ContentsExecutive Summary ...................................................................................................
Executive SummaryShopMayu is a clothing retail website that sells 100% Alpaca scarves, hats, gloves and hoodies. Priced be...
Current SituationShopMayu is an entrepreneurial venture by Thunderbird alumnus Kate Robertson ’11. Kate is a Peace Corpalu...
Existing Social Media platformsShopMayu does exist in social media, albeit in a limited fashion.     Facebook: ShopMayu d...
Brand AwarenessSince ShopMayu is web based, there needs to be a stronger focus on building brand awareness. ShopMayu is no...
handle. The owner responds to questions of personal nature in this forum. Clicking on the YouTube link takes us toa YouTub...
Team Innovation Nation strongly believes that this God Particle is directly related to the essence of ShopMayu andwill app...
introduce an interactive platform that would help users understand which of their products would suit themthrough a platfo...
Media MixYouTube AdScene: Posh Manhattan/Chicago apartment/house, evening time, its chilly outside.The plot: As light jazz...
MagazinesAs part of building the WOW factor and raising brand awareness, we will use a full page ad on the fall issue of a...
styleonthecouch.com. They have a significant following within our specific target audience of 30+ women who areearning rel...
Web-restructuringCurrentProposed Website                    13
WebsiteIn order to project ShopMayu as a Peruvian elegance accessories brand, the official website needs to be polishedand...
VideosThe commercial video as well as testimonials will be on the official website of ShopMayu and will be uploaded onShop...
as the existing videos of how an alpaca scarf is made. Based on our observations, we came to realize that thecurrent video...
Lookbook Sample                  17
Brand purchase facilitation:On the product page, there are two options: (1) ‘add to cart’ and (2) ‘my shopping cart’. As t...
This platform will allow the customer to choose various elements that go into the making of scarf and once theyfinalize th...
Interactive scarf display optionThis is not a gamification idea, instead it is an opportunity for the customers to view th...
o    The content posted should be centered on elegance, Peruvian history, Alpaca, benefits of the alpaca fibre,         be...
Sample of the Facebook tabs:Twitter:The Twitter handle (@ShopMayu) has 3,709 followers with 1,343 tweets as of 10/09/12 wh...
create a chat centering on a common point of interest such as ‘Style at the Workplace’. This will help ShopMayu todirectly...
Another account for ShopMayu is under the name “Shopmayu ShopShopmayu” with 1 board and 0 followers. Thedescription for th...
Online Magazines:Daily Candy Chicago: ShopMayu already has 3 features on the Chicago edition (in 2009, in 2010 and the lat...
Estimated Budget (6 months)                                                    Phase 1        Phase 2Sr. No. Media        ...
Media Time LineMedia timeline for this year (2012)Month                                   Sep           Oct          Nov  ...
   Fashion Blogger: Fashion Bloggers will be asked to write articles about our products with the approximated           c...
ConclusionTeam Innovation Nation sees immense potential in ShopMayu’s product line. Currently, the brand needs a boost inr...
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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan


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Came up with an integrated marketing communication plan for a client’s brand and provide a recommended plan of action to deliver on their MarComm goals.

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. ContentsExecutive Summary ........................................................................................................................................................ 3Current Situation ............................................................................................................................................................ 4The Big Idea: Wow + Woo & Win ................................................................................................................................... 8Phase I............................................................................................................................................................................. 9 Creative Strategy ........................................................................................................................................................ 9 Media Mix .................................................................................................................................................................10Phase II..........................................................................................................................................................................15 Creative Strategy ......................................................................................................................................................15 Brand Purchase Intention and Brand Purchase Facilitation .....................................................................................16 Gamification .............................................................................................................................................................18 Media Mix .................................................................................................................................................................20Media Plan ....................................................................................................................................................................25Conclusion ....................................................................................................................................................................29 2
  3. 3. Executive SummaryShopMayu is a clothing retail website that sells 100% Alpaca scarves, hats, gloves and hoodies. Priced between $70and $160, ShopMayu products are intended for working women professionals and are suitable to their winterwardrobes. Currently, ShopMayu is finding it difficult to channel enough marketing resources to increase brandawareness. ShopMayu currently has not yet invested greatly in many marketing techniques or an engaging andinteractive e-commerce website.Kate Robertson, the CEO of ShopMayu, currently runs a very lean marketing budget concentrating heavily on theoperations side of business. The website was recently revamped, and advertisements were made on ‘Daily CandyChicago’ through her contacts. ShopMayu is looking to expand its reach amongst its target audience - womenprofessionals with incomes above $100,000 and over the age of 30 living in prominent cities Chicago, New York,Boston and Los Angeles. Currently, most of this audience is reached through word-of-mouth and is growing at avery slow rate.Team Innovation Nation analyzed the existing marketing techniques, the company website and social media effortsto identify what was missing. We concluded that, in a highly competitive Alpaca-wear space, ShopMayu needs toset itself apart as more of a source of Peruvian Elegance than anything else. From a branding perspective, werecommend changing the color scheme of all communication platforms from white & green to a classy royal black& gold. We have also worked towards identifying channels to reach the target audience quickly. The Big Idea usedfor this marketing campaign is “Wow-Woo-Win”. The crux being, to first appear in multiple avenues where thetarget audience acknowledges the existence of the brand and is intrigued by the product, and then convincingusers to tip their purchasing decision in ShopMayu’s favor.The team recommends a two-phased approach to leverage this opportunity. First, we recommend introducing andspreading the brand name through activities such as a YouTube ad, displays at professional chapter events, tie-upswith fashion bloggers and magazine ads. This phase is resource intensive and the intent is for users to rememberShopMayu when it comes to luxurious elegant scarves. The second phase is to close sales from the increased flowof website visitors. This stage would involve heavy linkages with different social media platforms to communicatebenefits and offers, uploading of testimonial videos, increasing user engagement through gamification and finallyrevamping the website to enhance the brand purchase facilitation factor. The proposed actions can be achievedthrough a marketing budget of $211,400 for both phases combined.We truly believe in the potential of the product, but, at the same time, understand that there are resourceconstraints when designing solutions. 3
  4. 4. Current SituationShopMayu is an entrepreneurial venture by Thunderbird alumnus Kate Robertson ’11. Kate is a Peace Corpalumnus from Peru and she encountered the Alpaca weavers (Peruvian women) while she spent her time workingin Peru. She then started ShopMayu, a web based platform, which sells high-end Alpaca scarves, hats and gloves tocustomers in the US and, at times, other parts of the world. The business model is fairly simple - Kate, who is fluentin Spanish, has built a strong relationship with the workers over eight years and places her orders over the phone.The workers then weave them, ship them through FedEx and deliver to Kate. Kate then sends it to the homes ofher customers after they place an order through www.shopmayu.com.About AlpacaMany people do not know a lot about Alpaca and its wool. People usually compare it to cashmere and pashmina 1but Alpaca is far superior in terms of the quality2. It lasts forever; it is a great substitute for people who are allergicto wool. Alpaca fleece is a lustrous and silky natural fiber. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly,and bears no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Without lanolin, it does not repel water. It is also soft andluxurious. In physical structure, alpaca fiber is somewhat akin to hair, being very glossy. Thepreparing, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing process of alpaca is very similar to the process used for wool.Alpaca fiber is also flame-resistant, and meets the US Customer Product Safety Commissions standards.3The ProblemKate enjoys a considerably high gross profit margin (70%)4, as her major marketing cost for is for web design. Katecurrently does sell on a lower volume than expected and would like to increase her sales this winter and beyond.ShopMayu has an affiliation with the Fair Trade Organization (industry certified standard for 100% Alpaca) but hasnever received any support from them, primarily because her products are outside the price point of fair trade.To aid Kate in her business, she has some trusted friends/part-time employees:  Style consultant: Kate’s friend in Chicago, a fashion designer, usually explains colors, trends, styles and patterns to Kate. She then communicates the same to the weavers in Peru.  Part-time intern: The intern works for 10 hours a week on graphic designing or PR. She could potentially conduct more market research, but does not have any technical skills to help with Ad Words.  Web-designer: Kate partners with a web designer in Chicago who charges by the hour.  SEO optimization team: Kate hired a freelance team in India for 6 months of their service. This team assured her to put ShopMayu on top of Google search results, but, as of now, searching any related keywords does not generate ShopMayu in the top 50 results. Kate is disappointed with this team.The ShopMayu website has been recently rebranded - keeping the idea consistent, Kate has switched the logo,added a tagline, hired a copywriter for the language in the website etc. Kate has primarily sold her scarves througha strong word-of-mouth, as her products are of high quality and soft texture.1 http://www.nytimes.com/1999/04/18/nyregion/on-the-map-on-a-farm-far-from-the-andes-a-home-for-alpacas.html2 http://www.lippencottalpacas.com/Images/AlpacaAdvantages.pdf3 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/29/alpaca-facts-interesting_n_1923840.html?utm_hp_ref=green#slide=15808244 As told by Kate Robertson herself 4
  5. 5. Existing Social Media platformsShopMayu does exist in social media, albeit in a limited fashion.  Facebook: ShopMayu does not have an effective business page and it is not easy to find. Additionally, they do have an official Facebook profile called ‘ShopMayu’ with 513 friends and the pictures are not visible to everyone.  YouTube: Hasn’t been updated since a year. There are 15 basic videos that show how the scarves are made. Each video has a few hundred views.  Twitter: There is an unofficial handle of Kate Robertson @ShopMayu that has around 3,708 followers and 1,343 tweets. The tweets are made roughly once a week.  Blog: The official website contains a blog which is more personal to the CEO than being product related.  Google Analytics: ShopMayu does have a Google Analytics account but Kate does not check it because of low traffic and time constraints. There is also a pay-per-click Ad Words account but she recently got penalized by Google which could be because of a host of reasons such as having a lower ranking than what Google requires for short registrations.5 Kate will be submitting a reconsideration request to the webmaster. Kate fears that this will affect ShopMayu sales this winter adversely. Some data for the month of September are: o 1508 visitors to the website as of now o 25 seconds on an average is spent on the cart page o 100% visits are done without site search on Google o Most site visitors are from Chicago, New York, Milwaukee o In the website, no one clicks on sections like product life cycle and testimonials or subscribes to the e-newsletterWebsite Analysis with respect to 5 bucketsCategory NeedOn accessing the website, it is unclear as to what exactly is being sold. While it is clear that it is a clothing site, thegenre of clothes is not very specific unless one clicks on few tabs that then display further sub category tabs. Interms of ‘Features and Benefits’, the website does not show the price point or the advantage of using Alpaca at thefirst glance. Especially, how different the product is from regular scarves. Benefits such as hypoallergenic or thelongevity of the material has not been mentioned or highlighted in the first page, instead of mentioning them juston videos. Also, there aren’t any videos on the landing page. While grading the ‘Ease of Accessibility’ for women, itappears straightforward as they know what to click. Our observation shows that men tend to click on productcategories first than clicking the ‘For Men’ tab directly.5 http://www.optimus01.co.za/reasons-sites-get-penalized-google.html 5
  6. 6. Brand AwarenessSince ShopMayu is web based, there needs to be a stronger focus on building brand awareness. ShopMayu is notfound when Googled with any of the related words. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs exists which can beused for creating Brand awareness. Currently, Facebook has two separate accounts, one with the ShopMayu logoand another with a woman wearing a hat. Additionally, one page called ShopMayu - hand knit alpaca exists. Thismakes it difficult to find as the website is shopmayu.com, it won’t be searched as hand knit alpaca.Brand AttitudeUnfortunately, the website does not communicate the deserved Brand Attitude of elegance and luxury thatShopMayu wants to portray. The logo, theme and color are consistent: brown, white. The models look out-of-placeand do not represent the target market. The female model, especially, looks too young for the target customer.Non-uniformity in communication is seen for individual products. For example, the ‘Mixki’ men hat is branded as“Defy dapper in this hand-knit headpiece designed for mortal men and rock stars alike”. However, mortal men androck star men are not their target audience at all.Additionally, the website is too wordy with a lot of text. The focus on the knitters and the product story isoverstretched. Especially since the video is very basic, shaky and customers may mind seeing their $100 scarf beingwashed in a “dirty” sink, measured on the ground and dried on the roof top of a house.Brand Purchase Intention‘Shop’ is the first tab on the homepage. Clicking on shop gives options of shop & scarves, hats & gloves, for men,throws, sale and shop all. Clicking on each scarf, we see that not all color options are available at display. No optionof going to the next pattern exists and one needs to go back to the main page. There is a link to watch a YouTubevideo of the knitting (770 views). However, one comment says- “wow Americans exploiting poor Peruvian too?”“WOW what a shame!” There needs to be constant monitoring to remove such comments from landing pages.The men’s section is deeply under-served with the same scarf now branded as ‘unisex’. They also show amannequin for the remaining colors and lack a personalized manly touch.The ‘Sale’ tab shows only one item and does not show available colors. The display picture is not aligned, withoverlapping texts and links. The ‘Shop All’ tab has only women products with a wordy, non-related introduction,“Imagine stumbling a small mountain village in the Ancash region of Peru.” Additionally, order by phone link doesnot work. International orders get the message- “We are happy to ship internationally! Please e-mail us first todetermine S&H costs”. When we click on email us, the message we get is Error 404. The shopping cart does notdisplay the products chosen and forces everyone to register online without an option of ‘quick purchase’. Theregistration page looks complex and asks ‘preferred email format- HTML or text’ which is very unappealing and lessexciting for a buyer.Brand Purchase FacilitationThough the website points towards their Facebook page, Twitter handle and YouTube account; these media arenot used in their marketing communication consistently. Clicking on their Facebook icon takes users to theirFacebook page rather than giving the users a chance to share this page on their wall. Clicking on the Twitter buttontakes the user to the Twitter handle title after the owner’s name. ShopMayu does not own a corporate twitter 6
  7. 7. handle. The owner responds to questions of personal nature in this forum. Clicking on the YouTube link takes us toa YouTube channel that does not focus on selling but rather telling the story of who makes these products.The different social media used is not quite “pushy” in terms of advertising benefits. Amongst the three, Facebookhas the best content with regular updates and deals.ShopMayu’s main request from this project  A strategic digital marketing plan  A strategic focus on who to target and what mediums to use to do the same  Options of networking and reaching out to the target audienceTarget AudienceThe target audience, at the first glance of the website, was a little confusing to understand. While the prices of thescarves are fairly premium-based (around $150), the models used and the website design is basic. On continuousconversations with Kate, we realized that she wishes to focus and target women who earn more than $100,000 perannum. That defines our target audience as early 30s to mid-50s. Her geographic preferences are not limited. Shehas had a few orders from Australia, Canada, and Japan before. She is open to shipping internationally andrequests for special information regarding the same.There is a latent secondary audience for men of the same income bracket. However, there aren’t any customizedscarves for men as of now- the same scarves are themed as ‘unisex’ and are targeted toward metrosexual men.The men’s tab has been made available just a month ago. This is to primarily facilitate men who would land at thepage looking to buy something for women or vice versa.Data on existing customers6  Total number of customers till date: 650  Number of customers who repeat purchase: 100-200  Mailing list of customers: 650  35% of them open their emails for newslettersThe transformation - Alpaca to PeruvianOur primary recommendation in facilitating ShopMayu to reach its target audience is to focus more on thePeruvian Elegance than the alliance with Alpaca or Fair Trade. The reasoning for this is simple. On searching Alpacascarves on Google, one can find up to 50 links of websites that sell 100% Alpaca products at a better rate or morevariety. ShopMayu gets lost in the whole crowd and we recommend repositioning itself from 100% Alpaca toPeruvian Elegance. This brings us to the ‘God Particle’ for ShopMayu: ~ _Peruvian Elegance Exemplified ~6 From interviews with Kate Robertson 7
  8. 8. Team Innovation Nation strongly believes that this God Particle is directly related to the essence of ShopMayu andwill appeal to the target audience. We envision working, professional women, who wear business casual/formal ona daily basis and complete their look with a Coach/Chanel handbag to drape this Peruvian Elegance around them.We thus, strongly recommend a shift in the mindset from fair trade and social wellness to luxury and elegance.The Big Idea: Wow + Woo & WinWith the target audience identified and market landscape studied, we decided that top priority needs to be givento fix ShopMayu’s lack of reach. With plenty of other Alpaca garment producers competing for the same socialmedia space, ShopMayu needs to make a grand re-arrival which will woo the large target audience. From providingsamples to buying ad-space to airing videos on social media, getting the correct message across is critical whenmaking an announcement saying “Hey, we are here!.” Once sufficient brand awareness is built up, ShopMayu thenneeds to concentrate on aligning brand attitude when traffic increases towards their content. When the customeris told that it is “Peruvian Elegance Exemplified” that she is going to see, the website should be able tocommunicate that theme consistently.We need to break away from the social cause of the product and continue to wow users with the finecraftsmanship and benefit of adding such a product to their professional wardrobe. The customers need tounderstand what the benefits are, as opposed to just understanding the features of the product such as “100%Alpaca” or “Fair Trade certified”, which are not tangible. We recommend a two phased approach to first broadcastthe message to target customers and then luring and convincing customers to make purchases.Phase 1 - Wow! What is that?!Currently ShopMayu is marketed as 100% Alpaca scarves, a competitive space that is quite crowded with plenty ofother players and the same message. Our IMC’s first phase will be channeled towards maximizing reach andincreasing brand awareness for ShopMayu’s new outlook which is focused on “Peruvian Elegance”. The websitecolor schemes would be changed from the current white and green to an elegant gold and black. This should betreated just as carefully as a new product launch would be. Implementation begins at least a month before winterkicks in, October in the US and April/May in Australia, to prime users for purchase during winter. But this year, dueto time constraints, we will begin phase 1 implementation in the third week of October for US. ShopMayu will usea classy elegant video that appears before YouTube videos, sample distribution through magazines, displays atprofessional organizations’ monthly events to display samples, and collaborating with a mid-tier fashion blogger tofeature the product. The video would display elegance with models in posh backgrounds. This would help thetarget audience relate to the class of the product. Additionally, Facebook will be used as an advertising space asFacebook offers specific targeting based on gender, age, education, location…etc.Phase 2 – Where and how can I get one?!Once customers are aware of the brand, the creative efforts will be focused on ensuring consistency in existingcontent. The content will be changed to give fashion and product top priority over the social causes. Oncecustomers have chosen to sign up for the newsletters on the home page or have opted in to register while makinga purchase, monthly mailers will be sent to keep them engaged. At this point, we will create cheaper videos of afew testimonials from women professionals who have tried and liked the product. These videos can be publicizedthrough our own social media channels. Also, once traffic increases, we will use social media to offer discountcoupons and constantly engage users with updates. In terms of sustaining engagement from users, ShopMayu will 8
  9. 9. introduce an interactive platform that would help users understand which of their products would suit themthrough a platform called “Your Alpaca Stylist. There will also be an interactive contest whereby consumers willdesign their own scarves. Details of these two gamification tactics are provided under the heading “Gamification”(page 18).Phase ICreative StrategyThe major intent is to build brand awareness for this attractive product making the customer say “WOW” which isthe first step towards increasing the purchasing desire of our customers. For our target customer, fashion iselegant but traditional, fashionable but critical, and classy but artistic. We will broadcast elegance and fashion inour brand building, such as a video ad for YouTube, ShopMayu’s website, social media campaign, professionalevents and endorsements by a fashion blogger. This year we will begin our phase 1 activities in the third week ofOctober in America and late spring in Australia since our products are seasonally sensitive. We plan to addelements of Peruvian elegance into the brand, as well as the pictorial depictions on the website. ShopMayu will bedesigned to be a luxurious and elegant brand causing people’s curiosity and appreciation about the brand’sPeruvian culture and history. This is an attempt to make customers visit ShopMayu and buy products from thewebsite make purchases at the premium prices listed.Lastly, professional conferences will be another important place to show off products to our customers, such asmonthly meetings of American Marketing Association, National Black MBA Association, and National AmericanWomen MBA Association etc. Since such conferences attract large numbers of well-educated, elegant and classycorporate executives and future women leaders who fit our target customers, these conferences are a greatavenue to showcase the class and benefits of ShopMayu products. One such organization that we have identified isthe AMA (American Marketing Association) chapter of Chicago, where we will purchase a Gold SponsorshipPackage. This will allow ShopMayu to promote its products online as well as at five of their events. The costsinclude the $17,5007 for the package and $4008 for the temporary booth structure.7 http://www.chicagoama.org/sites/default/files/pdf/sponsor-toolkit.pdf8 https://www.displaystar.com/Popup-Tradeshow-Display-p/pop43b.htm 9
  10. 10. Media MixYouTube AdScene: Posh Manhattan/Chicago apartment/house, evening time, its chilly outside.The plot: As light jazz music plays in the background, a beautiful woman (early 30s) steps out of her shower, slipsinto her luxurious Turkish bathrobes.She opens her formal wardrobe and wears an elegant black dress. She then chooses the perfect shoes amidst the10 pairs she sees and sits at her dressing table. With her left hand she touches the black envelope that readsCocktail Party Tonight in gold. She opens her jewellery box, slips on her Cartier watch, goes through a few pairs ofear rings- too fancy, too simple... leaves them... goes through some diamond pendants... almost chooses one andbefore she places it around her neck, you see her smirk with those luscious red lips..She leaves the pendant on the table and gets up... but just after she gets up... she grabs something from the tableand smiles...Next scene: You see her walking out of her apartment/house into her dates car with an elegant black ShopMayuscarf draped around her...The frame reads... Sometimes, all you need is... Peruvian Elegance Exemplified... ShopMayu 10
  11. 11. MagazinesAs part of building the WOW factor and raising brand awareness, we will use a full page ad on the fall issue of amagazine that has a substantial reach towards the target audience such as Allure or Daily Candy. The CEO’spersonal contacts within Daily Candy have ensured that ad spaces were bought at an extremely subsidized priceand we intend to continue leveraging it. This ad will also include a small sample of the alpaca fibre to make theaudience understand what alpaca wool is, what it feels like and experience its premium quality. To keep the costsminimum in terms of sampling we will use a one inch square sample (approximately QR code size), just enough toprovide the experience of Peruvian elegance. The ads will be simple and neat, reiterating the brand theme,Peruvian elegance and luxurious component of the product.The ad would read: “Showcasing true Peruvian Elegance; Hand-knit alpaca scarves, hats and more!”An image of an elegant mature model wearing an alpaca scarf and also preferably an alpaca hat, dressed for justanother day at work, with a simple, faded-off background to emphasize only on the product. A call to action wordalso must be included in the ad such as the discount available for first time shoppers and also specify that this is alimited edition design to encourage customers to visit the site and make the purchase.Contact details must be included as well as the Twitter handle and Facebook page address.Fashion bloggers endorsements:In order to get the word out there and create brand awareness as well as high quality product awareness, we mustuse an influential source - fashion bloggers. These bloggers have grown and become influential because of thepersonality that they maintain online, the style and the way they carry themselves, resulting in increases in thenumber of followers9. Bloggers will be paid to endorse ShopMayu’s products10 and to ensure we get the necessaryspotlight on their blog as they do have the potential to influence not only purchasing decisions of customers butalso the trend and style of what is “in” on a regular basis.Different bloggers charge different rates for an article endorsement and most of them do not reveal the chargeshowever the bloggers we would like to suggest to contact for endorsement are the-coveted.com and9 http://mashable.com/2011/09/29/fashion-blogger-agencies/10 http://www.wwd.com/media-news/digital/a-closer-look-at-the-business-of-blogging-5942163?full=true 11
  12. 12. styleonthecouch.com. They have a significant following within our specific target audience of 30+ women who areearning relatively well. This will get the exposure that ShopMayu really needs.Facebook adsThe use of Facebook, though expensive, is a great way to concentrate on our target audience specifically. Facebookgives us the option of specifying the demographic to which banners need to be displayed and the combination wechose is: 12
  13. 13. Web-restructuringCurrentProposed Website 13
  14. 14. WebsiteIn order to project ShopMayu as a Peruvian elegance accessories brand, the official website needs to be polishedand restructured. ShopMayu.com is the main channel for the brand to communicate with customers and it is theonly platform to purchase ShopMayu’s product. Therefore, a theme with high quality pictures will give the site awoo factor. The home page could be more attractive by placing a catchy phrase that expresses the features of theproduct 100% Peruvian, 100% alpaca, 100% hand knitted on top of the screen, considering the heat map ofwebsite. These features point out the unique selling proposition of ShopMayu, make it different from itscompetitors.‘Contact us’, ‘About us’ and other information will be moved to the bottom of the page. Most of the customers arenot interested in learning the history of the company nor the product life cycle. They want to get in the page,choose a product, purchase and move on.TabsShopMayu.com currently has 3 main tabs: Shop, About and Connect, and 14 smaller tabs in the drop down menuwhich take customers various steps to access to the shopping site, product story and ShopMayu’s blog. Suchstructure of the home page does not give ShopMayu a look of an online store. Moreover, it discourages customersto stay on the page and look for more information. Tabs instead should be in bigger font size and go straight to thepoint (i.e. list the products) since currently ShopMayu does not have a huge variety of merchandises.Promotion and Free Shipping: Promotion and free shipping are elements that online stores play around the most.The first time shopper promotion could be placed on the top left reading “First time shoppers, 10% off, sign uphere” along with “Free Shipping”. The sign up process will ensure ShopMayu has access to a client database forcommunication and marketing purpose.As mentioned earlier, information about company’s background is not important for customers. ShopMayu’svideos about production process and personal life of knitters could be taken out from ShopMayu official websitedue to its poor presentation. The content of the video is not in line with the message and the image thatShopMayu is trying to send and to build: Peruvian high-end scarf. Customers usually expect a perfect, clean andneat luxury product.Suggestion“Meet our Peruvian ladies” where ShopMayu can nicely show pictures of their knitters in traditional Peruvianclothes, with a close up shot to their hands knitting those beautiful high quality scarves. Pictures of knitting tools,yarns and the beautiful village near the Andes Mountains could perfectly portrait that all the scarves arehandmade and ShopMayu also ventures in doing CSR. 14
  15. 15. VideosThe commercial video as well as testimonials will be on the official website of ShopMayu and will be uploaded onShopMayu YouTube Channel.SitemapThis section will be made much clearer and categorized to enhance the brand purchase intention through ease ofaccess and will address the customer’s need of accessing quick and direct information. Scarves & Wraps Lookbook Helpful Links: About Us Press FAQs Hats Careers (Instead of Internship) Shipping and handling Gloves Contact us Returns and exchanges Throw Track an order SalesPhase IICreative StrategyThe second phase of the IMC is to WOO and WIN the customer. We recognize the influence of these two factors inthe creation of Brand Attitude, Brand Purchase Intention and Brand Purchase Facilitation. ShopMayu needs tocarry forward an attitude that translates through digital media reaching the targeted customers, upscale workingclass women as most products are designed to meet their needs. The attitude that we recommend is that ofelegance, class, and style, which will raise an air of confidence in a woman who is comforted by an alpacascarf/wrap/hat. We would like to position the products in the higher end, as they are of high quality and hand knitin Peru. In order to establish this position, we suggest that all forms of communication i.e. YouTube, Facebook,Twitter, E-newsletters, both online and print magazines are simple, neat, consistent and have the presence of theGod Particle, Peruvian Elegance Exemplified, within the message.The communication strategy used for this standardized product will also be standardized in the message.ShopMayu will add the elegance to the function of staying warm for a woman professional. Our recommendationis to capture the audience and create the desire for them to purchase a ShopMayu alpaca scarf through series oftestimonials videos on YouTube (also be embedded into the website) and create an interactive platformencouraging customers to design their own scarf as a part of the gamification tactic which is further explainedunder the heading “Gamification” (page 18). This will additionally be promoted through Facebook and Twitter andthe client’s personal blog. Using Facebook and Twitter will not only be driving further traffic into the website butalso function as a platform to engage users to gain their attention, talk to them more about the products and givethem a reason to choose our brand over any other woolen or alpaca clothing. A simple gamification platform willbe created in order to empower the customer to interact with the brand and possibly benefit from discounts ormore.In order to improve the brand purchase intention and facilitation, we asked numerous number of colleagues whomet the target market’s age requirement to test the website and we observed them as they clicked throughvarious pages and noticed where they spent time, where they were frustrated (due to the many layers of clicks) asthey tried to get to a particular product. We also recognized the reactions they had to the content on the site such 15
  16. 16. as the existing videos of how an alpaca scarf is made. Based on our observations, we came to realize that thecurrent video content may have to be taken down or moved to a lesser important space in order to continue thepromotion of ShopMayu alpaca products as luxury and justify their high quality. Customers interested in high endand luxury products would not like to know that the scarf was dried on concrete; it will send a wrong signal tothem. Hence, instead of videos showing how the scarves were made, we suggest a YouTube ad for ShopMayu beplaced on the website and perhaps a video that just explains the concept of ShopMayu, being a platform to helpempower Peruvian women and use their skills in knitting high quality alpaca scarves, hats, wraps etc. Thisadditional informational video should not be longer than 2 minutes to keep the attention of the visitor till the end.Testimonials to Woo customersPlain testimonials might not seem convincing to our customers. ShopMayu can make 15 second videos where 30+stylish women in different cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, express their thoughts about ShopMayuproducts. The videos will be filmed professionally with elegant women displaying their lifestyle and ultimatelychoosing ShopMayu.Brand Purchase Intention and Brand Purchase FacilitationShopping pageCurrently, the presentation of the products is confusing and does not drive purchase intention. Each product ofShopMayu has a Peruvian name, for instance ‘The Killa’, ‘The Manga’ etc. Currently, a product appears under twonames, one Peruvian name and one casual name. To avoid confusion and to emphasize the Peruvian elegance, onlythe Peruvian name should be shown. Moreover, captions under products sometimes mislead customers due tocomplex terms and descriptions such as mortal man, rock star alike, “our version of the “boyfriend shirt” - designedfor men; fashion perfected by women”.The way ShopMayu highlights the ‘Chunky’ or ‘Fine’ to describe a scarf’s thickness is unclear. It could appear assimply as ‘Chunky’ for a thick-thread scarf or ‘Fine’ for a thinner-thread one. We suggest that, if costs need to becut, we can create a Lookbook to display the products and use mannequins with close-up shots for ShopMayu’salpaca scarves and hats instead of hiring models for every item to highlight ShopMayu products in style.LookbookA Lookbook is a catalogue where ShopMayu can pick out few of the hottest items of the season and have a modelwearing them stylishly. Customers, while flipping through the Lookbook, can click on a product and it will takethem directly to the product’s shopping page.Along with the look book, on the shopping page, scarves will be showed on a mannequin, and a zoomed version ofthe product will show the knitting design and fabric quality. A picture of a hat as a whole will be shown along witha zoomed version. This will showcase the simplicity yet elegance and fine quality of the Peruvian alpaca products. 16
  17. 17. Lookbook Sample 17
  18. 18. Brand purchase facilitation:On the product page, there are two options: (1) ‘add to cart’ and (2) ‘my shopping cart’. As the shopping cartalready appears on the top left, this second option becomes redundant. We suggest the shopping cart optionbeside the ‘add to cart’ option be removed to avoid any confusion.Purchasing process:Currently, one needs to go through a minimum of 7 pages/layers of the site before they can enter their credit cardinformation and purchase a product. The fill-in information platform is tedious and too blank. A progress barindicating steps of the process will facilitate the purchasing experience and inform customers what to expect andencourage them to continue.Shipping rates:Shipping rate is very important for an online store11. It is a hassle for international customers to find out theshipping rate since they have to email ShopMayu to ask for information. Customers may give up and leave the sitebefore making any purchasing decision. An informational link should specify the conditions for Free Shipping, andgeneral international shipping rate. For special order and conditions, customers will then email ShopMayu. Areturn policy should be announced clearly on the official site.GamificationDesign your scarfTo create a dynamic form of engagement with the customer, to empower them with the freedom of choice andalso avail rewards for the extra time they spend on the website, Innovation Nation recommends the creation of a“Design your Scarf” contest.11 http://www.fedex.com/us/ecommerce/5Reasons.html 18
  19. 19. This platform will allow the customer to choose various elements that go into the making of scarf and once theyfinalize their design, it will appear on a second page that displays all the entries so far. This same page will appearon Facebook under the tab that we would create12. On both the website and Facebook, customers will have thechance to vote for their favourite design and the winner with highest number of votes will be shipped the newly-designed scarf for free and will also contain their name knitted on the scarf as well as a special personalized notefrom the Peruvian Knitter possibly saying “Thank you for your design. Hope you enjoy the scarf. Love, SenoritaLayla.” This will build a more meaningful relationship with the customer, making them feel important. They will begiven an option of being featured on the home page of the website and the cover photo of Facebook for a certainperiod of time making them feel special and appreciated for their effort into designing their scarf.‘Design your scarf’ will appear as a separate link on the left pane of the website, i.e. towards the top left of thepicture on the home page. This will then open a page with the interactive platform with the options for:  Pick your scarf style  Knitting preference  Select the design  What about the thickness  Color PreferenceYour Alpaca StylistTo help our customers wear their alpaca products from ShopMayu and advise them on the various styles that theycan create with their outfits, we propose ‘Your Alpaca Stylist’. This will consist of a black and gold animated modelasking a few questions regarding your style and choice of outfit and then recommending the outcome, which willbe the scarf, hat or a wrap that will go along with it. The platform will also incorporate recommendations based onthe climate as well as personal style of preference. Your Alpaca Stylist will encourage the usability of the productby directing the customers to think about the different ways that they could accessorize their outfits, and in thelong term begin to associate an outfit with a specific scarf which will lead them to go back to ShopMayu and buythat scarf to match their style for the outfit of choice. Customers are rewarded in this experience by getting apromotional discount on the purchase of this product or, if they already have that particular scarf/ hat, we suggestgiving another discount on a complimentary product which can be a perfect accessory to the outfit. Thesediscounts will be exercised by customers redeeming coupons.Fields to be entered by customer:  Weather: - Cold - Cool - Moderate  Purpose: - Business formal - Business Casual - Semi-formal - Cocktail  Personal Style Statement: - Vintage - Contemporary - Feel-good12 Detailed in the next page 19
  20. 20. Interactive scarf display optionThis is not a gamification idea, instead it is an opportunity for the customers to view the different ways a particularscarf can be worn. Each scarf has approximately four different ways that it can be worn, and we will allow thecustomer to change the style of how the scarf is being displayed on the mannequin with every click they makewhile the mouse is on focus with the image.Innovation Nation recommends these simple ideas that could be implemented to shift the power to the customer,allowing them to discover the various uses of the product and give them a chance to be wooed by ShopMayu andeventually make the purchase.Media MixFacebook:At present, ShopMayu owns both a page and a user account. Firstly, we recommend that the personal Facebookprofile of ShopMayu be taken down/ deactivated immediately, as this will actually impact the credibility of thebusiness. When attempting to launch a successful campaign on Facebook on behalf of a business, a professionalpage is the way to go. Currently, the page has 574 likes and is actually named “Mayu Hand-Knit Alpaca” disturbingthe consistency as well as hindering the ease of accessibility of the page. Secondly, we recommend that the pagebe renamed as ShopMayu as well as the customized Facebook URL must read www.facebook.com/shopmayu, sothat can easily be found by entering in the address bar. Based on the Google analytics for the past two weeks, thetraffic generated through the Facebook page is approximately 110 and this needs to be improved. To do so, weneed to increase the likes, level of engagement and interaction with the fans on Facebook.Plan of action: To increase the number of fans, we need to frequently post content that can be seen, read and understood by all in less than one minute as research has shown users do not spend more than a minute on any one page13.13 http://mashable.com/2011/06/08/content-marketing-strategy-small-business/ 20
  21. 21. o The content posted should be centered on elegance, Peruvian history, Alpaca, benefits of the alpaca fibre, beauty, warmth, class and style. This can be achieved through not only high quality images but also a short caption, describing a mode and a reason to visit the website to find out more. o Publish stories of the new collection that has just come in and the discounts that will be offered. o It is important that we personally follow the postings and comments of our fans and reply to any queries that they may post so that they know that the brand is always there for them. o Following the fans’ likings and style of commenting will help us to recognize the kind of products that would appeal to them and probably tag them when a new similar design is available e.g. @Alisha Gregory, you may want to try our new infinity scarf. This will create a more personal relationship with the fan and encourage them to buy a product from the website. Personalizing posts targeted at customers is important in order to not make it a one way (monologue) platform of communication. o Offering special discounts for just your Facebook fans for a limited period of time will help drive more traffic towards the website. Create three separate tabs on top of the Facebook page for: o Lookbook: Creating a tab for the Lookbook, will give the opportunity for fans to see the various styles that they can pull off with ShopMayu’s products, which will further encourage them to visit the website and make a purchase. o Design your scarf: This tab will be dedicated to the gamification contest that we have suggested. This tab will open into a page that displays all the enteries so far and will be open for voting. It will also contain the link to the website where the fan can design their own scarf and automatically enter the contest. o Your Alpaca Stylist: The tab will open into a page that will display an image of the interactive style suggesting software that we had suggested to be embedded in the site. Clicking on this image will direct the fans to the platform. o Using these three tabs constantly and talking about them on the page will increase not only traffic but also the engagement with the fans. It is important to maintain a relatively semi-professional tone with all posts and comments made, subtly resonating the elegance of the brand that we want to carry forward. Creating this standard when communicating at all times with customers is important to build consistency in building the trust and reliability of ShopMayu with all customers through all mediums. Generating content from the fans will help gain further mileage and this can be done by asking them to post a picture of them wearing their favorite alpaca scarf/hat/ wrap. Utilize the cover photo space, as it is a form of indirect free advertising for the brand. It could be an attractive photo of a scarf laid out in a creative manner with a rich background, again subtly saying elegance. To increase the number of people ‘talking about this” and to increase brand purchase intention, ShopMayu should create a combo offer saying, share this image/post/discount code with your friend and both will receive a 10% off on the next purchase. 21
  22. 22. Sample of the Facebook tabs:Twitter:The Twitter handle (@ShopMayu) has 3,709 followers with 1,343 tweets as of 10/09/12 which is relatively bettercompared to the other social media. However, the profile name reads the owner’s name and does not readShopMayu. We suggest that this be changed in order to create brand awareness and emphasis. It is important thatwe maintain consistency across all boards of social media. Twitter brought about the huge hash tag (#) revolutionwhere anyone and everyone could join a topic of ‘conversation’ by just using the symbol before what they want tosay, e.g. #elections14. Thus, Twitter needs to be given due importance.In order to gain a larger follower base that subscribe to your tweets and click through them, content that will be ofinterest to our primary target audience (i.e. 30+ women) must be posted in order for the tweets to appear as theysearch for their topic of interests. This is the way the women will be able to discover ShopMayu on Twitter. We hadearlier mentioned that ShopMayu must make their presence known at events both professional and fund-raising,where the target audience will be present and an example of a tweet could be: “We will be at the #AMA event thisweekend with our brand new #alpaca winter collection & offering special discounts [attach link]”, a message whichstill leaves 24 characters to available for the link. These sorts of messages will also encourage followers to re-tweetthem as they would like to inform their respective followers about the event and the available discount, therebywidening the reach.With Twitter, it is important to tweet at different times of the day and attempt to tweet often at the point in timethat most women will be online reading their tweets. Women, especially women in business, are now turning totwitter for advice, updates, networking and are now participating in twitter chats to build their knowledge pool15.We recommend that ShopMayu either join an existing chat that will fit the profile for instance as the #YFEChat or14 http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/500-million-registered-users_b1884215 http://edition.cnn.com/2012/09/26/business/twitter-chat-women-business/index.html?iid=article_sidebar 22
  23. 23. create a chat centering on a common point of interest such as ‘Style at the Workplace’. This will help ShopMayu todirectly communicate to the audience and indirectly learn more about the customers, which will help them,provide their products as effectively and efficiently as possible.E-newsletters:This has been a form of communication with customers that has been running for a while and it is one of the moresuccessful forms of delivery and has a significant open rate as well. The way to increase the opening rate of an e-newsletter is keeping the subject line as short and relevant as possible; the shorter the subject line, the higher thechance they receiver will open the email16.We recommend that the subject line reflects the body of the email as briefly as possible and utilizes words that callfor action e.g. Sale, 10-40% off, Check out the latest collection, Fall line arrives, Your Alpaca Stylist, etc. Thecontent and layout of the e-newsletter must echo the feel of the brand that we are broadcasting: elegance. It mustbe simple and neat, avoiding overcrowding of information.An example:Pinterest:Pinterest is estimated to have 20 million users after 2 years of its launch17. More than 80% of Pinterest users arewomen with the majority from age 25 to 54 who pin their favorite pictures of food, fashion, designers, and traveldestinations18. According to the latest data, Pinterest helps drive traffic to the website more than Google+ orLinkedIn19. ShopMayu currently has 2 accounts of Pinterest; one is under the owner’s name “Kate Robertson”, withShopMayu logo as profile picture and a description as “Andean inspired luxury scarves and accessories, made ofthe purest alpaca fiber, authentically hand knit in Peru”. The “Kate Robertson” account currently has 4 boards and25 followers. ShopMayu is not active on this profile16 http://emailmarketing.informz.com/Global/FileLib/Informz/2012_Email_Marketing_Benchmark_Report.pdf17 http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/09/pinterest-now-beating-google-referral-traffic-plus-bing-twitter-stumbleupon/18 http://mashable.com/2012/04/29/pinterest-interest/, http://mashable.com/2012/07/04/men-women-social-media/19 http://mashable.com/2012/01/29/pinterest-retail-infographic/ 23
  24. 24. Another account for ShopMayu is under the name “Shopmayu ShopShopmayu” with 1 board and 0 followers. Thedescription for this account is “Find the finest collection of one-of-a-kind alpaca hand-knitted winter scarves forwomen at affordable prices”.We believe the account under the owner’s name is the official and the most recent account for ShopMayu.However, to avoid misunderstanding, the other account needs to be deleted. ShopMayu could spend more timeand be more active on Pinterest and make the official website more Pinner-friendly by integrate a ‘Pin It’ button.Other than just pinning ShopMayu products or the pictures from the Lookbook, ShopMayu can “pin” other topicssuch as styling tips, beauty tips, Peruvian recipes, Peruvian landscape, how to wear infinity scarf with differentoutfits, Peruvian comfort food. Such way, ShopMayu will keep Pinners engaged on their boards, thus increasingtraffic to ShopMayu’s Pinterest board and also to ShopMayu.com. 24
  25. 25. Online Magazines:Daily Candy Chicago: ShopMayu already has 3 features on the Chicago edition (in 2009, in 2010 and the latest oneon 9/27/2012) of this online lifestyle magazine. The first two appearances on Daily Candy had generated in totalmore than $15,000 sales without any cost of advertising20. This is therefore an effective way to promote the brand.ShopMayu can however, extend its appearance to other editions such as New York, Washington D.C, Boston,Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco21.Time Out - New York, Chicago: Time out has the same concept of Daily Candy and is used as a city guide for bothlocals and tourists. Including ShopMayu into Shopping Style section creates brand awareness, and polishes theimage of the brand that is suitable to New Yorkers style (elegance) and New York’s weather.Through these online magazines, ShopMayu should also offer more coupons and increase its appearance duringOctober, November and December during the holiday shopping season to increase sales.Media PlanIn order to execute the phase 1 and phase 2 tactics, we estimate 6 months of timeline for brand brand-building andincrease in sales. This strategy will be re-assessed by the end of the tenure if we need to develop a new strategyafter this period. (Kindly note that in an ideal world, the media plan starts in September- as mentioned below. Allcalculations have been made considering the strategies are executed from September. This year though, werecommend ShopMayu begins executing the plan from third week of October).The team estimates a budget of $156K for phase 1 and 2 of the campaign. 80% of resources will be used in phase 1and 20% in phase 2. This numbers are derived by the estimation by the team.The team believes that ShopMayu’s spending was too low to build the required brand awareness. We believe thatspending higher with a focused message during the initial phase will build the brand awareness which will then beleveraged in phase 2 to create brand purchase intention and brand purchase facilitation.Based on industry standards and our research, we suggest the following allocation of the ad budget and timeline:20 As told to us by Kate Robertson, CEO ShopMayu21 http://www.businessweek.com/stories/2008-12-04/how-to-get-on-dailycandy-and-thrillist 25
  26. 26. Estimated Budget (6 months) Phase 1 Phase 2Sr. No. Media Cost Cost Total Cost 1 Website development $ 5,000 - $ 5,000 2 Magazine Advertisement $ 50,000 $ 25,000 $ 75,000 3 Facebook Advertisement $ 840 $ 560 $ 1,400 4 Fashion Blogger $ 5,000 $ 5,000 $ 10,000 5 Online Contest - Flash game Production $ 10,000 - $ 10,000 6 E-mail marketing - - - 7 Videos Production - Main Video $ 35,000 - - 8 Videos Production - Testimonial Video $ 15,000 - $ 50,000 9 Youtube Ad Placement Cost $ 4,600 - $ 4,600 Total $ 125,440 $ 30,560 $ 156,000 Percentage distribution of Cost 80% 20% 100% Promotion Total Coupons 10000 25% Redemption of Coupons 2500 Coupons Cost/Coupon $ 15.00 Total Cost of Coupon Promotion $ 37,500 Cost of buying equipment $ 400.00 Cost of purchasing the Gold Events Package Sponsership at Chicago AMA $ 17,500.00 Total cost of professional events $ 17,900.00 Costs of promotion $ 55,400.00 26
  27. 27. Media Time LineMedia timeline for this year (2012)Month Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Marketing CommunicationWeek 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 StrategyPhase 1 2 Website Continuous Magazine Flighting Facebook Flighting Media Outlets Fashion Blogger Flighting Online Contest - gamification Continuous - ending 2 months e-mails Flighting Youtube Ad Pulsing - ending 3 months Professional Events Pulsing - ending 3 monthsMedia timeline for next year (2013)Month Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Marketing CommunicationWeek 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 StrategyPhase 1 2 Website Continuous Magazine Flighting Facebook Flighting Media Outlets Fashion Blogger Flighting Online Contest - gamification Continuous - ending 2 months e-mails Flighting Youtube Ad Pulsing - ending 3 months Professional Events Pulsing - ending 3 months  Website: As recommended before, we will be making few modifications in the website to facilitate Brand Purchase Intention and Brand Purchase Facilitation.  Magazine: The fashion magazine will be used to distribute samples of ShopMayu’s alpaca-scarves along with a print ad, to reach the target audience. We aim at targeting one of the top selling fashion magazines like Allure for a half/quarter page ad. We expect a 5% conversion ratio out of this campaign. This is one of the most expensive investment to WOW and attract new customer base. The cost is approximated to be $25000 each time.  Facebook: Facebook will be targeting women within the age group of 30-45. We recommend going with ‘Pay per 1000 Impressions Plan’ to maintain cost effectiveness as opposed to pay per click. 27
  28. 28.  Fashion Blogger: Fashion Bloggers will be asked to write articles about our products with the approximated cost of $5000 per blog. This amount includes sending samples to the bloggers and establishing relationships with them. We aim to get to the mid-tier fashion bloggers owing to budget constraints. This will substantially increase our brand awareness among our target audience.  Online contest- Gamification: Creating a flash game that meets our requirements will cost us around $10,000 but will substantially increase customer interaction with the brand. An option to share the designed scarf on Facebook will even help us to build brand awareness.  Newsletter/Emails: E-mailed newsletters will be sent monthly containing different offers, latest fashion trends etc.  YouTube: YouTube video will be broadcasted as an advertisement and will be pulsing during every month end. Clicking on this video will take the audience to ShopMayu’s YouTube channel which will have testimonials of our existing customers.  Coupon Discounts: Coupons will be provided through codes given in Magazine ads, email newsletters and gamification and purchases made on the website. We estimate to float 10,000 coupons per year with the assumption that only 25 % of these would be redeemed.22 The dollar value of each coupon is 15 dollars which brings the cost of this promotion to $37,500. Expected sales required for ShopMayu to justify the increase in marketing budget: Month Sales Volume Profit (assuming @ $40/sale) Sep 280 $11200 Oct 560 $22400 Nov 1050 $42000 Dec 1260 $50400 Jan 560 $22400 Feb 210 $8400 Total Operating Profit $156800 Marketing budget estimated $156000 Required ShopMayu sales volume 1400 1200 1000 800 Unit Vol. 600 400 200 0 Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb22 Based on discussion with Rick Baer, Adjunct professor of global marketing at Thunderbird. School of Global Management 28
  29. 29. ConclusionTeam Innovation Nation sees immense potential in ShopMayu’s product line. Currently, the brand needs a boost inrecognition and recall. Competing in a market that is crowded by numerous other “100% Alpaca” players,ShopMayu’s message has to stand out. The current message is that of features such as “100% Alpaca, 100%Genuine….” and the lives of Peruvian knitters. Though the target audience has been identified as 30+ year oldwomen professionals, more efforts need to be channeled to connect with them directly.We observe that the current website or the social media profiles lack consistency and directness in communicatingthe message. Avenues like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest carry different names, taglines and overall messages.Rather than being a source of strength, social media today is a liability for ShopMayu. Also, the content on thewebsite is geared more towards communicating the social aspect and the story behind the company. While this isimportant, it hinders an opportunity to use that valuable space to attract ShopMayu’s target audience.Identifying that the need of the hour is to increase brand awareness and then to drive sales, we devised a big ideawhich is “WOW-WOO-WIN”. The big idea is to first invest heavily in channels where ShopMayu’s brand name willachieve maximum publicity in the pre-winter weeks and then to invest in the infrastructure and media to helpfacilitate the purchasing decision of customers. Thus our recommendations in brief are: Phase 1 This phase is aimed at carrying out the “WOW” in our big idea and provides a huge lift to ShopMayu’s current image. As a team we felt the most compelling need that had to be addressed was ShopMayu making its presence felt, hence the majority of our ad budget is focused in phase 1. Starting with initially changing the color scheme of the company to make it more elegant, phase 1 efforts are focused on hitting channels where the exact target audience will get to see the brand and sample products such as: 1. Professional events like American Marketing Association, National Women MBA Association etc. 2. Creating a video ad for internet channels like YouTube, Facebook, etc. which depicts elegance and puts the brand name out in front of a larger audience. 3. Magazine ads to re-iterate the existence of the brand and its elegant outlook. 4. Use of fashion bloggers to achieve a lift in the image. Phase 2 Once we have achieved a substantial boost in the brand awareness aspect, we would like to concentrate on making sure that clicks turn into purchases by engaging users in the website and by offering them incentives on different social media. Users who were engaged would have to be kept in the loop through mailers, constant status updates, tweets, etc. Introduction of mini-games would ensure that interaction is not just one way and that the customer also feels relevant. This would also be the right time to broadcast testimonial videos to re-iterate product quality.Still a relatively untapped market, Alpaca-woolen garments has a lot of potential and no brand currently enjoyssignificant top-of-the-mind recall. We are confident that once users keep repeatedly seeing the logo, believe in theauthenticity of the message and continuously interact with the brand, they will eventually become faithful andloyal ambassadors for ShopMayu. 29