a icon to the right of the basic information (point to it) This is what you click to send a contact request to Gloria. You can also do this from their profile page (next slide)
  • Clicking on Glorias name takes me to her profile page again and you can see the contact icon appears beside her name (point to it). Top tip Write on their journal and send them an eTwinning email to let them know you want them to be a contact and to please accept. I recently sent a contact request to a new colleague in our team, I used the quick search because I knew her name and knew she had regisitered. (next slide)
  • In my contacts area you can see I am waiting for Florance to accept the request – this is why there is a little egg timer icon. Your notifications will display new pending contacts requests!
  • You contacts will be displayed on your profile page under your photo – you can click to see all contacts or add a contact which will take you too the Find eTwinners tab.
  • You can manage your contacts – delete them !!! See both inactive and pending – keep an eye on your pending contacts – try again writing on their journal profile page asking them to accept or send an eTwinning email.
  • Smiley or confused faces!!!!
  • The forum is an excellent way to contact the most pro active teachers, that are actually using eTwinning right now! You access the forums again through your desktop and click on the ‘Find eTwinners’ tab. ON the right you will see the forums are spilt into eTwinning and Comenius and age group –so you must select the appropriate group to you. It is a live forum so you can very quickly and often immediately communicate and make contacts if you use the forum in the right way. Lets take an example and click on eTwinning age group 16-19
  • You can see a list of the most recent posts that teachers have written and replied to. First – lets ‘Search the Forum’ for any interesting posts that are already created.
  • You can type any relevant text you think may apply – e.g penpals for a penplas project! Select from the drop down list and start searching! I would advise completing a few searches – lets look at the results from this search by clicking search
  • A list will be displayed for you to read – so you can the original post here from Julio and there replies he received. So lets reply to Julio! We click on reply…
  • And we get to add our message which will appear on Julios post. Remember the top tip… Keep your message simple, clear but with enough information for Julio to be interested. Include information… about yourself your pupils - your project Any expectations – not too much detail yet but you will need to consider each others project expectations and objectives
  • Now we are going to look at how you can create your own forum post
  • Go back to our desktop and the ‘Find Etwinners’ tab – select the appropriate forum and age for you or even general forum! Lets look at a post primary example
  • Remember to keep it…. (read above notes) write in language you want to communicate in.
  • This is a post we created for an earlier session. Your message will now be displayed at the top of the forum screen initially – top tip – you can reply to your post and this pushes it to top of forum list ! you can delete a message you created but please be aware of the effect that may have – e.g. teachers may have replied to you and that will delete the whole string of other messages You can report a slide if you think anything inappropriate appears – the report is sent direct to us the UK NSS and we deal with it by either deleting the post and contacting the teacher or the other NSS involved if any further action needs taken we can escalate it the CSS.
  • So remember to… Note the title of posts you reply to Note the name of the post author Regularly check eTwinning for replies and new messages Make them contacts!
  • Just a quick recap
  • This is just an example of some teachers that have contacted us via the forum or directly that we will email to you so you can use the quick search to look them up!
  • eTwinning "Finding A Partner" webinar

    1. 1. In this Use the eTwinning search functionWebinarwe will Use the eTwinning partner learn finding forumhow to
    2. 2. Find eTwinners: Search: quick search
    3. 3. Using Quick Search if you already know the name of the contact.
    4. 4. Find eTwinners Search:category search
    5. 5. Your Search Results
    6. 6. Send an etwinning email
    7. 7. Check your replies
    8. 8. Top Tip!Check yournotificationsandsubscribe
    9. 9. Make contact • send a contact request
    10. 10. Alphabetical list
    11. 11. Contact Request
    12. 12. Contact Request Sent
    13. 13. See all yourContacts
    14. 14. Managing your Contacts
    15. 15. Lets Recap Update our profile page Quick search & Category searchMake contacts & start communication Subscribe to notifications!
    16. 16. Any Questions?
    17. 17. Have you used the eTwinning forum before?
    18. 18. Find eTwinners Forum
    19. 19. Reply to a Forum post
    20. 20. Top Tips• Note the title of posts you reply to• Note the name of the post author• Regularly check eTwinning for replies and new messages• Remember netiquette!• Keep searching!
    21. 21. Create your own Forum Post
    22. 22. Posting Your Own MessageFirst: Select the age that is appropriate to your class
    23. 23. Your Forum Post
    24. 24. Reply and Update your Post
    25. 25. Any Questions?
    26. 26. RecapUpdate your profileRespond to all posts, journal entries and emails in goodtimeBe open minded and flexibleRemember to make contacts so you can create a project
    27. 27. Note the names of any potential partners, and contact them through the eTwinning Portal: Country Student Country Language ofName Surname from age wanted project Project ideaPaola Dobrilla Italy 15-18 UK or IrelandPiedad Pérez Spain 12-16 UKberna selcan Turkey 11-20 UK Primary schoolBiray Yılmaz Torgay Turkey 7-11 UK projectsMarie-France Munar France 10-11 UK/ IrelandRima Mockeviciute Lithuania 17-21 UKCristina Trevaini Italy UKHakan Islek Turkey 10-12 UK EnglishMarzena Bemben Poland 15-18 UK EnglishElzbieta Kubiak Poland UK EnglishTatiana Valentová Slovakia 16-19 UK English English DramaPiedad Pérez Spain 3-16 UKCristina Chiorescu Romania UK English Would like to come to London on aGaëlle Brindjonc France 10-15 UK trip in May 2013
    28. 28. THANK YOU Contact us