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Reliable Data Protection & Bare Metal Recover for SAP HANA on SUSE SES - LIVE DEMO - #OPEN18


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SEP Backup and Disaster Recovery Software for SAP HANA, SAP ASE, SUSE, Oracle, IBM DB2, MAX DB, Microsoft SQL, and many other heterogeneous Enterprise datacenter environments, either physical (Intel or Power) or virtual (VMWare, KVM, XEN, etc.).

SEP Software is of course 100% certified by SAP and SUSE SES and also well suited Open Source solution from SMBs to large Enterprises.

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Reliable Data Protection & Bare Metal Recover for SAP HANA on SUSE SES - LIVE DEMO - #OPEN18

  1. 1. HYBRID BACKUP AND RECOVERY SEP sesam SEP Tom Elkhuizen / Chris5an Jargon Sales Director EMEA North / Senior Pre Sales Engineer
  2. 2. GENERAL Long Backup Experience •  > 30 years SEP •  25 years SEP sesam •  SMB - Enterprise Loca?ons •  Headquarters in Munich, Germany •  Boulder + Boston (USA) •  Amersfoort (NL) •  Sydney (ASIAPAC) SoBware Made in Germany •  ASribute of Quality •  Support, GUI, Manual •  Data Privacy Best Support Reputa?on •  Extremely competent •  Confirmed by Gartner •  Recommended by lots of customers Global Product •  > 5200 Customers •  > 58 Countries •  > 265 cer5fied partners worldwide Secure financial Basis •  Managed by the owners •  No Venture Capital •  A1 Ra5ng at Duns &Bradstreet
  4. 4. SEP WAS NAMED ONE OF THE 2018 GARTNER PEER INSIGHTS CUSTOMERS’ CHOICE FOR DATA CENTER BACKUP AND RECOVERY SOFTWARE hSps:// reviews/market/data-center- backup-and-recovery-sobware SEP is 1 of only 7 vendors worldwide of the 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers‘ Choice for Data Center Backup and Recovery Sobware The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Logo is a trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc., and/or its affiliates, and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinctions are determined by the subjective opinions of individual end-user customers based on their own experiences, the number of published reviews on Gartner Peer Insights and overall ratings for a given vendor in the market, as further described here and are not intended in any way to represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.
  5. 5. THE SEP VISION 1.  SINGLE backup solu?on for HYBRID and distributed environments! 2.  TRUSTED vendor for most comprehensive virtualiza?on, database and applica?on support! 3.  With SEP sesam, business con?nuity is achieved with ease! 4.  SEP will contribute to customers‘ business with a.  best TCO, b.  data protec?on quality and c.  outstanding customer support … now and in future!
  6. 6. THE SEP STRATEGY 1.  Provide unequaled protec5on of all our customers’ data 2.  Adapt new technologies to offer the most up-to-date and efficient backup sobware on the market to save customer’s money due to data reduc5on, RTO, RPO and effec5veness 3.  World-class support with the ambi5on that our partners and customers are successful with our sobware 4.  Foster a close rela?onship with customers, reseller and technology partners 5.  Open Source for our major components 6.  Focus on key competence as backup & recovery sobware provider 7.  Sell via partner 100% in EMEA
  7. 7. Best of both worlds! i.e. Enterprise func5onality at SMB price level --> op?mal cost- performance-ra?o SEP sesam MARKET POSITION Enterprise Broad func5onality, huge support matrix (e.g. Commvault, NetBackup, NetWorker, Spectrum Protect, DataProtector) --> Expensive licenses AND maintenance SMB Limited func5onality, smaller support matrix (e.g. Backup Exec, arcserve, Veeam, DPM, NetVault, Catalogic, Acronis) --> Cheaper prices
  8. 8. ENTERPRISE FUNCTIONALITIES Distributed Environments •  Master GUI •  Remote Device Server •  Replica5on Enterprise DB •  Oracle, DB2, Informix, Lotus Notes •  SAP R/3 + NetWeaver + HANA + ASE Huge Support Matrix •  All Opera5ng Systems •  All Databases •  All Groupware Products IBM Mainframe •  IBM Power (AIX or Linux) •  IBM zSystems / LinuxONE Cluster Edi?ons •  Oracle RAC •  Exchange DAG •  MS SQL on Windows Cluster •  Groupwise on OES Cluster Scalability and Performance •  Mul5 Streaming •  Remote Device Server •  Deduplica5on
  9. 9. CERTIFICATIONS Applica?on Opera?ng System Hypervisor
  10. 10. HYPERVISOR •  Agenteless via vStorage API •  VSS •  Change Block Tracking •  vMo5on, VMware HA •  Single File Restore •  Instant Recovery •  HotAdd, nbd(ssl), SAN •  Ac5vate VM aber Restore •  LAN-free Backup •  MS API •  VSS •  Live Migra5on •  CSV •  SMB 3.0 •  Component Based Restore •  Single Host or Hyper-V Cluster •  Xen API •  VSS •  Single Host or Poolmaster •  Recover to another host or poolmaster •  Restore over Management LAN •  XenHost Metadata •  oVirt API •  Online Backup •  RHV Host or Cluster •  DataMover as VM •  Granular Restore (Complete VM, Single virtual disks or only meta data) •  Ac5vate VM aber Restore Unified Look&Feel for Backup and Restore in the GUI •  libVirt API •  Qemu •  Online Backup •  Client on each host •  Mutually exclusive with RHV agent
  11. 11. SAP HANA (1) ▪  Uses backint API ▪  FULL, DIFF and INC backups are possible ▪  The backup state can be checked from the SEP server as well as from the SAP HANA Studio ▪  Backups and Restores can be started from SAP HANA Studio ▪  Backups could be automated in different ways (SEP, cron-Job, etc.) ▪  Simple installa5on + configura5on (Install script) ▪  Support of scale-out cluster (mul5 node) ▪  Support of mul5-tenancy (mul5ple separate HANA instances on one host) ▪  Tutorial on YouTube:
  12. 12. SAP HANA (2) SAP HANA Database BACKUP DATA USING BACKINT (‘$PREFIX’) hdbsql SAP HANA studio CRON Job SEP Scheduling SEP hdbbackint Multi-Stream WAN Off-Site
  13. 13. SUSE PARTNERSHIP ▪  Long and ac5ve partnership since 2000 ▪  Support of current version SLES12 ▪  Disaster Recovery supported ▪  Backup possible for SLES on Intel and IBM Power ▪  Especially for SAP HANA there is a strong coopera5on of SEP, SAP and SUSE ▪  SEP is integrated and cer5fied with SUSE Connect and therefore a preinstalled part of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applica7ons
  14. 14. SEP – SAP – SUSE ▪  Close coopera5on of the 3 ‚german‘ companies especially for SAP HANA ›  Development ›  Marke5ng ›  Support
  15. 15. RED HAT PARTNERSHIP ▪  Long and ac5ve partnership since 2005 ▪  Support of current version RHEL7 ▪  Disaster Recovery supported ▪  Backup possible for RHEL on Intel and IBM Power ▪  Common development of a backup API for RHV ▪  2015: Common announcement of the worldwide first agent for online backup of RHV ▪  Red Hat Independent SoBware Vendor of the Year 2010. During the Red Hat Partner Summit 2010 in Valencia, Red Hat awarded SEP with the "Independent Sobware Vendor of the Year" award and thereby underlined the great partnership between both companies
  16. 16. SEP – SAP – RED HAT Physical SAP Installa?ons ▪  Support of SAP on RHEL ▪  Cer5fied SAP backup with online SEP agents for NetWeaver and HANA on Linux Intel or IBM Power ▪  Disaster Recovery of the system Virtual SAP Installa?ons ▪  NEW since Feb 2018! SAP HANA released for RHV ▪  SEP agent for snapshot backup on RHV ▪  Disaster Recovery of the VM
  17. 17. IBM PARTNERSHIP ▪  Long and ac5ve partnership ▪  Support of IBM platorms: AIX, Linux on Power, LinuxOne (zSystem) ▪  Support of IBM applica5ons (on Intel): DB2, Lotus Notes, Informix ▪  Cer5fica5on of SEP for SAP HANA on Power (Big & LiSle Endian) ▪  IBM recommends SEP when Spectrum Protect (TSM) does not fit ▪  Successfull common projects (-> Case Study: Pneuhage)
  18. 18. 1. via RBD 2. via S3 SUSE ENTERPRISE STORAGE Benefits ▪  Enough space for any amount of backup data and growth rate ▪  Using SES for a high secure second or third copy of your backup data ▪  Completely transparent to the backup sobware because of standard interfaces ▪  Migra5on to tape for compliance reasons possible ▪  Applying the efficient Si3 deduplica5on technology 3. via iSCSI
  19. 19. RED HAT VIRTUALIZATION Backup ▪  Single Nodes or RHV Cluster ▪  Via ovirt and libvirt API ▪  Complete VMs, single virtual disks or backup of the config data of a VM possible ▪  Groups of VMs can run on several hosts by means of the RHV Manager Resource ▪  Currently only COPY backups possible -> Recommenda5on: Si3 for data reduc5on ▪  Needs a proxy VM as DataMover (similar to VMware HotAdd) ▪  Via LAN or LAN-free ▪  RHV 4 supported ▪  Requires at least RHEL V7 for the DataMover Restore ▪  On the original VM or in another loca5on even on other RHV system ▪  With same or other name ▪  Path restore of a VM directly into the file system possible
  20. 20. KVM ONLINE BACKUP Backup ▪  Snapshot-based online backup ▪  Requires QEMU as hardware hypervisor ▪  Uses libvirt API ▪  Backup client must be installed on all KVM hosts ▪  LAN-free possible with SEP sesam RDS on KVM hosts ▪  Only COPY/FULL-Backup possible ▪  Tested for Debian and RHEL on KVM host Restore ▪  Original VM or other loca5on ▪  To separate KVM system possible ▪  With same or new name ▪  Path restore of a VM directly into the file system possible Linux KVM QEMU VM VM VM Libvirt SEP sesam KVM Agent ovirt SEP sesam RHV Agent
  21. 21. INFORMATION POOLS 30 days Demo incl. free Support SEP Wiki Youtube Channel Trainings Success Stories Support Matrix hSp://
  23. 23. Hybrid Backup
  25. 25. DEMO SEP SESAM