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Summer Planning Chart


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Kanesha from talks about the summer plans her multigenerational family will undertake. They plan to create their own summer camp and roll with a loose schedule.

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Summer Planning Chart

  1. 1. It’s a full nestPuffy paint Sign-up for library Outdoor pool visitPiano summer readingPuffy paint Library visitPiano 30-to-60 quiet reading timePiano Library story time Thank you notes Nature walk/bingo (May birthdays) Kindergarten playdatePiano Blogging (13 yo) Outdoor pool visit Kindergarten playdatePiano Outdoor pool visitSock MonstersPiano Blogging (13 yo)Sock MonstersPiano Rock Cake Outdoor pool visitPiano Library story timePiano Outdoor pool visitSketching (Botanic -Botanic GardensGardens)
  2. 2. Summer