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Webinar developing contacts


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Webinar developing contacts

  1. 1. Developing Contactsto Enterprise Storiesto Enterprise Stories MMJ Webinar
  2. 2. commodity news. But thestories you enterprise, will set you apart. You have to cover the news of the day -- thecommodity news. But thestories you enterprise, will set you apart.
  3. 3. Read news with an eyetoward identifying possible contacts.
  4. 4. Include blogs and forums to appreciatedifferent points of view.
  5. 5. Talk to your neighbors, show your curiosity.
  6. 6. Join a club, get a hobby,play a sport, so you can meet new people.
  7. 7. Keep your eyesand ears open. You can learn about many communitystories running errands.
  8. 8. Church
  9. 9. Find a specialty, a beat,important for viewers. Example: education.
  10. 10. Become an expert forcertain types of stories that are important to viewers.
  11. 11. Work to develop contactswhere youfind mutual trust.
  12. 12. Open the flood gates: Ask “What’s wrong with TV news?”Open the flood gates: Ask “What’s wrong with TV news?”
  13. 13. Talk about whatinterests them.
  14. 14. ACTION ITEMS✓Plan to meet two new sources a week.✓Listen to their problems with TV news.✓See if there’s a story there for you.✓Get to know what’s important to them.✓Get their perspective on key issues.