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The journey to Continuous Automation - Chef Automate


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Chef had driven the the Devops revolution, and its platform, Chef platfomr, is the leader in Continuous Automation. Chef visited the Kangaroot offices to show how you can achieve speed, scale and consistency by automating your infrastructure with Chef!

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The journey to Continuous Automation - Chef Automate

  1. 1. The Journey to Continuous Automation Outperform with Chef Automate Hans Linssen - Regional Sales Director Pieter Hagen - Solution Architect Charles Richards – Business Development Mngr
  2. 2. < Customer Discovery Slide > The current state of application delivery in your company The shape of your organization today ESTATE What we know about their environment ▪  Datacenters ▪  Cloud, Containers, etc ▪  App stack ▪  Size of infrastructure ▪  Team dynamics GOALS Conclusions about where we can likely help ▪  Outcomes that will help this customer ▪  Platform capabilities that intersect with their problems ▪  Areas where we help quickly with large impact CHALLENGES What we know about current challenges ▪  IT initiatives ▪  The state of automation and overall performance ▪  Look for patterns that align with our outcomes
  3. 3. 5x Apps and experiences are the new interface Disrupt or be disrupted. Outperform the competition with digital transformation. Success with digital transformation is key to business growth Idea Ship PROBLEM Most enterprises aren’t very good at shipping software ▪  Slow time-to-market ▪  Poor user experience ▪  High cost ▪  Poor predictability ▪  Vulnerabilities and risk POTENTIAL 1—Gartner, Delivering Value at Speed 2—GartnerApps, November 2016 REQUIREMENT For organizations that have implemented DevOps, 66% saw faster realization of business value1. Gartner predicts that through 2021 market demand for app development will outstrip supply by 5x. 66%
  4. 4. The impact of outperformance High performing IT drives 5x revenue growth, 2x more likely to exceed goals Top-quartile digital B2B companies Rest of B2B sample Revenue growth, CAGR, 2010-15 4.3% 0.8% ~5X Firms with high performing IT organizations were twice as likely to exceed their profitability, market share, and productivity goals The State of DevOps, 2017 HIGH PERFORMING IT ORGANIZATIONS: ▪  46x more frequent releases ▪  96x faster at recovering from failures ▪  5x lower change failure rate ▪  440x shorter lead times No high velocity company has gotten there without automation as a foundation Digital leaders grow faster... ...and high performing IT drives outperformance. The high performers are way ahead on key success metrics. The State of DevOps, 2017
  5. 5. Velocity: time from idea to ship Continuous automation success metrics Quantifying outcomes to deliver software at speed Deployment frequency Time from commit to deploy Mean time to resolve Time deploying remediation Change failure rate SPEED Measure of rate of software change EFFICIENCY Measure of effectiveness of software change RISK Measure of quality of software change Compliance audit frequency Idea Ship
  6. 6. Software success metrics are at odds Improving on one metric can negatively impact the others SPEED EFFICIENCY RISK A focus on increasing speed to meet business requirements... ...can introduce more errors into the environment... ...and open up security holes faster than teams can react.
  7. 7. The journey to continuous automation Three steps to improvement across all dimensions of software success Detect Correct Automate 1. Detect Gain visibility and develop baselines 2. Correct Remediate priority issues 3. Automate Continuously detect & correct
  8. 8. 55% Step one: Detect Gain visibility into current status to satisfy audits and drive decision-making of organizations do compliance assessments inconsistently or not at all. Apply policies and gain a complete view across the fleet ▪  Accurately assess risk ▪  Prioritize remediation actions ▪  Maintain audit readiness ▪  Create and adjust policies ” Continuous visibility means that you enter into audits knowing the outcome. Jon Williams, NIU ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  9. 9. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Step two: Correct Remediate issues to improve performance and security ▪  Prioritize actions based on impact ▪  Improve application performance ▪  Close security holes ▪  Prove policy compliance Web & Media Giant Can patch 250,000 nodes within 6 hours of a patch being made available Develop, test, and deploy remediation to address issues across the fleet ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ of organizations need days or longer to remediate issues.58%
  10. 10. 59% Step three: Automate Deploy applications faster and manage risk continuously ▪  Increase speed while reducing risk ▪  Improve software change efficiency ▪  Maintain security and compliance ▪  Align DevOps and InfoSec Every resource and app in HPC environment automatically qualified as compliant with FDA standards before deployment ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ of organizations do not assess for compliance until code is running in production. Deploy applications with confidence
  11. 11. Continuous Automation at Niu Solutions Automate Niu Solutions offers managed services to regulated industries including retail and financial services •  Customers undergoing rapid change •  Stringent regulatory reporting requirements •  Heterogeneous environments with significant legacy technology Business Challenge Niu worked with Chef to automate compliance across hybrid environments and collaborate among teams •  Reduced time spent on compliance checks by 93% •  Achieved ongoing audit readiness •  Eliminated unplanned work Solution Customer Journey Detect Correct Applied InSpec to test against regulatory standards and best practices Reduced time spent on compliance checks by 93% “Once something is built and it's handed over, they know it's compliant and it's continuously compliant.” - Jon Williams, CTO Deployed fixes with Chef and gathered lessons learned to improve detection capabilities Reduced SQL setup time from one full day to 12 mins Integrating the detect and correct cycle and collaborating across teams Extending library of 1000 compliance controls
  12. 12. Customer Examples Because we serve a very regulated industry, we need to make sure all of our machines are compliant. The only way you can give the current state is if you are constantly checking. Chef and Inspec together gives us DevOps plus SecOps all together in one package. - Amulya Sharma, GE
  13. 13. A single platform to Detect, Correct, and Automate Chef Automate enables the entire journey Detect ▪  Test against industry benchmarks ▪  Report and address audit needs Correct ▪  Close detect/correct loop in one platform ▪  Develop baselines for automation Automate ▪  Detect and correct before production ▪  Single language across DevOps, InfoSec Chef Automate is a single platform to support the entire journey
  14. 14. The Chef Automate Platform Continuous Automation for High Velocity IT Workflow • Local development • Integration • Tooling (APIs & SDKs) COLLABORATE ▪  Package ▪  Test ▪  Approve BUILD ▪  Provision ▪  Configure ▪  Execute ▪  Update DEPLOY ▪  Secure ▪  Comply ▪  Audit ▪  Measure ▪  Log MANAGE Infrastructure Automation Compliance AutomationApplication Automation AUTOMATION ENGINES Manage infrastructure, apps, and compliance as code Embed detect & correct in the software delivery lifecycle Collaborate across teams to improve speed, efficiency, risk
  15. 15. Chef Automate is at the heart of software delivery The vendors you trust, trust Chef for continuous automation Workflow • Local development • Integration • Tooling (APIs & SDKs) COLLABORATE ▪  Package ▪  Test BUILD ▪  Secure ▪  Comply MANAGE Infrastructure Automation Compliance Automation Application Automation OSS AUTOMATION ENGINES ▪  Provision ▪  Configure DEPLOY MANAGEMENT RUNTIME WORKFLOW ENVIRONMENT SECURITY AND GOVERNANCE
  16. 16. Support, services, and training Chef as your partner for success with continuous automation ▪  On Demand. Chef can provide dedicated support for your installation with experts from our customer success team. ▪  Vibrant Community. In addition to direct support, Chef has a huge and active community ready and willing to provide guidance and best practice. ▪  Custom development. Chef can design and build configuration cookbooks, compliance profiles and application packages using our in-house experts. ▪  Accelerators. Our architects and DevOps practitioners can provide the experience needed to get to success quickly. ▪  Public and Private Training. We can deliver in-person and on-demand training to suit your needs. ▪  Certification. Chef can help ensure your team has the right knowledge for continued success. Support from the source Services for outcomes Training for capability Leading change in a large and profitable enterprise is challenging for a number of reasons. Chef helps make change work at Target.
  17. 17. >1k >25k Company Background ▪  At the forefront of agile, lean, and DevOps movements ▪  Open Source foundation ▪  Tens of millions of machines under management by Chef ▪  265 employees. Offices in Seattle, San Francisco, London, Berlin OUR VISION The most enduring and transformative companies use Chef to become fast, efficient, and innovative software driven organizations 70% of the Fortune 500 tech sector uses Chef Customers use Chef, including Alaska Airlines, Disney, Facebook, Intuit & Target Organizations using Chef to improve their speed, efficiency & risk management Quick Stats
  18. 18. Chef can help you achieve Continuous Automation Follow a proven pathAutomate by treating as code Achieve measurable outcomes
  19. 19. Next steps Start your journey to continuous automation today Chef has helped over a thousand customers on the journey to Continuous Automation Chef Automate Demo Understand the Chef Automate technology in context of your needs Prioritize Detect & Correct Use Cases Act on insights and remediate before problems are deployed Try Chef Automate Pilot An easy way to get hands-on with the product
  20. 20. Thank You hlinssen@CHEF.IO / +31628984449
  21. 21. Accelerate your journey to Continuous Automation Why Chef? Compliance Automation Test against baselines to maintain continuous compliance Single Platform to Detect & Correct Act on insights and remediate before problems are deployed Hybrid & Complex Environments Broad technology support and the flexibility to adapt to change Automation at Scale Distributed architecture proven in the world’s largest environments Chef has helped over a thousand customers on the journey to Continuous Automation
  22. 22. Chef helps you address all success metrics Capture outcomes at each step in the journey to continuous automation SPEED EFFICIENCY RISK Deploy frequently, quickly, and confidently to any environment Eliminate rework and reduce MTTR with automation at scale Maintain continuous compliance with full visibility and rapid remediation
  23. 23. The Chef Automate Platform Continuous Automation for High Velocity IT Workflow • Local development • Integration • Tooling (APIs & SDKs) COLLABORATE ▪  Package ▪  Test ▪  Approve BUILD ▪  Provision ▪  Configure ▪  Execute ▪  Update DEPLOY ▪  Secure ▪  Comply ▪  Audit ▪  Measure ▪  Log MANAGE Infrastructure Automation Compliance AutomationApplication Automation AUTOMATION ENGINES Increase Speed ▪  Package infrastructure and app configuration as code ▪  Continuously automate infrastructure and app updates Improve Efficiency ▪  Define and execute standard workflows and automation ▪  Audit and measure effectiveness of automation Decrease Risk ▪  Define compliance rules as code ▪  Deliver continuous compliance as part of standard workflow
  24. 24. Detect: Security & Compliance Auditing Continuous Auditing 3 Nodes execute InSpec to begin the audit process 2 Nodes check into the Chef Server picking up their assigned profiles 1 Security teams assign profiles to nodes using Chef Server 4 InSpec downloads assigned profiles from Chef 5 Automate or Chef Supermarket then executes them 7 Teams review results of InSpec audit & determine steps to remediate non-compliant nodes 6 Nodes report back the results of the audit to Chef Automate
  25. 25. Visibility over your entire fleet Detect with Chef Automate Test against industry benchmarks ▪  Words about profiles ▪  Centrally manage, etc. Gain visibility across the fleet ▪  Dashboards, drill down ▪  Role-specific views Report and address audit needs ▪  Store data, audit trail ▪  Reporting capabilities
  26. 26. Chef sets the standard for IT automation Backed by leading analysts “Chef is playing a vital role in helping organizations of all sizes implement high velocity development and operations environments.” JUL 2015 | Read Article > “Using Chef… the result has been that the product team can answer the question, ‘What was the state of the infrastructure on 29 August?’” SEP 2016 | Read Article > Driving outcomes for customers “Africa’s Standard Bank Seeks Speed Through Software Automation, DevOps.” MAY 2015 | Read Article > Best-in-class automation “A rich dev and test toolchain, collaborative end-to-end workflow, and improved Windows support put Chef in a league of its own.” AUG 2016 | Read Article > Industry-changing innovation “Chef wants to make it as easy as possible for businesses to run their applications… the idea behind Habitat is enormously powerful.” JUN 2016 | Read Article >
  27. 27. Chef: Leader in the DevOps Market ” Leading change in a large and profitable enterprise is challenging for a number of reasons. Chef helps make change work at Target.