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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan


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Came up with an integrated marketing communication plan for a client’s brand and provide a recommended plan of action to deliver on their MarComm goals.

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

  1. 1. ShopMayuIntegrated Marketing Communication PlanTeam Innovation Nation10/11/12
  2. 2. Executive Summary• About ShopMayu• Current Scenario – Website analysis – Social media challenges• Additional Challenges• God Particle: Peruvian Elegance Exemplified• Big Idea: Wow (Phase I), Woo & Win (Phase II)• Conclusion
  3. 3. Current Scenario• Kate Robertson – CEO and Founder of ShopMayu• History behind ShopMayu (Peace Corps)• Target audience • Primary : Professional, working women from 30+ • Secondary: Men who may purchase for themselves or as gifts• Social Media in use:
  4. 4. Analysis and Challenges Where Visitors Click • Google Analytics – Google Ad-words (Does not exist) • September sales (abysmal) • YouTube Channel (Outdated) • Press Mentions (Missing)• Social Media -> One Voice (Consistency non-existent) • Website ineffectiveness
  5. 5. The Transformation God Particle 100% Alpaca  Peruvian Elegance Exemplified The Big Idea Wow, Woo & Win Phase I – Wow  Category Need & Brand AwarenessPhase II – Woo & Win  Brand Attitude, Brand Purchase Intention, Brand Purchase Facilitation
  6. 6. Phase I- WOW Tactics: Magazine AdFashion Bloggers Endorsement YouTube Video Commercial
  7. 7. Phase II – Woo & Win Tactics • Gamification – Design your Scarf – Your Alpaca Stylist• Facebook (Pay Per 1000 Impressions) • Twitter (Exclusive Twitter Handle) • Pinterest • YouTube testimonials • Online Magazines
  8. 8. Media Plan and Budget
  9. 9. Recommendations- Message• Play-up fashion quotient with Peruvian Elegance• Play-down social cause of Peruvian Knitters• Target businesswomen of the desired income• Link luxury to the brand and product• Use relevant women models who represent the same target audience
  10. 10. Recommendations- Strategy• Focus on Search Engine Optimization• Chalk out clear plans from October to February• Review the Website and its messaging – Focus on Creating the Category Need – Re-establish Brand Awareness and Attitude – Improve Website’s BPI and BPF
  11. 11. Recommendations- Tactics• Review web design for the future and make it more elegant - Change color scheme for all mediums to black and gold• Focus on Professional Chapter Events for women• Liaison with Fashion Bloggers and Online Magazines• Effective Video Commercials & Testimonials• Invest in Marketing budget beyond current income