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Condition new


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Condition new

  1. 1. Conditional Sentences are also known as Conditional Clauses or If Clauses. Conditional sentences are used to speculate about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would happen. . What is the conditional sentence?
  2. 2. If clause Type zero ; Present Real Use when • It is the TRUTH or The Command Sentence. • ‘ when/whenever ’ can be used instead of ‘ if ’ and the meaning of the sentences still the same. Example If (When) plants don’t get enough water, they die. If (When) you see my ex-boyfriend tonight, give him this card. Present Simple/Present Simple If S.+V1 , S + V1
  3. 3. If clause Type one ; Possible Use when • It has the chance or opportunity to happen in the future • Can replace will with another helping verb such as may, might, must, ought to, should, can, needn’t Example If I know the answer, I will tell you. If you don’t study hard, you will get an F. Present Simple/Future Simple If S.+V1 , S + will + V. inf
  4. 4. If clause Type one ; Possible • may for the possible result but will/shall is for certain result Ex. If he starts now , he may be in time. (possible result) If he starts now , he will be in time. (certain result) • must , ought to , should Ex. If you go out tonight , you must put a coat on. • may , can for making a permission Ex. If you are in a hurry , you can/may take my car.
  5. 5. If clause Type one ; Possible • needn’t Ex. If you go out tonight , you needn’t wear a coat. • Can (ability) we can use will be able to Ex. If you study hard, you’ll be able to speak English very well soon. • if + will for introduction or the polite request Ex. If you’ll excuse my asking , how old are you? If you’ll forgive my saying so, you are getting fat. If he will cook dinner , I’ll wash the dishes.
  6. 6. If clause Type two ; Present Unreal Use when • It has no the chance or opportunity to happen in the present time Example If I *were you, I would love her so much. If I had a private jet, I would go to Switzerland. Present Simple/would + Vinf If S.+V2 , S + would+ V. inf
  7. 7. If clause Type three ; Past Unreal Use when • impossible condition in the past and its can not be edited in the past. Example If I had showered last night, I wouldn’t have got a rash. If you had studied harder, you would have passed your exam. Past perfect/would + have + V3 If S.+ had+ V3 , S + would+ have + V.3
  8. 8. If clause Type Mixed; Use when • mention about the past but the main part mention to the present time. Example We wouldn't be lost if we had looked at the map. If I had worked harder at school, I would have a better job now. past perfect/ would + V.inf If S.+ had+ V3 , S + would+ V.inf
  9. 9. If clause Type Mixed; Use when • one part is present and another part is occur in the past Example I would have picked it up if I wasn't afraid of spiders. If I wasn't in the middle of another meeting, I would have been happy to help you. . present simple/ would + have + V.3 If S.+ had+ V3 , S + would+ have+ V3
  10. 10. Replacing If • Unless = if…not Ex. You’ll never understand the lesson unless you pay attention. = You’ll never understand the lesson if you don’t pay attention. • Provided (that), On condition (that), So long as, As long as, In case Ex. You can play in this room as long as you don’t make a mess. There is a key in the garage incase I forget it. • Suppose, Supposing, What if…. Ex. Suppose you got a scholarship, what country would you go? What if you win the lottery? Will you buy a gift for me? Replacing If
  11. 11. If Ellipsis • Making conditions or threat ( use in the conversation) Ex. You touch her again I’ll kick your ass. • Inversion structure • Type one Ex. If you should have any inquiries, I will be happy to assist you. Should you have any inquiries, I will be happy to assist you.
  12. 12. If Ellipsis • Inversion structure • Type two { If S. + were + complement} were + S. + Complement { If + S + V.2 } were + S. + to V.inf Ex. If I know you ,I would be happy Were I to know you, I would be happy I were the P.M., I would cancel a series of Friday night speeches. Were I the P.M. , I would cancel a series of Friday night speeches • Type three {If S + had + V.3} had S + V3 Ex. If the teamed had worked together., they would have achieved the goal. Had the team worked together., they would have achieved the goal.
  13. 13. • If + will/would : for a request Ex. If you would turn off the television, I would be very grateful. • It would be fine/nice if +V2 Ex. It would be nice if you paid the debts. • If it wasn’t for/ hadn’t been for…: without… Ex. If it wasn’t your help, I would be injured. = Without your help, I would be injured. • If… would like/care + to inf : invited Ex. If you would like to have dinner, I will pick you up If for any opportunity
  14. 14. • If… should/happen to… : coincidence situation Ex. If you happen to pass 7-11, can you get me some snacks? • Even if / Whether… or not Ex. You have to hand your work on time whether you are finished with it or not • Only if : must be followed by inversion sentence Ex. Only if you study hard can you be successful. =You can be successful only if you study hard. If for any opportunity
  15. 15. 1. If she ___ (Be) able to speak English, wouldn't she have a job by now? 2. If we ______ (clean) up the room, there would be a space for 20 students. 3. Tik wouldn't have been a victim if she ___________ ( not enter) her information on a website. 4. If he ______ (save) his work, he wouldn't have lost his work. 5. If you _____ (freeze) water, it becomes a solid. LET DO SOME PRACTICE were cleaned hadn’t entered had saved freeze