Centralised Air Conditioning


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Case Study of BMHRC Bhopal

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Centralised Air Conditioning

  1. 1. Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research CentreCase Study on Central Air Conditioning By Devvrat ,Deepshikha,Ritika,Urwashi,Tashi,Alind,Kapil
  2. 2. IntroductionSite Chosen : BMHRC (Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre)Location : Raisen Bypass Road ,Karond , BhopalType of Building : Hospital and Research CentreCooling Type : Central Air Conditioning (Chilled water system ) PLANT ROOM
  3. 3. Plant Room WATER PUMPS CHILLED WATER PIPESCONTROL ROOM Pipes carrying COOLING water to TOWERS condensers COMPRESSORCHILLEDWATER OUT7deg Celsius CHILLER CHILLED WATER IN CONDENSER 10deg Celsius This plant room caters only the Hospital ,separate plant room for researchThe plant room has a cooling capacity of 720 tons center
  4. 4. COOLING UNITS 80 ton cooling capacity per combined unitEXPANSION VALVE COMPRESSOR• Receives sub cooled • 3 pistons max R22 refrigerant from operational the condenser • Converts R22• Controls flow of refrigerant from low refrigerant CHILLER pressure to high• Allows the refrigerant • Receives super pressure , high to expand thus cooled refrigerant temperature liquid cooling it down to a from expansion valve super cooled liquid at • This coolant runs -30deg Celsius around a tube through which water is passed thus cooling it to 7deg celsius
  5. 5. COOLING UNITS CONDENSER • Used for cooling of the R22 refrigerant • R22 refrigerant runs around a tube through which water is passed to absorb the heat from the coolant • Has a separate loop where hot water is CONTROL PANEL passing through the • Used for controlling the cooling towers,gets functioning(electrical, cooled then sent back CATCH ALL CORE pressure) of the units to the condenser• Absorbs the humidity • Automatically shuts in the coolant down if a unit• Filters the coolant overloads• Same as Drier filter
  6. 6. COOLING TOWERS Cooling towers(3nos) situated just outside the plant room as COOLING TOWERS there is an exchange with fresh - • Cools the hot water dry air required coming from the condenser then sends it back COOLING TOWER FAN • Functions on the• Throws out warm principle of humidified air “Evaporation causes• Creates suction for dry cooling” air to enter
  7. 7. Control Room CONTROL ROOM• Controls the functioning of SIZE REQUIREMENTS all the cooling units inside as well as outside the Plant room• Includes – AHUs, Cooling towers , Compressor- condenser-chiller units controls
  8. 8. Water PumpsChiller line Condenser line(Green Colour) (Blue Colour) 300mm dia M.S pipe WATER PUMPS • Sends the 50mm thick chilled water thermocole from the Chiller insulation to the AHUs with adequate 12mm thick pressure plaster • Sends the CHILLED WATER warm water PIPE LAYERING from the condenser to the cooling towers
  9. 9. Functioning High pressure,R22 coolant in High temperaturevapour form coolant liquid Air cooled water at High pressure 24deg C Sub cooled coolant liquid Warm water at 35-40deg C Chilled water out 7deg C Super cooled coolant at -30deg C Chilled water in 10deg C
  10. 10. AHU RoomsTYPES OF AHU USED IN Supply duct Return ductHOSPITAL COMPLEX Chilled water 400X200mm 400X200mm• 100% recycle type in at 7deg C used in ward areas• 75% recycle and 25% Chilled water fresh air out at 10deg C used is Opthal Ots AHUs for Wards• 100% exhaust and • These are 16 out of the 100% fresh air total 22 AHUs present used in Cardio,Gastro • The return ducts bring OTs back the cool air from the VDF wards Inner walls with 150mm (Virtual • No extra fresh air is added thermocole insulation Frequency as it is assumed due to the covered with aluminum Device) presence of opening in the grating controls the ward areas a small electric supply percentage of fresh air is to AHU present (Saves energy)
  11. 11. AHU Rooms PLACEMENT OF AHUs • 3nos 100% recycle AHUs provided on the ground floor to supply to the wards • 2nos 100%exhaustSCHEMATIC VIEW OF HOSPITAL and 100%fresh air AHUs provided on the 2nd floor • One 75%recycle and 25% fresh air AHUs also provided on the 2nd floor LOCATION OF AHUs
  12. 12. AHU Rooms Ducts insulated to AHU FOR OPERATION prevent heat gain THEATRES 6 Nos one for each OT These do not recycle the air in the room 100% fresh air intake !00% room air exhaustDUCT ROOM• The floor above the OT is reserved for AHU ROOM the duct network AHU rooms open ,• There can be no not insulated columns or beams projecting inside the OT Exhaust for Schematic section of OT area• The ceiling of the the OT air OT is hung with Air passes through 3 situated on inverted beams and Hepa-filters before the terrace colums entering the OT to kill all harmful bacteria
  13. 13. Special Arrangements Cooling unitPanel in Plant room High densitydisplaying the rubber padstemperature of out Concreteand in Chilled water footing HEAT PUMPOver head tanks used to Hot water from the boiler Branches of 6” takenmake up for the room flooded into the out of 12” dia chillerevaporated water in chiller lines and line to maintaincooling towers functioning of all other appropriate pressure components stopped