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Resilience shield


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Do you need a reminder on ways to face your shame, boost your resiliency, and tackle your next adventure? Take a moment to create your Resilience Shield as a reminder of the internal superpowers you posses but often forget reside with you your reach.

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Resilience shield

  1. 1. Resilience Shield Inside the Star Write your superhero name Ring behind the star Write 5 words that describe your resiliency powers (e.g. flexible, understanding, committed, risk-taking, etc.) Medium ring Write down the names of songs that empower you and describe your resiliency powers Large ring Write your superhero motto Add a handle/strap to your shield. Use the colors you love the most Then – research the significance of the colors you’ve selected Bold Living Today, Kanesha Baynard Coaching, LLC   Twitter: @kaneshabaynard