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Google Analytics and UX


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My session on Google Analytics and how it can be used for Uxer Experience at Barcamp Bodensee #bcbs13

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Google Analytics and UX

  1. 1. DIGITAL CONCEPTSWITH ADDED VALUE.Google Analytics and UX#bcbs13 @katrinmathis
  2. 2. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisKatrin MathisFreelance consultant and conceptual designer based in Freiburg, GermanyB. Sc. in OnlineMedia from Hochschule Furtwangen University7+ years of experience with international clientsGoogle Analytics and AdWords Qualified Individual
  3. 3. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisWhat is Web Analytics?Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet datafor the purpose of understanding and optimizing Web usage.(Web Analytics Association)
  4. 4. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisWeb Analytics User ExperienceWhat is analyzed Behavior - „what“ Intentions and motives - „why“Methods Quantitative QualitativeGoal Help organization meet goals Help users achieve goalsHow data is used Top down Bottom upKinds of data Statistical data Conceptual dataBackground Engineering or math Social sciences, humanities, artsWeb Analytics vs. User ExperienceSource: Louis Rosenfeld (2011): Search Analytics for Your Site. Rosenfeld Media.
  5. 5. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisDefineMeasure
  6. 6. 1. Define conversion goals and funnels
  7. 7. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisKey Performance IndicatorsDefinition of 5 - 8 individual key figures per departmentSMART = Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timelye.g. „Increase traffic by 25% until the end of the year“Fluctuations vs. true trendsCompare values to targets
  8. 8. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisConversion GoalsMacro and micro goals, e.g.PurchasesContact formRegistrationsNewsletter subscriptionDownloadsCommentsClicks on outbound links
  9. 9. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisGoal DefinitionUp to 4 x 5 = 20 goals per profilePer session conversion goals can only be reached once
  10. 10. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisGoal Definition - URL DestinationMatch TypeExact matchStatic URL,e.g. /thanksHead matchwith dynamicvariables, e.g./thanks?id=123Regular expressionmatchCertain part of URL
  11. 11. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisGoal Definition - Goal FunnelsUp to 10 steps, e.g.Shopping cartAddressPaymentConfirmation page = Conversion goalStatic URL or regular expressionsCheckbox „Required step“ ignores entrances past this step
  12. 12. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisConversion Reports - Goal FunnelImage:
  13. 13. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisGoal Definition - Engagement Goals
  14. 14. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisGoal Definition - Event Goals
  15. 15. 2. Track your internal search
  16. 16. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisSite SearchTracking of internal search, e.g. in profile settings
  17. 17. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisSite Search ReportsOverviewVisits with SearchTotal Unique SearchesResults Pageviews / Search% Search Exits% Search RefinementsTime after SearchSearch DepthUsageVisits with/without Site SearchSearch TermsSearch TermSite Search CategoryPagesStart PageDestination Page
  18. 18. 3. Individualize your tracking
  19. 19. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathis<a href=‘/document.pdf‘onClick =‘_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview‘, ‘/downloads/document-xy.pdf‘]);‘>Jetzt Downloaden</a>Virtual Page ViewsTracking of actions that are not page views,e.g. Downloads or outbound LinksTip: Integrate script that tracks automatically all downloads and outbound linksTip: File into categories, e.g. /downloads und /linksRequest tracked, not completion!Number of page views increased by virtual page views!
  20. 20. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathis<a onclick=“_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent‘, category, action, label, value]);“>...</a>Event TrackingTracking of objects (e.g. Video) and interactions (Play, Pause etc.)categoryactionlabel (Optional)value (Optional)In contrast to virtual pageviews events do not generate additional page viewsImage:
  21. 21. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathis_gaq.push([‘_trackSocial‘, network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath]);Social Media Tracking - Social PluginsGoogle +1 Button tracked automaticallyPlugins of other networks require manual trackingnetworksocial actionopt_targetopt_pagePath
  22. 22. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathis_gaq.push([‘_setCustomVar‘, index, name, value, scope]);_gaq.push([‘_getVisitorCustomVar‘, index]);_gaq.push([‘_deleteCustomVar‘, index]);Custom variablesUp to 5 custom variables per page view or eventindexnamevaluescope1: Visitor2: Session3: Page
  23. 23. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisE-Commerce TrackingEnable in profile settingsIntegration of _addTrans(), _addItem(), _trackTrans() onconfirmation page after _trackPageview()While goal conversions are only counted once per session, all e-commercetransactions are counted.
  24. 24. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathis_gaq.push([‘_addTrans‘,‘transaction id‘,‘affiliation‘,‘total‘,‘tax‘‘shipping‘,‘city‘,‘region‘,‘country‘]);_gaq.push([‘_addItem‘,‘transaction id‘,‘SKU/code‘,‘product name‘,‘category‘,‘price‘,‘quantity‘]);_gaq.push([‘_trackTrans‘]);E-Commerce Tracking
  25. 25. 4. Track errors
  26. 26. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathis<script type="text/javascript">_gaq.push([_trackEvent, Error, 404, page: + document.location.pathname + ref: + document.referrer ]);</script>Error trackingTrack errors as eventsTypes of errors404 Not found errorsReferrerURL trying to reachForm field errors
  27. 27. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisDefineMeasureAnalyze
  28. 28. 5. Put your numbers into context
  29. 29. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisLook for trendsTip: Choose same week days when comparing periods of time
  30. 30. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisTip: CalenderBy default 1 months until previous dayReports of current day often already available
  31. 31. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisTip: AnnotationsAnnotations for single daysVisible to all users of that profile or private tied to a single loginUse identifier in teams, e.g. (KM)Annotations show up as baloons in the graph
  32. 32. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisPlot rows
  33. 33. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisWeighted sorting
  34. 34. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisSorting by absolute change
  35. 35. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisComparison
  36. 36. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisFilter
  37. 37. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisAdvanced Filter
  38. 38. 6. Understand time on site and bounce rate
  39. 39. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisTime on site and Bounce rateTime on site measured upon each request, time on last page viewed cannot becalculatedBounce rate is percentage of visitors who leave the website after one single page viewPage 1Page 1 Page 2 Page 3Time on siteExit Exit
  40. 40. 7. Segment your data
  41. 41. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisAdvanced segmentsApply up to 4 segments at onceSimilar to profile filters butare easier to create and to comparecan also be applied to historical data
  42. 42. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisCustom segments
  43. 43. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisAdvanced segments
  44. 44. 8. Customize your reports
  45. 45. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisDashboards
  46. 46. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisDashboards - Layout
  47. 47. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisDashboards - Widgets
  48. 48. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisDashboards - Sharing
  49. 49. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisShortcutsSaves shortcut to standard and custom reports includingOpen tabSortingAdvanced segmentsGraph settingsFilterNumber of rowsTied to login, so far no possibility to share
  50. 50. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisIntelligence EventsDaily, weekly and monthly eventsGoogle Analytics calculates expected range from historical dataUpon deviations from this expected range intelligence events are createdImportance indicator and filterHelps to promptly discover anomalies and start further investigation
  51. 51. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisCustom Alerts
  52. 52. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisCustomizationCreation of customized reports consisting ofUp to 10 metrics per tab (blue)1 - 5 dimensions (green)Can be exported, e-mailed and added to dashboard
  53. 53. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisCustom reports
  54. 54. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisCustom reports
  55. 55. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisCustom reports - Sharing
  56. 56. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisDefineMeasureAnalyzeOptimize
  57. 57. 9. Validate your MVP
  58. 58. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisValidate your MVPStandish group: 64% of features never or rarely usedMVP = Minimum viable productAnnouncement of a new feature„Fake“ featureBasic version of a new featureWizard of oz testing
  59. 59. 10. Verify your changes
  60. 60. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisContent ExperimentsFull integration of Google Website Optimizer in June 2012Realization of A/B tests in Google Analytics with URL and event goals,e.g. Does another headline or another image get a higher conversion rate?Visitors are shown different variations of a pageRuntime automatically ended after 3 monthsUp to 12 active tests per profileUp to 5 variations per test
  61. 61. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisContent Experiments1. Create variation pages2. Choose conversion goal andpercentage of participatingvisitors3. Add test codeImage:
  62. 62. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisContent ExperimentsImage: at the earliest after2 weeksConversion rate of variationsCompared to original pageChances to beat original page
  63. 63. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisValue of Web Analytics for UXWeb analytics can start on a small budget and scaleProduces high fidelity data about natural use of productIdentify problematic areas for qualitative testing and quantify their impactQuantify the ROI of usability/UX
  64. 64. Google Analytics and UX, #bcbs13 @katrinmathisUse and valueOften responsibility in IT and marketing but can be valuable for whole organization !Optimization of information architectureOptimization of landing pagesOptimization of marketing campaignsOptimization of processesMatching technology of visitorsCalculation of return of investmentIdentifying business potentialBasis for management decisionsUse of data through Google Analytics API