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Presentation1.pptx canteeeeeeeen

  1. 1. Canteen sales By Kara Skipper
  2. 2. INTROThis PowerPoint is about our Mana College canteen and the down fall in sales each year. The following slides will include the problems that the canteen faces. I am creating this slide show to make people more aware of this situation.
  3. 3. PRICE$The prices at the canteen are to high, students are complaining and aren’t able to afford things,they would rather go to the dairy across the road.
  4. 4. APEARENCEThe state of the canteen is not the best , e.g. The condition of the tables / seats is crap and some students may not want to be in there, causing less people and less sales.
  5. 5. ITEMSAlthough the canteen sells many Items there is not a very big variety of things for the students to buy. The Canteen needs new and better things that students love to eat like more hot food or a bigger range of sweets.
  6. 6. LOWERING THE PRICE$If the prices in the canteen were lowered more sales would be made, cause more people would be able to afford things.
  7. 7. MAKEOVERIf the canteen was to under go a makeover e.g. New seats, proper tables, new coat of paint etc it would be more attractive to students.
  8. 8. This has been my slideshow on Mana colleges’ canteen and the problems it faces. I hope you enjoyed it !