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LinkedIn Strategies for Recruiting: A Case Study


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Presented at Social Recruiting Strategies Summit in July 2013.

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most effective tools for social recruiting and the company adds new products and features on a regular basis. How do you know which LinkedIn products will deliver they greatest ROI for your business? Join Kara Yarnot, founder of Meritage Talent Solutions, for a case study of LinkedIn implementation at a FORTUNE® 500 company. Yarnot will discuss the effectiveness and adoption of products like LinkedIn Recruiter, job postings, Work With Us ads, Sponsored Jobs, Platinum Careers Page, Follow Company ads, and much more.

Takeaways include:
• An overview of LinkedIn products
• Results and metrics you can use to measure LinkedIn product effectiveness
• LinkedIn product recommendations based on your company’s social recruiting strategy

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LinkedIn Strategies for Recruiting: A Case Study

  1. 1. Agenda LinkedIn Reach Case Study Company Overview LinkedIn Talent Solutions Products Features and Benefits Impact / Results at Case Study Company What LinkedIn Products are Best for Your Company? Framework for Selection Metrics/Measures to Consider 2
  2. 2. 88% of FORTUNE 100 use LinkedIn for Recruiting 20% of LinkedIn users are active job seekers 3
  3. 3. Case Study Company Overview FORTUNE 500 company • Science, technology, engineering focus • Primarily services • Federal gov’t is primary customer ~7500 external hires per year • Systems Engineers, Intel Analysts, IT Specialists • Contract-based hiring • 90% experienced hires Branding Challenges • Compete with many better known brands • Good awareness in local markets, low awareness nationally • 5+ years of leadership and strategic changes 4
  4. 4. Recruitment Marketing Execution Plan Recruitment Marketing Platform LinkedIn Niche Boards Proactive Sourcing 5
  5. 5. Recruiter • Search entire database (beyond your 1st and 2nd degree network) • Advanced search interface includes unique filters • Contact candidates directly via 50 InMails per month • Collaboration across team members • Pipeline management capabilities and metrics 7
  6. 6. Initial Strategy • Large investment in Recruiter seats Results • Very low usage by recruiters • High InMail response rate Changes • Reduced # seats by 50% • Opted not to use Talent Pipeline features 8
  7. 7. Career Pages Potential candidates can follow your page Opportunity for employment brand messaging Targeted jobs displayed to each user Custom experience available based on user’s profile (available only with some packages) Ability to increase candidate engagement via status updates and targeted ads Detailed analytics provided 9
  8. 8. Initial Strategy • Moved from Silver to Platinum Career Page • Utilized ‘Follow Company’ ads • Created 5 custom pages Results • Significant increase in followers in 1 year: • Total: >300% • Key industry: >200% • Key function: > 80% Changes • Developed page update strategy • Added 3 additional custom pages 10
  9. 9. Jobs Network Jobs shown to both active and passive candidates Users have ability to forward and share on other social media Mobile optimized Ability to filter and manage candidates (if posted through Recruiter) 11
  10. 10. Initial Strategy • Completed a successful 3 month ‘all jobs’ pilot (2600+) • Purchased 500 job slots with manual post Results • Significant hiring impact decrease • Decrease in LinkedIn traffic to our career page • Not all slots being utilized Changes • Moved to a job wrapping strategy 12
  11. 11. 2nd Strategy • Used job wrapping • Increased job slots to 1000 Results • Hiring impact increased • Traffic and quality of candidate increased Changes • Piloting new job wrapping strategies • Kept job slot purchase at same level 13
  12. 12. 14
  13. 13. Work With Us Ads Own the ad space your employees’ profiles Most relevant jobs displayed based on user’s profile Drives traffic to career page and job postings 15
  14. 14. Initial Strategy • Capitalize on ad space on 29k+ employee profiles • Attract more ‘passive’ talent Results • Achieved CTR over 30x industry average • Increased career site traffic/applies Changes • Began encouraging new hires to update/create LinkedIn profiles 16
  15. 15. Overall LinkedIn MetricsMeasurement Ranking / Metric Source of traffic to career site #3 Application complete / Application start 66% (#1 of all sources) Applicant to Interview Conversion 20-25% (4x any other source) Number of applicants per hire #1 17
  16. 16. Awareness • Increase recognition • New geography • New industry Engagement • Increase knowledge • Build brand understanding Action • Apply to positions • Join talent community Framework for Social Media Investment 19
  17. 17. Awareness • Career Pages • Work With Us Engagement • Career Pages • Recruiter Action • Jobs • Recruiter • Work With Us LinkedIn Products in Framework 20
  18. 18. Metrics • Usage – logins, searches, InMails • InMail response rate vs. peer companiesRecruiter • Change in followers (overall and by geo/function/industry) • Traffic to your LinkedIn job postings (overall and by profile data) • Traffic to your career site* • Shares/Likes Career Pages • Traffic to career site* • Candidate quality vs. other sources* • Talent community joins by source* • Hires* Jobs Network • Click through rate • Profiles of users viewing / clicking on ads Work With Us Ads 21
  19. 19. Questions? Kara Yarnot, Founder, Meritage Talent Solutions @klyarnot www.talentchatter.com22