Fox Chase Case Study


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Vericom\’s ChannelCare digital signage and SoundCare on-hold messaging communicates with Fox Chase audiences to communicate patient safety, increase employee and patient satisfaction, and bond with physicians and researchers.

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Fox Chase Case Study

  1. 1. ChannelCare™ digital Vericom Media signage and SoundCare® Solutions Power on-hold messaging communicate with Fox Chase healthcare audiences to promote patient safety, Communications increase employee and patient satisfaction, and bond with researchers and physicians—reinforcing the tight knit culture that is the hallmark of Fox Chase’s excellence in care. 800-800-1090
  2. 2. Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, ChannelCare digital signage Pa. is one of the leading cancer research and “ treatment centers in the United States. Founded in 1904 as one of the nation’s first cancer ChannelCare delivers hospitals, Fox Chase was also among the first simple, concise messages institutions to be designated a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center in in a sophisticated template 1974. Today, Fox Chase conducts a broad array consistent with our ” of nationally competitive basic, translational, branding guidelines. and clinical research, with special programs in cancer prevention, detection, survivorship, and Julia Goplerud Senior Director of Regional Marketing community outreach. A three-time recipient of and Physician Relations Magnet designation for nursing excellence, the Center consistently demonstrates its commitment to the highest quality care. At a cancer center, the way a message is delivered is just as important as what the message says Audience-specific ChannelCare messages make a difference because they are relevant and visually engage people where they wait. “To communicate better with our patients and staff, we needed a system that could deliver simple, concise messages in a sophisticated template consistent with our branding guidelines. We wanted to inform, educate, reassure, and engage our patients, caregivers, volunteers, and clinical and scientific staff,” says Julia Goplerud, From the first phone call to the first foot in the senior director of regional marketing and door, patients and visitors, employees, and physician relations. “ChannelCare offers us all physicians alike know they are a vital part of the of those elements.” Fox Chase patient experience. To communicate effectively with all audiences on a multitude of levels, Fox Chase implemented Vericom’s alternative media solutions: ChannelCare digital signage and SoundCare on-hold messaging. Backed by 20 years of healthcare- only experience, Vericom communications tools have quickly become an integral part of Fox Chase’s culture. Twenty-four (24) ChannelCare digital signage monitors working in tandem with SoundCare on-hold messaging immediately began delivering relevant information directly to audiences in real time, at the point of care, to people where they work, eat, wait, and congregate. 800-800-1090
  3. 3. “ Employees know their work is ChannelCare takes into valued by the Center account the challenges we face as healthcare ChannelCare provides a public forum for providers. The software recognizing employee contributions so vital to is easy to use and gives scientific initiatives and clinical patient care. “We want employees to know that the work they do us a lot of flexibility in ” is highly valued by the Center,” says Goplerud. developing unique content. “As Fox Chase grows, we want to make sure employees feel connected to the Center and each Jill Horne other, even if their offices are off campus.” Assistant Director of Marketing Communications Periodic Town Hall meetings, where senior leadership presents important information to staff, are a vital part of the Center’s internal ChannelCare’s software provides multiple communications strategy. ChannelCare provides content creation options. These include access the perfect forum for employees located in to healthcare messages via the ChannelCare off-site locations to view and participate in these content library (including 3D, high-end, animated meetings remotely. messages), custom messages created in collaboration with Vericom, and the ability to upload and develop Fox Chase’s own healthcare content and physician video vignettes. The ChannelCare system also has live video streaming capability. “ChannelCare takes into account the challenges we face as healthcare providers,” says Jill Horne, assistant director of marketing communications. “The software is easy to use and gives us a lot of flexibility in developing unique content, plus our Vericom representative is always available for any help we may need.” Introducing treatment teams builds patient confidence ChannelCare educates patients about physicians even before they meet them. Fox Chase welcomes new physicians and introduces them to staff by displaying their photos and credentials in visually captivating messages. Treatment teams are depicted as well. In radiation oncology, for example, patients can see a team of doctors, nurses, physicists, radiation therapists, and other staff focused on their care. Patients can also view video profiles of staff physicians who discuss their individual philosophies of care. 800-800-1090
  4. 4. SoundCare on-hold messaging “ One SoundCare message resulted in a caller actually donating his vehicle for ” cancer research. Julia Goplerud Senior Director of Regional Marketing and Physician Relations This team-based approach to communication helps reinforce Fox Chase’s exceptional quality of care. “We are developing increasingly robust SoundCare on-hold messaging engages and innovative content targeting critical audiences captive calling audiences such as patients and need a reliable system that can grow with us,” says Horne. “We know the Fox Chase uses Vericom’s ChannelCare digital ChannelCare system is one we can build upon to signage and SoundCare on-hold messaging in meet our audiences’ communications needs.” tandem to inform, educate, and engage patients, staff, and caregivers by using messages that inspire people to take action. “One such on-hold message, which encourages people to donate their cars to Fox Chase, resulted in a caller actually donating his vehicle for cancer research,” Goplerud notes. SoundCare is a cost-effective way to communicate important information about Center programs, people, and services to callers. The messages can be changed regularly so Fox Chase can promote new treatments, technology, events, and programs. Note: This message was also provided in audio via SoundCare for Fox Chase callers “Both ChannelCare and SoundCare are systems that we have come to rely upon to keep our patients and staff informed and connected,” Goplerud adds. To see Fox Chase and ChannelCare in action, visit For information about Vericom’s ChannelCare digital signage and SoundCare on-hold messaging, please call 800-800-1090 or visit 800-800-1090