Memo wizards 10-20-2010


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Memo wizards 10-20-2010

  1. 1. From: Brandon Valdez To: David Ficklin - OnGoal Rory O’Connor – OnGoal Office: Kansas City Lee Turner – OnGoal Date: 10.20.2010 Andy Heitmann – Turner Dave Dudzik - Turner Re: Wizards Stadium Project Update – Week of 10.18.2010 Current Activities this Week: Foundations: Area 4 Field Level – Backfill of foundations for “infill” area between Column Lines 39-1 is complete. Concrete Flatwork: Area 3 Field Level – Concrete for base slab at Cauldron Club is complete. Field Level Area 3 – Cauldron Club base slab has been placed. Masonry: Area 3 – Masonry pilaster installation at Truck Dock is ongoing. Area 1, 2, 3 – Masonry installation is ongoing at Concession Buildings. Steel: Area 1, 2, 3 – Canopy decking installation is ongoing. Area 2 – Concession Building steel truss and decking installation is nearly complete. Area 1 – Elevator support steel installation is ongoing for F1. Area 1 – Masonry and Densglas installation at Northwest corner of West Building. Roofing and Sheetmetal: Area 1, 3 – Canopy gutter installation is complete. Area 1 – Subgirt installation for metal panels is ongoing at West Building. Metal Stud Framing: Area 1 – Metal stud framing for Field, Concourse, Suite and Press Levels are ongoing. Drywall installation is is ongoing at Field and Mezzanine Levels Field Level Area 3 – Masonry pilaster installation at East Elevation (Truck Dock). Building the Future
  2. 2. Glass: Area 1 - Curtainwall framing and glass installation is ongoing at West Building on west, south and east elevations. South “wing” framing is complete. MEP Rough-in: Area 4 – Underground MEP rough-in is ongoing. West Building - Ductwork installation on Concourse, Suite and Press Levels are ongoing. Field Level Area 4 – Structural steel at infill Plumbing rough-in is ongoing on Suite and area is set and foundations are backfilled. Press Levels. Fire Protection rough-in is ongoing on Concourse, Suite and Press Levels. Electrical rough-in is ongoing on Concourse, Suite and Press Levels. Projected Activities occurring next Week: Concrete Flatwork: Area 3 Field Level – Prep for Slab-on-Grade at Stair 1 will continue. Area 4 Field Level – Installation of on-grade seating risers and intermediate stairs will continue. Area 1 Concourse Level – Placement of topping slabs inside Concession Buildings will begin. Concourse Level Area 1 – Soffit construction on SW Concourse Concession Buildings. Masonry: Area 3 – Field level masonry installation will continue in Area C and D. Area 1, 2, 3 – Concourse building masonry installation will continue. Steel: Field Level Area 3 – Misc steel installation that supports Burnished CMU will begin. Field Level Area 2 - Subroof installation will continue. Roofing and Sheetmetal: Area 1 – Permanent roofing installation at West Building will continue. Area 1 – Subgirt installation at Mezzanine Level Area 4 – Slab prep is West Building will continue. ongoing for Mezzanine walkway. Metal Stud Framing: Area 1 – Metal stud framing on Field Level will continue. Area 1 - Drywall installation will continue at Field Level Building the Future
  3. 3. and Mezzanine Level. Drywall installation will begin on Suite Level. Glass: Area 1 – Curtain Framing and Glass installation around West Building will continue. Curtainwall framing on Suite and Press Level balconies will continue. Solar Innovations recessed track will deliver. Area 1 – Shot of the Field Side of the West MEP Rough-in: Building looking Northwest. MEP Rough-in at Concourse, Suite and Press Levels will continue. Ductwork installation on Concourse, Suite, and Press Level will continue. Fire Sprinkler installation will continue on Concourse, Suite and Press Levels. MEP rough-in will continue in Main Concourse Buildings. Area 1 – Shot of the west building showing the progress of the exterior envelope. Building the Future
  4. 4. Additional Photos: Field Level Area 2– Swithgear is set in Concourse Level Area 2 – Plumbing carriers Electrical Service Room 01.20.01. set in Restrooms 03.19.01. Field Level Area 3 – Emergency Generator is Concourse Level Area 1 – Stair 4 installation set. is ongoing. Concourse Level Area 4 – Installation of metal decking is nearly complete at “infill” Field Level Area 1 – Metal stud framing is area. ongoing in Wizards Locker room. Building the Future