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real estate crm software | mobile crm | kapture CRM


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Real estate CRM software & mobile app for android,iphone etc all can be provided to you by Kapture CRM that helps you in managing all your business activities

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real estate crm software | mobile crm | kapture CRM

  1. 1. forBetter Done Than Said EVERYBRICKLAID MUSTBRINGIN
  2. 2. END TO END CRM SYSTEM Here’s how we actually UTILIZE the mobile phone. All you need is a Smartphone... …and they’re really Cheap these days
  3. 3. CHALLENGES in REAL ESTATE • No single platform to capture leads • Loss of quality leads due to missed follow-ups • No automated systems to check status of property • No integrated communication base to maintain data about brokers/channel partners and customers. • No ROI based sales and marketing analytics tool • Complicated & outdated CRM systems
  4. 4. Kapture helps
  5. 5. Kapture can be integrated with landing pages, websites and microsites, online portals, social media applications and call centers Kapture & Assign leads Allocate leads based on projects, sales teams, location, type of lead, source of lead, round robin technique and other parameters. WWW
  6. 6. Profile your Customers Engage your Brokers  Create separate identities for all your employees, projects, customers and brokers to maintain crucial information about them.  Maintain data of channel partners and other agents as well
  7. 7. Manage site visits  Track the exact location of your sales teams.  Calculate conveyance based on distance travelled.  Assign Daily Plans based on territories and generate adherence reports.
  8. 8. Projects OK Please  Manage real time project availability charts of sold and blocked units with different sizes and configurations.  Check status of projects that are developed/under construction/future constructions  Keep a tab on estimated completion dates, floor plans, cost sheets etc. SOLD OUT AVAILABLE
  9. 9. Communication tools Module to send bulk emails, SMSes with templetized formats to customers, brokers, partners etc., with details about your projects like cost-sheets, floor plans etc.
  10. 10. Manage Payments and Pricing Track status of completed and pending payments with options to set payment types like EMIs, Cheque, Cash etc. Manage the complete cycle from selling the property, till possession. Upsell home loans, club house and other amenities. Manage dynamic square foot pricing with simple pricing. Allows you to offer different pricing for different people.
  11. 11. Create Employee roaster Task management *Once an employee applies for a leave, it will be logged into the system and no lead will be allocated to him/her in their leave period. *Absent employees can transfer and reassign leads to other team members *Create and assign tasks to your internal teams *Set reminders so that no quality lead is lost *Create buckets for your leads based on their status *Maintain history of conversations
  12. 12.  Manage all your marketing campaigns like hoardings or other outdoor ads with location mapping and time stamping.  Run, monitor and Optimize online ads and digital campaigns ONLINE-OFFLINE-AUDIT
  13. 13. ROI based Sales Analytics Generate 350+ daily, weekly and monthly reports to track your sales performance. ………. …………..…. Get reports channel wise, sales team wise, area wise and more.
  14. 14. Integration with existing systems Kapture is the only system you need to deploy as it comes with APIs that allows seamless integration with your call center and other existing systems.
  15. 15. Salient Features
  16. 16.  No Additional Costs  No Implementation Charges  No Training Fees  Free Mobile App  Zero AMC  24*7 Tech Support  Pay per login per month, just Rs. 1500/- Money Matters
  17. 17. Thank You