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  1. 1. Souvenir Program 2.0What’s new: Name: We will no longer call this product a souvenir program. We propose a name similar to the following: In Gear: The Official Program and Raceday Guide for the AutoClub 400 weekend A “named” product may present trademark issues we $100 in Special Coupons don’t want to address. A more descriptive name such inside! as “Raceday Field Manual” or simply “Raceday Guide” may be more prudent. Are you prepared for Size: The new product, while still a high-quality, per- Raceday? fect bound book, will be a 7 x 9 inch size. Take our raceday readiness quiz! Price: The book will be a reduced $5 per copy Layout: The book will have two covers -- the tradition- al back cover will a second “front cover” inverted with content geared around the Saturday event. Content: An emphasis on the raceday experience will be woven throughout the book making the product a tool to be utilized throughout the weekend, rather than a souvenir to put on a shelf. It is filled with “must have” information and valuable offers The goal is to make it clear that this product is not the traditional souvenir program and that this is the new way to participate in raceday.
  2. 2. Souvenir Program 2.0What’s new: Event Specific content: The content will guide a user through their experience with an emphasis on the raceday experience. That messaging will be woven throughout the book making the product a tool to be utilized throughout the weekend, rather than a souvenir to put on a shelf. A fan’s call to action:Anatomy of an ACS Day Each feature will include some specific opportunity for a fan to “do something” to add to their ex- Go lewiS & ClArK perience both with the book and Every expedition begins with a good map. Look for the big, tall white chairs. Get to one and pick up a DiscoverIE FanZone map. Other than your with the event. ticket, and this book, it will be the most important thing you carry with you all weekend! The sample here includes a QR code that allows a fan to use a mobile phone to easily access additional content and special offers. Content will be included to explain how QR codes work to increase use and adoption. Know it All Get your race scanner and hear real-time, two-way communications between your favorite driver and his crew chief and spotter. All you need is a credit card and photo ID to rent one for the day or the weekend. FAn SAFety FirSt Got kids? Visit any information booth and get your child a weekend ID wristband. It includes your seat number and cell phone number in case the kids stray while enjoying all there is to do at Auto Club Speedway. 55 AUTOCLUBSPEEDWAY.COM
  3. 3. Souvenir Program 2.0What’s new: Improved content focused on guiding the users through the day including schedules and itineraries throughout the book making it easier for fans to plan and navigate their day. A fan’s call to action: The sample here includes a Microsoft Tag -- another form of Saturday QR code that allows a fan to use a7 AM Infield / Pit Road AreaDiscoverIE FanZone Opens — Let the fun begin! mobile phone to easily accessWith the FanZone open, merchandise haulers, food vendors 8 AMand the heart of the Speedway gets up and running. May I have your autograph please? Head to the infield and feel the excitement of race day. Check additional content and special7AM out Autograph Alley near the garage area along the fence line.Kids Club Scavenger HuntCheck your FanZone map and locate the Auto Club Speedway You never know who might stop by. offers.display. Pick up a scavengeRRhunt checklist and get going! 8 AM7:30 AM Get Your Camera and Sharpie Ready The content delivered can be up With your pre-race pit pass, head through the Tunnel andAh, sweet music make your way to Pit Road to see your favorite driver’s car;Entertainment is up and running on the Main stage with music make your picture in Gatorade Victory Lane or sign yourof all kinds. name on the Start/Finish Line. No pre-race pit pass? It’s easy8 AM to get. Stop by gate 16 on the way in and upgrade your ticket. to the minute schedules, changesMetal Mulisha Stunt ShowGet a good spot beside the stage and witness the high-flyin’,daredevilin’, acrobatin’ tricks of the world renowned StuntShow. and announcements that are8 AM managed by the Tag system, orSpeed Channel SetLocated by the main entertainment stage, see what theNASCAR “experts” have to say about today’s race. fans are simply delivered the9 AMGet Ready to Rock relevant pages from the tracksLegendary artist ____________________ rocks the house witha Pre-race concert at the Main Entertainment stage. mobile web site. 45 AUTOCLUBSPEEDWAY.COM
  4. 4. Souvenir Program 2.0What’s new:Even the traditional Souvenir Program content will take on anew look and feel. A fan’s call to action: The sample here includes an- other Microsoft Tag. Here, the additional content will be more photos and information related to the feature content. Humble Fans will be directed to a mobile web page to access on site, but beginnings Auto Club speedway launched Five Consecutive Title Runs will also be directed to hit the web site when they get home.C alifornian Jimmie Johnson didn’t he did not set the stock car world on fire in All of that, however, was before he begin his racing career with a stock his early days. In 1998, he finished fourth hooked up with Jeff Gordon, Hendrick car silver spoon in his mouth. Even in the standings and won Rookie of the Year Motorsports and crew chief Chad Knaus.Johnson sits in amazement of how someone, honors in the American Speed Association Still green in the Nationwide Series, Johnsonwho had only moderate success in his early with Herzog Motorsports in his first full approached fellow Californian Gordon afterdays, could rise through the ranks to become season in a stock car. a drivers’ meeting in 2000. Gordon, then aone of the greatest drivers in NASCAR The next season, he finished third in the three-time champ, was impressed and keptSprint Cup Series history. And, notching his ASA, winning two races. When Herzog in touch. He eventually recommended thefirst victory at Auto Club Speedway in 2002 Motorsports moved up to the NASCAR kid to Rick Hendrick to drive the No. 48put him on the right track. Nationwide Series in 2000, Johnson Lowe’s Chevrolet full-time in the NASCAR Although Johnson won 25 races, six finished 10th in the standings and third Sprint Cup Series beginning in 2002.championships and three Rookie of the in the Rookie of the Year chase. His “Jimmie earned his stripes comingYear Awards between the SODA, SCORE only Nationwide Series victory came at up through the ranks,” Gordon said inInternational and Mickey Thompson Chicagoland Speedway in 2001, when he 2001. “He didn’t win a lot of races (inEntertainment Group off-road racing series, finished eighth in the standings. his two full seasons in the Nationwide 20 NASCAR SpRiNt Cup SeRieS
  5. 5. Souvenir Program 2.0What’s new:The traditional Driver Headshot pages will no longer consistof row after row of the standard, staged driver head-and-shoulder photos. The pages will feature candid photos, a littlemore “personality” and information on the driver’s social mediapresence. A fan’s call to action: driver wAtCh Now Appearing Live At Auto CLub SpeedwAy KyLe JiMMie 48 The sample here includes another buSCh 18 Las Vegas, NV JohNSoN Microsoft Tag. This time the code El Cajon, CA would send users to a web page /KyleBusch @kylebusch /JimmieJohnson Married long-time girlfriend Samantha Sarcinella during Field reporter for ESPN in the that includes a wider driver list, more the off-season. SODA Series in 1996, 1997. Only driver to win all three NASCAR tour events in one Five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup weekend, Bristol Motor Speedway, Series champion; five-time Auto August 2010. Club Speedway winner. stats, etc. 99 CArL edwArdS 14 Columbia, MO /carledwardsmotorsports @roushfenway In addition, the starting lineup that will toNy Owns Back40 Records with a high school friend. also be distributed in paper format as StewArt Columbus, IN Finished second in both NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2008. always, can be delivered stewarthaasracing electronically. @stewarthaasrcng Worked at McDonald’s while attending Columbus North High School in Indiana. First owner/driver to win a race, 2009, since Ricky Rudd, 1998.dALeeArNhArdt Jr. 88 Kannapolis, NC /DaleJr @dalejr Appeared in music videos for Jay-Z, Sheryl Crow’s, Trace Adkins and Kid Rock. Eight-time Most Popular Driver Award recipient. 1 NASCAR SpRiNt Cup SeRieS
  6. 6. Souvenir Program 2.0What’s new: Special section: Coupons and special offers have had limited impact in traditional Souvenir Programs as readers would not remove pages and destroy their collectible book Driver appearances: $5 Jimmie Johnson Now, we are using non-coated paper to allow fans to Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. write on comment cards, entry forms and kids activity off at the KidZone merchandise trailer Jimmie Johnson pages. Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. In addition, coupons and special offers will be pro- Enter to win: Jimmie Johnson moted at points of sale to reinforce the value of the Drop this card in the comment box for a chance to win Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. book an autographed helmet from Jimmie Johnson: Jimmie Johnson email address: Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. King Taco Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Buy one Taco and get one free! Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Tell us how we’re doing: Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Comments: Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Jimmie Johnson Fanzone: Saturday, 9 a.m. Drop this in the comment box at any information booth.