Construction Update 4-7-2010


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KC Soccer Stadium construction update from Turner Construction.

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Construction Update 4-7-2010

  1. 1. From: Brandon Valdez To: David Ficklin - OnGoal Rory O’Connor – OnGoal Office: Kansas City Lee Turner – OnGoal Date: 4/7/2010 Andy Heitmann – Turner Dave Dudzik - Turner Re: Wizards Stadium Project Update – Week of 4/5/2010 Current Activities this Week: Mass Excavation: Remaining Mass Excavation Activities are nearly complete. Removal of the Haul Road to Area C has started. . Site Utilities: Installation of the new electrical ductbank is ongoing. Haul Road – Removal of the temporary haul Approximately 150 linear feet is installed. road to Area C has commenced. Boring for the service line for Sanitary Main Line D is ongoing. The boring and installation of pipe for the Sanitary Lateral line is complete. Foundations: Area 1 Field Level – Column Pads excavation and Concrete placement is complete to Column Line 24. Concourse Level Area 2 – Electrical Duct Soil Nail Wall: bank installation ongoing. Area 1 – Shotcrete installation is complete. Area 2 – Shotcrete installation is complete on the 4th lift up to approximately Column Line 14. Field Level Area 1 – Isolated Footing installation completed to 24-Line. Building the Future
  2. 2. Projected Activities occurring next Week: Mass Excavation: Removal of the haul road will be nearing completion with installation of sodding and seeding commencing. Site Utilities: Installation of the new electrical ductback will continue. Field Level Area 1 – Excavation for A-Line Installation of the Sanitary Manhole at the North end of Footing from Column Line 24 to Column Line Area 1 will begin. 22. Installation of the Storm Line on the East Side (France Family Drive) of the site will begin. Foundations: Area 1 Mezzanine Level – Layout and Excavation for Footings for E-Line will begin. Area 1 Field Level – A-Line footing will be completed. Soil Nail Wall: Field Level Area 1 – Concrete placement at Area 2 – Excavation for remaining remaining lift of Player Field Entrance to the Pitch is Soil Nail Wall will begin, east of Column Line 14. complete. Structural Steel Erection: Delivery and Installation of the Crane will begin mid-week. Area 2 – Drilling for Soil Nails on 4th Lift on South Wall. Building the Future
  3. 3. Additional Photos: Field Level Area 3 – Mass excavation, south Field Level Area 1 – Backfill at SSB-Line Wall of Haul Road. is complete. Concourse Level Area 2 – Capped water Field Level Area 1 – Waterproofing main. installation on Elevator Pit for Elevators 2/3. Field Level Area 1 – Hydrotherapy Pit Area 1 – Shot of Area 1 looking North from Excavation. Concourse Level. Building the Future