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EDU 210 Presentation

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EDU 210 presentation

  1. 1. Professional Learning Network Presentation By Kararose Jespersen
  2. 2. Twitter Here’s a snap shot of my PLN when it was first created! • Collaborate Connect Communicate
  3. 3. Teachers Resource @TheTeacherDepot @TheTeacherDepot • • • • This Twitter account provides resources for teachers that they can use in the classroom. There is a web link provided in this twitter account that allows for me to gain access to even more resources that are not provided on the Twitter account. This Twitter account provides excellent resources for Elementary teachers. One of my favourite sources for discovering new and innovating lesson plans that I can integrate into my own classroom
  4. 4. We Are Teachers @WeAreTeachers @WeAreTeachers • • • • This Twitter account is great whether you’re looking for lesson plans and ideas, product reviews or just a chance to connect with fellow educators. Tweets about how teachers can improve on supporting children in the classroom Provides great resources for teachers teaching K-12 classrooms. Tweets on a regular basis
  5. 5. EdTech Services UofA @EdTechUofA • • • • • EdTech services helps UofA faculty, staff, instructors and students in the Faculty of Education by supporting them in using technology. Provides assistances in using technology in and out of an educational institution. One of my favourite resources to use when I am looking for a new tool to use Helps me understand how I can integrate technology into the classroom Tweets every day
  6. 6. Nicholas Provenzano @thenerdyteacher • • • • Posts article that would interest teachers. Main goal is to help expand educational technology into all classrooms. Provides technological tools that can help teachers integrate technology into the classroom Tweet regularly
  7. 7. Twitter Here’s a snap shot of my PLN after establishing a working network!
  8. 8. PLN Participation Twitter has provided me with resources that will help me as a teacher enhance the way I educate my students. Connecting with other people in the education profession, provides me with the support system I need in and out of the classroom. Twitter provides me with professional resources that are available 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. My Twitter account has a mix of resource that help K-12 educators in their professional lives. Building a personal learning network (PLN) has helped me professionally as a pre-service teacher feel more aware about what the profession of teaching in tails. I have interacted with teachers, professors and educational enthusiasts to help me become a better round individual who is more informed about the perfusion I am pursuing. My favorite hashtags include: #uofa #edtech #EDU210 #teaching #educating #technology