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Kanyon Konsulting: Cultural Resilience reflecting 2019


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A quick presentation about the IMPORTANCE OF CULTURE SHARING, recent work of Kanyon CoyoteWoman Sayers-Roods, CEO of Kanyon Konsulting LLC

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Kanyon Konsulting: Cultural Resilience reflecting 2019

  1. 1. The Importance of Culture Sharing Cultural Resilience and Responsiveness By Kanyon CoyoteWoman
  2. 2. miSmin Tuuhis, kan-rakat Kanyon CoyoteWoman Sayers-Roods California Native, Mutsun-Ohlone Mukurma of Indian Canyon Nation
  3. 3. Ann-Marie Sayers Chairwoman of Indian Canyon Nation
  4. 4. Ohlone | Costanoan both misnomers The only federally recognized “Indian Country” is Indian Canyon. There aren’t any Federally Recognized Tribes in the SF/Monterey Bay Area Over 8 Languages are in Ohlone Territory
  5. 5. In The Land of My Ancestors By Rucha Chitnis
  6. 6. Challenge the Dominant Colonial Narrative
  7. 7. Landless in the Bay Living On Ohlone Land ohlone-land-what-we-learned-from-indigenous- women-leaders-efe3c47b7565 ess-in-the-bay-area/ acknowledgements
  8. 8. Digital Native Tech and TEK Ingenuity | Injunuity
  9. 9. Minizines – Free to Disperse
  10. 10. Kanyon Konsulting LLC Bridging the gap between Indigenous & Contemporary Value Systems
  11. 11. Land Acknowledgments
  12. 12. & Much More Tumsan-ak kannis 831-207-9331