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  • Let’s look at these things in backup and archivingtalk about what Barracuda is doing to help our customers address the challenges.
  • One of the biggest changes is the shift from tape to diskHow many people using tape?How many people started using disk for part of your backup recently (say the last 2 years)?Talk about contributing factors
  • Backup has historically been fragmentedLike seen in earlier slide, you had to assemble products from many vendorsImagine each color on this triangle as a separate product you deploy to form your solutionIt’s nuts
  • The Barracuda Backup is a complete solution
  • It’s also an advanced backup technology, creating savings in both SPACE AND TIME
  • Even more savings is found through dedupeUp to 50X reduction in storage footprint!
  • Even more savings is found through dedupeUp to 50X reduction in storage footprint!
  • Backup2013 - Barracuda Networks

    1. 1. Barracuda BackupSecure, fast, granular & easy Johan Van Gestel Sales Engineer Benelux
    2. 2. Barracuda Networks – who we areCloud Services Internet Zones Data Center DMZ Office Premises Network Security Application DeliveryProtection Layers Content Security Data Protection Barracuda Networks Available as virtual appliance
    3. 3. Barracuda Networks in Data Protection A core company strength Data protection is one of our primary markets, making up 1/3 of our business today. Market leading products Barracuda Backup Service Barracuda Message ArchiverBarracuda Networks
    4. 4. Business ContinuityBusiness today operates around the clockDowntime is very costlyDisaster recovery of servers and data is critical Barracuda Networks
    5. 5. Disaster Recovery Preparedness 33% 38% Not Somewhat Prepared Very 7% 23% 40% of respondents are only somewhat or not at all prepared for a disaster.Barracuda Networks
    6. 6. Data Protection today is DifferentRetention Efficiency Virtualizatio The CloudUsers expect to Deduplication is n Availability andkeep everything required to Physical and capital needsforever. protect large virtual servers have been volumes. both need to be redefined. protected. Barracuda Networks
    7. 7. #1 Challenge is Storage Growth1510 5 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Exabytes (1 Exabyte = 1,000,000 Terabytes) Barracuda Networks
    8. 8. Storage Costs 76%of companies are concerned with rising cost. Forrester/Disaster Recovery Journal Survey November, 2010Barracuda Networks
    9. 9. Backups Shifting from Tape to DiskContributing Factors:– Shorter backup windows & quicker recovery.– Tape failure rates & replacement needs.– Superior redundancy of disk storage.– Affordability of disk & cloud storage. Barracuda Networks
    10. 10. Cloud Storage is on the Rise 12 €Billions 10 € 8€ Contributing Factors: 6€ – Deployed quickly, as needed. 4€ – Scalable to exact demand. – Lowers total cost of ownership. 2€ 0€ 2009 2010 2012 2013 2014 2011 Barracuda Networks
    11. 11. Consolidating Backup Technologies Backups are historically fragmented by many vendors – Backup software – VM protection – Deduplication – Local storage device – Transportation offsite – Offsite storage facility Managing everything separately drives us crazy.Barracuda Networks
    12. 12. Barracuda Backup Service End-to-End Solution – Includes software to storage – Physical & virtual backups – Public or private clouds – Central managementBarracuda Networks
    13. 13. Always Incremental Backups Initial Intelligently Decreases Requires Complete Targets Backup Less Backup Changes Window StorageIntelligently targets new and changed data after initial backup. Barracuda Networks
    14. 14. Deduplication RetentionTraditional Backup Barracuda Backup Service 10 Daily 8 Weekly 12 Monthly 7 Yearly 37 TBs 1-2 TBs– Built-in industry leading deduplication technology.– Dramatically reduces backup storage footprint up to 50X.– Enables efficient replication offsite over network connections. Barracuda Networks
    15. 15. Backup Software INCLUDED!Systems Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 NAS standard backup protocol Windows Storage Server 2003 Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8ApplicationsVirtualizationNetwork file backup support: CIFS, SSHFS Barracuda Networks
    16. 16. Easy Setup and ManagementBarracuda Networks
    17. 17. Backup Software for WindowsPoint-in-time snapshot restore of entire systemBare metal support for Windows Server 2008+Application recoveryExchange, MS-SQL Server, HyperVGranular file and message restore Barracuda Networks Networks
    18. 18. Microsoft Exchange Server BackupIncremental Move Recovery MessageSmart Mode Restore Storage LevelBackups Support Groups Backups Flexible and efficient backup and restore features. Barracuda Networks
    19. 19. Integrated VMware Backup vSphere / Snapshot Granular File Live BootESXi Direct Recovery / Recovery from Dedup Connect Moves Archive Barracuda Networks Networks
    20. 20. VMware WalkthroughList of protected virtual machines Barracuda Networks Networks
    21. 21. VMware WalkthroughLive boot selected VM from archive Barracuda Networks Networks
    22. 22. VMware WalkthroughBooting from deduplicated archive storage Barracuda Networks Networks
    23. 23. VMware WalkthroughLive boot completed Barracuda Networks Networks
    24. 24. VMware WalkthroughVirtual machine selection Barracuda Networks Networks
    25. 25. VMware WalkthroughPartitions inside virtual machine Barracuda Networks Networks
    26. 26. VMware WalkthroughFile system in virtual machine snapshot Barracuda Networks Networks
    27. 27. Barracuda Networks Cloud StorageSecure Scalable Fast Economical Business-grade cloud storage with high quality of service Barracuda Networks Networks
    28. 28. Cloud Storage PricingIndustry leading flat rate pricing model– Fixed per GB monthly purchased in 200GB plans.– Two copies of data stored on separate redundant hardware– Unlimited cloud storage Barracuda Networks
    29. 29. Cloud Storage Deployments Pure cloud storage or hybrid cloud backup.Barracuda Networks
    30. 30. Replication and Private CloudsBarracuda Networks
    31. 31. Central ManagementBarracuda Networks Networks
    32. 32. IntegrationBarracuda Networks Networks 32
    33. 33. Barracuda Backup Server ModelsBarracuda Networks Networks
    34. 34. Barracuda SupportBarracuda Networks
    35. 35. Barracuda UniversityBarracuda Networks
    36. 36. Barracuda Technical LibraryBarracuda Networks
    37. 37. Interested in a demo? Feel free to contact the Kappa Data sales team or The Barracuda Networks team directly( or Barracuda Networks
    38. 38. Thank You