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  1. 1.  Equipment  Social networking › Computer, projector, interne › Facebook, Twitter, classroo t m 2.0 Integration plan  Blogs › Daily integration of › Techbrarian, techomnivore technology  Wikis Standards › Wikispaces, wiki walk › Become familiar with through ISTEs Educational Technology Standards  Online safety › TIE’s internet safety Curriculum › Enhance learning with  Assessment technology › Have a method to asses how technology is working Professional for you development › You as the teacher must know what your doing
  2. 2.  This article really explained how to integrate technology into the classroom. It gave some helpful websites and hints on how to do it successfully. I think it was a great article and it is so important because technology is becoming bigger and bigger within the classroom.
  3. 3.  Ask for recommendations  Retweet something you have Thank people who respond learned Ask for advice  Say thanks when someone Write a book list or link a list retweets you Tweet about web resources  Recommend other tweeters Provide daily tips  Answer your followers questions Share new studies of interest  Schedule meetings Celebrate timely events  Personal connection by Tweet your school website sharing Link to a book trailer  Ask others for favorites Start Twitter book club  Post requests for events Invite followers to an event  Find summer work Link photos of your classroom  Ask for free stuff Share teaching humor  Join a twibe
  4. 4.  This was a great article. It gave many reasons that teachers should use Twitter, many of which I would have never thought of. Twitter can really be a great resource for teachers and it is so simple to navigate.
  5. 5.  Together we’re better  Professional › virtual staffroom development Global or local: you › networking choose  Quality-assured › You choose who to follow searching Self awareness and › Trust who you follow reflection  Communication › Teachers share support › 140 characters is great Ideas workshop discipline › Share ideas  Getting with times! Newsroom › Twitter is so easy › Stay up to date
  6. 6.  This article gave some great advice about how teachers can use Twitter. It explained that teachers can make it more local and follow others within their corporation or take it global and follow teachers from all over the world. It also explained that communication is key and Twitter is one very easy way to communicate.
  7. 7. Pieces of Book readerslearning edutopia Education week
  8. 8.  Pieces of Learning @PiecesOLearning Marion, IL Since 1989, Pieces of Learning has offered staff development and resources focused on research-based differentiated instruction, RTI, and Blooms Taxonomy.
  9. 9.  Book Readers @BookReadersClub USA Join us to share your love of reading Books, Magazines and Newspapers. Find great deals on eBook Readers, Books, and Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions ONLINE.
  10. 10.  edutopia @edutopia San Rafael, California, USA Inspiration and information for what works in education.
  11. 11.  Education Week @educationweek Bethesda, MD Education Week, American educations newspaper and website of record.
  12. 12.  I feel that Twitter is a great way for teachers to communicate with one another. It is super easy and there are countless opportunities involved with Twitter. Teachers have the ability to follow other teachers from all over the world and also teachers right in their own corporation.
  13. 13.  "25 Ways to Teach with Twitter." Tech & Learning. Web. 8 Dec. 2010. < 974>. "9 Reasons to Twitter in Schools." Tech & Learning. Web. 8 Dec. 2010. <>. "Ten Ideas for Getting Started with 21 Century Teaching and Learning." Tech & Learning. Web. 8 Dec. 2010. <>.