Channel Care Survey And Installation Case Study


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Your business is patient care, and it’s our business too. It’s what we take into consideration with every step of the survey, installation, and implementation process for Vericom’s ChannelCare™ digital signage. And, it’s what we always keep front-of-mind with our service
and support once your system goes “live.”
One of the most important components of any successful digital signage platform is the planning
and preparation prior to beginning any equipment installation.

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Channel Care Survey And Installation Case Study

  1. 1. Survey. Installation. Complete Service and Support. Turnkey on-demand digital signage • Technology designed for healthcare Southeast Missouri Hospital – Main Lobby ChannelCare™ digital signage Closing the Communications Gap 800.800.1090
  2. 2. Patient care. Our top priority, too. Your business is patient care, and it’s our business too. • The benefits of a carefully thought out and It’s what we take into consideration with every step of well-executed on-site survey. the survey, installation, and implementation process for Vericom’s ChannelCare™ digital signage. And, it’s • How the proper installation and care during what we always keep front-of-mind with our service installation can impact your ability to deliver and support once your system goes “live.” patient care. One of the most important components of any • The importance of continued, 24/7 service successful digital signage platform is the planning and support with a digital signage partner and preparation prior to beginning any equipment who can adapt to your changing environment installation. and evolving healthcare communications needs. As you plan your digital signage initiative, this We know healthcare is unlike any industry and before document will help you understand: anyone touches your walls, you need to know your vendor is truly a partner who knows what they are doing. “We have had such a positive experience with Vericom’s SoundCare® on-hold messaging that we knew who we were dealing with when we made the decision to go with Vericom for our digital signage platform. We were more than happy to extend our already established and trusting relationship with Vericom to their ChannelCare digital signage Claudette DeMuth Director of Marketing medium. The continuity of messaging between the two systems only Marshall Medical Centers serves to enhance our branding and professional high-tech image.” 800.800.1090 2
  3. 3. On-site survey. Maximize your opportunities. During our on-site survey process, we always ask about Vericom surveyors and the ChannelCare installation your people and your traffic patterns—Who do you team have performed numerous healthcare want to communicate with? Where are people waiting, digital signage installations. Understanding your eating, and working? How long will they be at each communications objectives, strategic initiatives, and location? In knowing the variety of audiences you want challenges (people, environmental, and facility-specific) to serve with ChannelCare™ digital signage and the allows us to make our site walk-through more relevant messages you want them to see, we will know where to and effective, ensuring we ask the right questions. recommend monitor locations. We go beyond being installers to being consultants who understand and take care of your business. We make it our business to establish good working relationships with your facilities services, maintenance, plant operations, and IT staff. We routinely interface with security staff. We do after-hours work to minimize the impact and disruption on your staff and facility. Marshall Medical Centers – Medical Plaza Lobby “Vericom’s approach to implementation made the decision to purchase ChannelCare a ‘no-brainer’ for us. Their on-site survey process was thorough, well thought out, and they offered professional advice, as well as took my input and concerns into consideration every step of Fox Chase Cancer Center – Main Reception the way.” - Claudette DeMuth, Marshall Medical 800.800.1090 3
  4. 4. Walking your hospital with marketing and facilities (such as streaming video or animations), and how personnel helps us explore the maximum number of to maximize your messaging impact based on the opportunities for your ChannelCare™ digital signage parameters we observe ourselves as well as discuss network. We look for opportunities to communicate with you. with diverse audiences, noting where monitors should be located, the right monitor size for each location, and how they can best be positioned for optimal exposure. We assess rooms and network closets to ensure your media players fit into your environment, take up minimal space, and are protected but still easy to access. We get to know your facility like our own home. We make a point of looking for unusual and unique layouts and situations that could complicate an installation. Considering a monitor on a curved wall? We have performed these types of installations. Thinking about audio in an area where there may be too much noise already? We will make recommendations based on your audiences’ viewing tendencies, the type of content you want to deliver Marshall Medical Centers – Women’s Center “Vericom surveyors and installers know healthcare facilities. They came and took photos of more than 20 locations and carefully assessed each location and monitor size, looking at traffic patterns and other issues that would affect equipment installation. They made me very comfortable that they had the necessary knowledge and expertise and were right at home in the hospital environment.” – Claudette DeMuth, Marshall Medical 800.800.1090 4
  5. 5. Did you realize you need to consider where elevator walls are located? We look for potential obstacles. We seek out network closets and check the locations of elevator walls, surgical rooms, and any potentially problematic areas prior to starting any installation. Do you know which type of monitor mount is best for a particular location? We will address this and more, always taking your budget and facility design into consideration. The completed on-site survey is provided via a written report (with descriptions and photographs) of recommendations for monitor sizes, locations, positions, corresponding mounts, and number of media players. This report enables Vericom to present an accurate cost proposal, providing all the necessary information for your CEO and task force committee for budget approval. Hancock Regional Hospital – ER Lobby Entrance Additionally, the survey report provides the information you need to decide whether to do one complete installation or take a phased approach to installation and use. “Vericom explained their software and system in an easy-to-understand way. So, when I presented the information to our board of directors, I knew my facts, and they gave the go-ahead within a very short amount of time. I was able to easily and effectively address all of our CEO’s questions about this application and how we would benefit.” - Claudette DeMuth, Marshall Medical 800.800.1090 5
  6. 6. Installation. Healthcare control standards are our guide. Vericom's ChannelCare™ installation team knows how We instill confidence that when we are ready to install to work in compliance with your infection control we know what we are doing and won’t interfere policies. Familiarity with standards that are unique to with your real business of patient care. We adhere healthcare are critical issues you may have to educate to standards before being asked or told because other vendors about, or rely on your facilities personnel we respect your hospital building and know the to make sure other installers don’t create more regulations and the processes to follow. We make it problems for you. our business to know yours. Because of our healthcare knowledge, you won’t be embarrassed when inspectors You don’t want your hospital to be a learning curve drop by. for standardized dust and infection control procedures. Understanding these guidelines assists in our ability to easily and quickly handle your digital signage installation. DeKalb Medical Center – Telemetry Nurses’ Station “When we moved our telemetry nursing unit to a different floor, we were amazed at how quickly and easily Vericom moved the equipment. This nursing unit is staffed with 100 Ellen Hargett, RN employees and is very busy. Vericom did not impact our Lead Quality Performance ability to provide high quality patient care on either floor. The Coordinator DeKalb Medical Institute transition was seamless.” 800.800.1090 6
  7. 7. Versatile communications. Extend and expand your content delivery. ChannelCare™ is expandable and versatile. Some Our support includes: clients have extended their capabilities to deliver ChannelCare content via closed-circuit television • Pre-installation support - We assist your (CCTV) to expand audience viewing to existing personnel or external vendors in the pre- televisions in patient rooms. installation process to address any questions prior to and during installation. This includes We can provide the ChannelCare video signal not only specifications and locations for required power to newly installed ChannelCare monitors, but also drops and any necessary wiring. to existing client-owned televisions and monitors in waiting rooms. The expansion of ChannelCare content • Post-installation support - We monitor your to these other monitors and televisions helps enhance players at all times. If and when we detect a your communications efforts without incurring problem, we contact you immediately and begin additional hardware costs. to correct the problem. After installation, we provide 24/7 support and remote monitoring. We own this experience with you. We make sure things work the way they should so your staff is not burdened with it. Your facilities department can be involved as much or a little as you require. “We had 20 or more monitors installed, and our Vericom installer was here for about a week. He kept me informed frequently, but I did not have to be involved at all. The installation process did not impact our ability to deliver care at all during installation. It was a seamless process and there were no disruptions. The Vericom team was exceptional in their ability to plan and execute Hancock Regional Hospital – Main Lobby the survey and installation phase of this process.” - Claudette DeMuth, Marshall Medical 800.800.1090 7
  8. 8. At Vericom, there is only one level of service, and it includes everything you need. Your dedicated Vericom client representative continually works with our technical support team to ensure your ChannelCare™ digital signage system functions optimally at all times. For information on ChannelCare digital signage software and content, please contact 800-800-1090, email, or visit 800.800.1090 Closing the Communications Gap