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Onboarding experience


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Analysis & Best Practices of Onboarding experience for mobile apps.

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Onboarding experience

  2. 2. PARAMETERS FOR ANALYSIS 1.Asana 2.Evernote 3.Box 4.Quip 5.Insightly 6.MailChimp 7.CamScanner 8.Nike Training Club 9.The Noun Project LIST OF APPS 1. Interaction 2. Navigation 3. Functionality 4. Visual Design 5. Information Architecture 6. Content/Tone 7. Ease of Use 8. Intuitiveness 9. Minimising Resistance Points TASK ANALYSED Onboarding process
  3. 3. ASANA Functionality:The latest version gets updated automatically as soon as app is launched. ! Info Arch: Easy to login and signup from single page. ! Navigation: On clicking signup, the app opens as web app in the browser.All sign up tasks are performed in a web app. Consistency is maintained in such a way that the user doesn’t notice the difference as such. ANDROID APP 1 2 3 1 2 3
  4. 4. ASANA ANDROID APP Content: Proper feedback received at every step of action and helps user to move forward. ! Interaction: The mail shows all steps for sign up and the steps completed are checked.Also, it contains two action buttons. Clicking on any one of them redirects user to Create Account screen. 1 2 1 2
  5. 5. ASANA ANDROID APP Visual Design: A visual element is shown to create an interest while logging in. ! Content: Help text shown for Next action. 1 2 1 2
  6. 6. ASANA • Feedback is provided. • Reduces cognitive load to help the user decide what to do next. • Mail shows a clear path of number of steps completed and number of steps left. • Consistent, clear visual guide. ! PROS CONS • The sign up process is too long and complicated. The steps include: Sign Up —> Mail Verification —> Create Account —> Sign In. • The apps start updating automatically resulting in waste of time if user doesn’t want to update it.
  7. 7. EVERNOTE ANDROID APP Info Arch: Easy to login and signup from single page. ! Interaction: A lightbox to explore Evernote features appears as soon as user signs in. User can go in details by clicking on any of the feature. ! Interaction: Latest announcements also appear as lightbox. User can either dismiss or learn more about it. 1 2 3 1 2 3
  8. 8. EVERNOTE ANDROID APP 1 1 1 Visual Design: Icons defined for different types of announcements like tips, notes, products, updates that creates interest and helps user to identify and differentiate between types of announcements. 1 2 Interaction: Help text shown in form of lightbox to guide novice users as soon as user taps on Create List.
  9. 9. EVERNOTE • The announcements and features displayed at the home page, helping novice users to understand the app. • Types of announcements differentiated by icons creating interest and easy recognition. ! PROS CONS • Inconsistency in visual language of icons.
  10. 10. BOX ANDROID APP 1 Interaction: Features shown in form of carousel. User can navigate through different features by just swiping left to right. It helps user to have a better understanding of the app. 2 Info Arch: The Login and Sign Up buttons appear on the first and last screens (on next page) of carousel. 1 1 1 2
  11. 11. BOX ANDROID APP 1 Info Arch: For Sign up, only email address and password required. No extra fields like name & confirm password appear eliminating ‘Create Account’ step as shown in Asana. 1
  12. 12. BOX ANDROID APP 1 Content: The tone of the content is such that it motivates and leads user to take just one more step. 2 Content: Very crisp and clear content in mail explaining the need to verify credentials.1 2 3 3 Interaction: Action button inside the mail that redirects user to the Login screen. 3
  13. 13. BOX ANDROID APP 1 Interaction: As soon as the user signs in, help text with gestures appear in form of lightbox guiding novice users to use app. 1 1
  14. 14. BOX WEB APP 1 Label: The button label changes as compared to mobile app. 1 1
  15. 15. BOX WEB APP 1 Interaction: A tour is given to the user for understanding functionalities in the form of lightbox. 1
  16. 16. BOX • Features explained in a very interesting carousel way with good transitions between each screen. Helps user to engage and assimilate in app’s culture. • Compelling, encouraging language. • Steps arranged in small chunks and structured in logical progression. Just Three steps: Sign Up —> Verify Email —>Log in • The interactivity is explained in animated form instilling confidence in user right away. • Clean, consistent visual language. ! PROS CONS • Labels differ in mobile app as compared to web app breaking consistency. • The Sign Up and Login buttons present at first and last page of carousel. Though, it draws user to go through all the features but user may want to skip the intro at any point.
  17. 17. QUIP ANDROID APP 1 Functionality: Quip has the feature to use the app without signing in. 1 2 2 Interaction: To login, only email id is required and there is no password field.
  18. 18. QUIP ANDROID APP 1 Interaction: Examples for different types of documents appear as soon as the user signs in. It gives user an idea about how a document would look like and he can quickly start composing.This feature is different from other apps wherein screens are mostly shown empty and user has to start from scratch. 1 1 1
  19. 19. QUIP • Multiple access options for user like sign in with or without account. It gives a sense of freedom to the user and makes them explore the app. • The examples are shown for better understanding. ! ! ! PROS
  20. 20. INSIGHTLY WEB APP 1 Interaction: The process for signing up is linear. User doesn’t have to move through mailbox or any other app to complete sign up. 1 2 3 4 5
  21. 21. INSIGHTLY WEB APP 1 Interaction: As soon as the user signs in, help text appears. User can hide the information. 1
  22. 22. INSIGHTLY • Linear Sign Up process without having to navigate through different apps reducing efforts and time. • Detailed help text giving the exact location of buttons. PROS CONS • No information about where the Help text can be found once hidden.
  23. 23. MAILCHIMP WEB APP 1 Visual Design: Sign Up Free button highlighted by red colour in order to grab attention and add members. 1 2 Interaction: Instructions for username and password is displayed as soon as user starts typing. 2
  24. 24. MAILCHIMP WEB APP 1 Visual Design: Successful message clearly demarcated by using green coloured box. 1 2 2 Content: Clear mail with no unnecessary information.
  25. 25. MAILCHIMP WEB APP 1 Content: Humour added to the content. 1
  26. 26. MAILCHIMP WEB APP 1 Interaction: As soon as the user signs in, help text appears. 1 2 2 Interaction: The help text box also informs user about the shortcut for future access.
  27. 27. MAILCHIMP MOBILE APP 1 Visual Design: The mobile app is designed just for viewing content and icons are used in interesting way to show information. 1 1
  28. 28. MAILCHIMP • Limited amount of info shown on each panel making user to focus on one info at one time. • Consistent, clear visual guide using colours. • Instructions provided to avoid errors by users. • Use of humorous language making it more human and interesting. • Phased information shown after login so that user doesn’t have to digest all information at once. • The needs for intermediate and experts users are also fulfilled by providing options shortcut. PROS
  29. 29. CAMSCANNER MOBILE APP 1 Content: The features/use cases are explained with the help of personas that helps people from different fields to be able to relate easily. 1 1 1
  30. 30. CAMSCANNER MOBILE APP 1 Interaction: The action button displayed at the end of the intro screens. 2 Functionality: The option to use app without Login is provided. 1 2
  31. 31. CAMSCANNER MOBILE APP 1 Interaction: Clear hierarchy with appropriate action buttons at right time. 1 1 1
  32. 32. CAMSCANNER MOBILE APP 1 Interaction: User is assisted with the most important functionality to start working. 2 Visual Design: User’s attention is easily grabbed by using small orange dots. 1 2
  33. 33. • The use cases of the app shown if form of personas making it easier for the users to relate. • Freedom to use the app without login. • Action buttons displayed at right time giving an easy flow to users to navigate. • The way to grab user’s attention is interesting by using orange dots. It makes the screen look clean and yet the purpose is solved. ! ! ! PROS CAMSCANNER CONS • No option for the user to skip the intro. User has to go through all the pages to find Login/Register/Use the app options.
  34. 34. NIKETRAINING CLUB MOBILE APP 1 Navigation: Login present on each screen giving user freedom to skip the intro at any point. 1 1 1
  35. 35. NIKETRAINING CLUB MOBILE APP 1 Interaction: Big buttons for easy interaction.Also clear hierarchy of the tasks.1 2 2 Navigation/Interaction: The carousel gives a hint to the user that there are other actions as well that can be taken. 3 Interaction: The main action button kept out of the carousel. 3
  36. 36. NIKETRAINING CLUB MOBILE APP 1 Visual Design: Use of attractive pictures explaining the workout plus also creating an interest to look into the details. 1 2 2 Visual Design: The action button gets hidden because of the background. 3 3 Info Arch: The option toTour the App is present under top right corner button helping user to understand the features even if he skips the intro at Login page.
  37. 37. • Freedom to skip the intro and Login from any page. • The intro can later be viewed from the top right button, if user wants to know the features. • The use of big size buttons helps in easy interaction. Also the tasks are arranged in clear hierarchy. • Use of attractive pictures motivates user to explore the app. ! ! ! PROS CONS • At some places, the background dominates the action buttons. NIKETRAINING CLUB
  38. 38. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 1 Visual Design: Use of interesting metaphors to display features and announcements. 2 Interaction: The action buttons present with features and announcements for easier navigation. 1 1 2 2
  39. 39. 1 Visual Design: The visual language of the banners changes suddenly. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 1 1 1
  40. 40. 1 Interaction: The main action form goes below the page fold that makes user to scroll. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 1 2 2 Interaction: A black vertical line appears as soon as the user starts typing in a particular field. It helps in easy association and recognition.
  41. 41. 1 Interaction: The important fields get highlighted once the form is filled. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 2 Interaction: The Sign up button changes into icon on mouse hover. Since, the website is all about icons, these small details help in building strong identity. 1 2 2
  42. 42. 1 Visual Design: Continuity of use of metaphors in mail as well, maintaining consistency all over. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 1 1 2 2 Functionality: Monthly newsletter shows new additions and an action button for upgrading the account, motivating user to upgrade.
  43. 43. 1 Visual Design: Interesting design for Password Reset and Page Not Found also mentioning the instructions for next actions. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 1 1
  44. 44. 1 Interaction: The secondary menu appears on hovering the logo. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 1 1
  45. 45. 1 Interaction: On clicking the profile name, mega menu with all the details related to that profile appear. THE NOUN PROJECT WEB APP 1
  46. 46. • Interesting use of metaphors, creating a strong brand identity. • Display of important information and associated action helping user to act at the same point, without having to search and navigate to different pages. • Highlighting the important fields. • Instructions to follow path, mentioned everywhere. ! ! ! ! PROS CONS • The use of colours break consistency at some points like the banners. • The main actions are below the page fold that may lead to confusion sometimes. THE NOUN PROJECT
  47. 47. BEST PRACTICES Get them into the game: Engage customers before asking them to commit. ! Be Welcoming + Action oriented. ! Confirm that it’s them: Provide their name/username on the screen. ! One path, Many doors: Give freedom. Provide multiple options for Login. ! Make it hard to do wrong: Provide instructions.
  48. 48. Prepare them: Instil confidence by telling the important and hidden features they will need, up front. ! Show by example. ! Keep it human: Use motivating, humorous tone. ! Treat everyone equal: Fulfil needs of Beginners, Intermediate and Experts. ! Be Minimalistic: Keep limited content on each screen and let them digest info. ! ! BEST PRACTICES
  49. 49. THANKS. Kanika Gupta UX Designer