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Junos space seminar


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Slides from the Junos Space seminar at Kappadata (De Pinte and Wemmel).

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Junos space seminar

  1. 1. THE VALUE OF JUNOS SPACEfor Enterprise CustomersEfficiently Manage the NEW NETWORK
  2. 2. AGENDASDN – THE NEXT STEP FORWARDJunos Space overviewUse cases – the value of Junos SpaceLicensingSpace Demo
  3. 3. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NETWORK ADMINIntegratedWireless andWirelineManagementIntegratedManagement ofDC & RemoteSitesReduce CostsManagingNetworkComplexitiesEnforcingNetworkSecurity &Policy Mgmt.Support the core networkReduce OPEX
  4. 4. NETWORKING BUSINESS CHALLENGESConfigurationOverly complex,manual,operationallyexpensive.FeaturesSlow to respond tobusiness requestsSoftwareToo hard to deployPackagingInflexible, difficultto scaleReliabilityBelow expectations
  5. 5. ENTER SDN: SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKINGSoftware-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to networking in whichcontrol is decoupled from hardware and given to a software applicationcalled a controller.CONTROLLER
  6. 6. JUNIPER SOFTWARE ADVANTAGECentralize Management Extract Services Centralize Controller Optimize the HardwareStandardsCentralizeSeparate Use the cloud Common Platform Apply BroadlyJUNIPER’S SDN STRATEGY: 6-4-16 – General Principles4 – Juniper Steps1 – Licensing ModelFull Use/Elastic TransferableSoftwareLifetime Assurance
  7. 7. Standard protocols for interoperability acrossvendorsBroadly apply to network & security, ENT andSP networks, Mobile and Wireline,Adopt Cloud for elastic scale, usage-basedpricing, and flexible deploymentCentralize Mgmt, Services and Control layersPRINCIPLES OF SDNSDN PRINCIPLESSeparate networking software in 4 layersForwarding, Control, Services and MgmtOptimize each network elementReduce time to services and correlates costbased on valueCommon Platform for NW and Securityapplications and management integrationEnables new business solutionsProvides choice and lowers costFlexibility and new business opportunitiesCUSTOMER BENEFITSSimplifies network design and lowers opex
  8. 8. JUNIPER’S 4-STEP APPROACH TO TRANSITION TO SDNExtract ServicesCentralize ManagementCentralize ControllerOptimize The Hardware
  9. 9. MANAGEMENT LAYER OF JUNIPER’S SDN STRATEGYJunos Space Network Management PlatformDeep EMS w/ extensive FCAPS, provisioning, extensive automationJunos Space Management ApplicationsJunos Space Network Director, Security Director, Service Activation DirectorJunos Space SDK & APIsProgrammable interface to customize apps/ Easy 3rd party integrationJunos SpaceCentralized, Automated Network Management123
  10. 10. JUNOS SPACE FOR NETWORK MANAGEMENTJUNOSSPACENMSIntegrate w/ NMS,OSS/BSSThousands ofJuniper devicesPlug-n-Play SpaceManagement Apps1) Centralized Management Plane for a single point-of-contact into network2) Common management Platform for managing and creating apps3) Programmable Network to unleash the power of the networkCustomized / PartnerDeveloped AppsOSS/BSS HP NMCKey Componentsof SDN
  11. 11. JUNIPER’S 4-STEP APPROACH TO TRANSITION TO SDNExtract ServicesCentralize ManagementCentralize ControllerOptimize The Hardware
  12. 12. NETWORK AND SECURITY CHALLENGESLEGACY NETWORK APPLIANCEAPPROACHCarrier GradeNATFIREWALLMESSAGEROUTERDPISGSN/GGSNWAN ACCELERATIONPE ROUTERCDNBRASTESTER QoEMONITORRADIO ACCESSNETWORK NODESTime to deploy new service is too longNew service - New Box, New OSScaling a Service – New Box/New LinecardMore space, More energy, Morecooling, More CAPEXMore OPEX to design, integrate andoperateShorter HW lifecycles, more procure-design-deploy, with little or no benefitCHALLENGES
  13. 13. Add and remove additional capacity inminutes with elastic scaling as VM –reduces time to deployment andserviceReduced CAPEX – less space,energy, cooling, racksReduced OPEX – centralizedmanagement and provisioning of theapplicationsFlexible choices – tethered vs router-integrated line cardBenefitsx86 Server/x86 BladeSGSN/MMEGGSN,P/S-GWCacheStatefulFirewallCarrierGradeNATWanOptimization3rdpartyservicesJunosV App EngineVIRTUALIZING SERVICES WITH JUNOSV APP ENGINEMX 3DJunosApplicationsThird-PartyApplications
  14. 14. JUNIPER’S 4-STEP APPROACH TO TRANSITION TO SDNExtract ServicesCentralize ManagementCentralize ControllerOptimize The Hardware
  15. 15. SDN SERVICE CHAININGRuns as a VMWebServerStatefulFirewallApplicationDeliveryControllerHypervisorvSwitchInternetRouterPowered by Contrail acquisition (JunosV Contrail Controller)Centralized service controller manages the policies, by creating servicechains.On-demand string of services.
  16. 16. JUNIPER’S 4-STEP APPROACH TO TRANSITION TO SDNExtract ServicesCentralize ManagementCentralize ControllerOptimize The Hardware
  17. 17. SDN AND OPTIMIZED UNDERLAYJuniper’s hardware will evolve:PlatformComprehensive routing and switching PortfolioInnovative programmable ASICS and Express chipsetsProgrammable Network with Junos SDKOne Junos OSSDN Protocols and Network APIsOpenFlowBGP-TE
  18. 18. FLEXIBLE LICENSING FOR SDNLICENSING FOR SDNJUNIPER SOFTWARE ADVANTAGEFull Use/Elastic TransferableSoftware LifetimeAssuranceNETWORK APPLIANCE LICENSINGApplicationDeliveryControllerApplianceDeepPacketInspectionApplianceRouterSecurityFirewallApplianceLICENSING FOR APPLIANCESRestricted/Embedded Non TransferableAppliance CentricSoftwareEvolvedPacketCoreStatefulFirewallDeepPacketInspectionPolicy &ChargingEnforcementFunctionCarrierGradeNetworkAddressTranslation
  19. 19. NETWORK MANAGEMENT BEFORE AND AFTER SDNChallengesCan’t scale easilyTime consuming / Error proneNightmare doing configuration changesHuge effort to provision services acrossmultiple devices“Traditional” Managementvia CLICentralized SDN Managementvia Junos SpaceBenefitsSingle point-of-view to manage networkSecurity – Physical – Virtual – WiredWireless - ServicesExtensive automation / Scale with easePoint-n-click/GUI-based service provisioningFlexible ordering w/ new licensing model
  20. 20. AGENDASDN – the next step forwardJUNOS SPACEUse casesLicensingDemo
  21. 21. Automate & Simplify The NetworkReduce Costs & Meet SLAsIncrease Networking AgilityJUNIPER’S NETWORK MANAGEMENT SOLUTION123EFFICIENTLY MANAGE JUNIPER DEVICESJUNOS SPACE3 Key Values
  22. 22. JUNOS SPACE ARCHITECTURECentral management platform, from which all Juniper devices can (or will)be managed.Completely web based configuration.Modular setup: only activate the features you really need.Very intuitive, wizard-driven interface.Integrated trouble ticket management.Extensive monitoring and reporting possibilities.Basic SNMP monitoring for support of 3rd party devices.
  24. 24. General configuration of the platform.Multiple admins – multitenant management is on the roadmap.Configurations and firmwares can be stored, and rolled out to devices in the field.PLATFORM
  25. 25. Included in base packageOpen, SNMP-based network monitoring platformCan be used with other vendorsReal time Performance MonitoringSLA (Service Level Agreement) functionality – Future ReleaseAlarms generated on crossing thresholdsFacility of using Graphs and ChartsOPEN-NMS
  26. 26. OPEN-NMS
  29. 29. Included in base package.Helps automate fault management and accelerate issue resolution.AI scripts assemble info on faulty devices, and send it to Space.JTAC cases can be opened and viewed from within Space.Four modes:Demo (up to 5 devices)StandardEnd CustomerPartner ProxySERVICE NOW
  30. 30. Internal findings of Juniper’s Services organization:SERVICE NOW40%(when using Junos Space Service Now vs. not)50%(when using Junos Space Service Now vs. not)# of Incidents Resolved on Day 1!MTTC-xE Reduction(Mean Time To Close w/o Escalation)
  31. 31. Enables proactive network maintenance, maximizes uptime, and allowscustomers to manage their networks faster and more effectively.Features:End of Life/End of Support Impact Analysis: scan all, or a subset ofdevices in the network to assess EOL/EOS exposure.Product Bug Notification: discovering which network devices aresusceptible to a bug that has been identified on a device.SERVICE INSIGHT
  32. 32. Supports SRX (Junos), not SSG (ScreenOS).Manages all phases of security policy lifecycle more quickly andintuitively, from policy creation to remediation.Devices can be grouped (customer, location, …).Three steps to committing a configuration: design, publish and update.Template-based.SECURITY DIRECTORFW VPN NAT IPS AppFW
  34. 34. Offers a unified wired and wireless network management solution thataccommodates the entire network lifecycle.Critical elements of advanced management applications by providingoperational efficiency, expedited error free service rollout, enhancedvisibility, and fast troubleshooting.For EX, WLC and WLA.NETWORK DIRECTOR
  36. 36. Intelligent provisioning application Service providers and enterprisesGoals:Full MPLS L2/L3 VPN and Carrier-Ethernet service resource management.QoS management for specific Ethernet servicesSLA managementSERVICE ACTIVATION DIRECTOR
  37. 37. Streaming video and rich media content are a large – and growing – part ofthe total traffic flowing over the internet backbone.Network operators, enterprises, and content publishers are all challengedto deliver this traffic to subscribers in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective, and scalable.The Junos Content portfolio is a suite of next-generation content cachingand delivery products that address these challenges.Junos Content can significantly improve the efficiency and scale of contentdelivery, reducing costs and helping introduce new revenue generatingservices.Junos Space Content Director accelerates deployment of Junos ContentEncore by providing a simple Web browser-based graphical user interfacefor device configuration, rapid service creation, and service provisioning.CONTENT DIRECTOR
  38. 38. Allows users to monitor, manage, and control virtual networkenvironments.Network administrators can discover, configure, provision, and monitorvirtual switches from the same management screen used to monitorphysical Juniper devices such as switches, routers, and securityplatforms.Works with vSphereVIRTUAL CONTROL
  39. 39. AGENDASDN – the next step forwardJunos SpaceUSE CASESLicensingDemo
  40. 40. USE CASE: MANAGED SERVICESInstalled at:ResellerTarget customers:Customers with smaller Junos install baseWilling to pay for managed services (reporting, monthly review, etc)Advantages:Low initial investment for resellerFast ROIEasy money Upselling
  41. 41. USE CASE: LARGE INSTALL BASEInstalled at:CustomerTarget customers:Larger customersMixed EX, SRX and WL install baseNeed for central monitoring tool3rd party devices must be includedAdvantages:Low-cost monitoring toolEasy to useOpportunity for upselling
  42. 42. USE CASE: HELPDESK TOOLInstalled at:ResellerFaster resolving of trouble ticketsLess work for helpdeskFast ROI
  43. 43. AGENDASDN – the next step forwardJunos SpaceUse casesLICENSINGDemo
  44. 44. Junos Space ApplianceSPC1500-A-BSEJunos Space virtual appliance (up to 4 cores)JS-PLATFORMJUNOS SPACE SKU’S
  45. 45. JS Security Director for 10, 25 or 100 devicesJS-SECDIR-10JS-SECDIR-25JS-SECDIR-100Software, so services are always COR.SECURITY DIRECTOR SKU’S
  46. 46. JS Network Director for 10, 25 or 100 devicesJS-NETDIR-10JS-NETDIR-25JS-NETDIR-100Software, so services are always COR.NETWORK DIRECTOR SKU’S
  47. 47. WHY JUNOS SPACE?Central management platform for networking devices, both Juniper and 3rdparty.Easy to use.Very affordable solution.Your road to SDN.