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The future of search: technology, politics and humans


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Presentation given at the 2017 FIL conference, Oxford, 26th June 2017.

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The future of search: technology, politics and humans

  1. 1. Interlend 2017 - Interlending without Barriers, 26th – 27th June 2017, Oxford The future of search: technology, politics and humans Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services, Caversham UK,, Twitter @karenblakeman
  2. 2. 04/07/2017 2 Political changes, legal and regulatory environment, “right to be forgotten” “Fake” news, parodies/spoof news, misleading headlines, click bait, deliberate misinformation, incorrect use of terminology, Publishers charging for open access articles Disappearing pages/sites/datasets Geographical restrictions Mobile first - mobile friendly pages, search and results Google ever changing, drops terms, rewrites searches
  3. 3. 04/07/2017 3 Deep Web Censored Buried Protected Inconveniently large Dark Formatted DISCONTIN UED £££ Ka-ching! No comprendo
  4. 4. 04/07/2017 5 Donald Trump’s Scottish welcome to be led by Begbie 03/02/donald-trumps- scottish-welcome-to-be-led- by-begbie/ Satirical/parody news sites Plenty of them - get to know the main ones. Spoofs are not always obvious in this increasingly bizarre world. Very different from deliberate fake news.
  5. 5. 04/07/2017 6 Misleading headlines An Independent article as seen on Facebook “Britain just managed to run entirely on renewable energy for nearly six days”
  6. 6. 04/07/2017 7 Original article Half of UK electricity comes from low-carbon sources for first time ever, claims new report electricity-low-carbon-first-time-report-drax-climate-change-environment- a7414936.html
  7. 7. 04/07/2017 8 Look at the source code of the page (Ctrl U): Uses an Open Graph meta tag (og:title) that is used by Facebook rather than the webpage title. Further details: How to write totally misleading headlines for social media | Karen Blakeman's Blog misleading-headlines-for-social-media/
  8. 8. 04/07/2017 9 Google = $$$$$ 2016 Google Tracker: Everything Google is working on for the new year | Ars Technica everything-google-is-working-on-for-the-new-year/
  9. 9. 04/07/2017 10 Created by PDC course participants January 2015 Reading. Tutor: Steve Jones, Sector 39
  10. 10. 04/07/2017 11 Work in progress on “New Google, New Challenges” workshop September 2015, UKeiG
  11. 11. 04/07/2017 12 FAQ: All about the Google RankBrain algorithm all-about-the-new-google-rankbrain-algorithm-234440 Google brings store visits to Google Display Network, debuts cross- device retargeting http://searchengineland. com/google-brings- store-visits-google- display-network-debuts- cross-device- retargeting-259599
  12. 12. Never trust Google’s answers or Knowledge Graph Opening hours – True Food, 29th December 2016 04/07/2017 13 Information displayed to the right of the results on laptop/desktop Fills screen on mobile/tablet
  13. 13. 04/07/2017 14
  14. 14. Advanced search – options disappearing with alarming regularity Choose your search terms carefully Repeat search terms Change the order filetype:, site: intext: (Google), inbody: (Bing) Numeric range search (Google only) electric car production forecasts 2020..2050 Limit by date 04/07/2017 15
  15. 15. Advanced search “..” around phrases (does not always work) Verbatim (Google only and not reliable) Incognito, Private Browsing (browser features) Country versions of search tools (Google, Bing, Wikipedia etc) Country specific search tools 04/07/2017 16
  16. 16. Alternative search tools,,,, Specialist search tools – subjects, types of information, Social media/professional networks Archives – Wayback Machine (, National Archives (, (, Mementoweb ( 04/07/2017 18
  17. 17. Documents – priced or free? Open access? Incorrectly paywalled articles - often reported on Twitter - Paywall Watch Google Scholar – clusters 04/07/2017 19
  18. 18. Unpaywall 04/07/2017 20
  19. 19. People Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, subscription services Networks – LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Academia Presentations (ppt, pptx, pdf), Slideshare, authorSTREAM, videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc) Blogs, personal web pages, personal archives, Facebook 04/07/2017 21
  20. 20. Get your search strategy sorted Understand how the search engines work Know your search tools Know the commands Subject specific resources Go direct to the source People! 04/07/2017 22
  21. 21. Interlend 2017 - Interlending without Barriers, 26th – 27th June 2017, Oxford The future of search: technology, politics and humans Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services, Caversham UK,, Twitter @karenblakeman