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M How U—l/ l Research

. 'iF. ‘.‘. ‘.T. '.‘. §‘(§. T.F. l!'.  Gets lTlTO the News

The Faculty Member gets a notice . 

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How research gets into the news infographic


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An oversimplified - but still awesome - infographic about how the research publicity process works for new publications and findings from researchers at the University of Michigan and beyond.

Published in: Science
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How research gets into the news infographic

  1. 1. M How U—l/ l Research . 'iF. ‘.‘. ‘.T. '.‘. §‘(§. T.F. l!'. Gets lTlTO the News The Faculty Member gets a notice . that a paper or an abstract on a significant , ._. ‘ research finding or important clinical/ é policy matter has been accepted by a journal or a major professional society meeting. L? ->ll . , ' 0 ‘ ) The Faculty Member discusses the findings and their implications with the PR Person assigned to his/ her department/ center. The PR Person plans a publicity strategy, including interviewing the Faculty Member and writing a press release that the Faculty Member gets to review. UPLOAD COM PLETE The PR Person sends the press release to reporters, distributes it via science/ medical news services, and posts it to the UMHS and U-M web pages, publications and social media sites. 0 ° , After receiving the release, ‘ Reporters may decide to do a story, file the release, or delete it. They may ask for the research paper or presentation, photos of the researchers or images from their work. Reporters may even ask for an interview with the Faculty Member, ‘ colleagues and possibly patients. The PR Person triages all media requests and helps the Faculty / V Member with the interviews, The stories appear in the media and online. The PR Person captures news, web and video clips and shares them with the Faculty Member, who shares them with the research team, department chair, funding source and journal or professional society. 'l‘Hl-I DAILY NEWS BIG NEWS FEDM THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN And then 6 t. ..).9mM. °l&. y.. ..; .,. @t; ;clM tshrin the Faculty l“‘. /ll"'llll)l'3l or lu<i‘hr: r i'i'i| |mtjui"s h2'iii'* lug n