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MTE1                                                                                                                      ...
MTE1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION                                                                                              ...
MTE1                Agriculture continues to play a major role in Indian Economy. Agriculture Sector                      ...
MTE1 microcontrollers are particularly suitable for industrial control, medical systems, access controland point-of-sale. ...
MTE1 Block Diagram:                                                                                                       ...
MTE1 ADVANTAGES:    1. Ease of maintenance                                                                                ...
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  1. 1. MTE1   Ph: 040 – 6464 6363, 6625 6695, 888 5555 212 Real-Time Atomization of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System Galgalikar, M.M.; Dept of Electron. & Telecommun., Jawaharlal Darda Inst. of Eng. & Technol., Yavatmal, India This paper appears in: Computer and Automation Engineering (ICCAE), 2010 The 2nd International Conference on Issue Date: 26-28 Feb. 2010 On page(s): 286 - 288 Location: Singapore Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-5585-0 References Cited: 7 INSPEC Accession Number: 11259185 Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICCAE.2010.5451949 Date of Current Version: 19 April 2010 Hyderabad: Tarakarama Estates, 2nd Left Lane ‐ Opp RS Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad ‐ 500073  Vijayawada: 4th Floor, White House, Opp All India Radio, MG Road, Vijayawada – 520010 
  2. 2. MTE1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION   Ph: 040 – 6464 6363, 6625 6695, 888 5555 212Title of the project : REAL-TIME AUTOMIZATION OF AGRICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT FOR SOCIAL MODERIZATION OF INDIAN AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMDomain : Wireless Communication & Embedded SystemsSoftware : Embedded C, Keil, ProloadMicrocontroller : LPC2148 controllerPower Supply : +9V,Display : LCD HD44780 16-character, 2-line (16X2)Crystal : 12MHzADC : 1Applications : Industrial Automation, Weather stations, Home   Automation, Notice boardsDeveloped By : M/S Wine Yard TechnologiesPhone : 040-6464 6363, Hyderabad: Tarakarama Estates, 2nd Left Lane ‐ Opp RS Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad ‐ 500073  Vijayawada: 4th Floor, White House, Opp All India Radio, MG Road, Vijayawada – 520010 
  3. 3. MTE1  Agriculture continues to play a major role in Indian Economy. Agriculture Sector   Ph: 040 – 6464 6363, 6625 6695, 888 5555 212is changing the socio-economic environments of the population due to liberalization andglobalization. Irrigation system in India has given a high priority in economic development.Many new concepts are being developed to allow agricultural automation to flourish and deliverits full potential. To take full advantage of these technologies, we should not just consider theimplication of developing a new single technology but should look at the wider issues forcomplete development of a system. The paper Real time atomization of agricultural environment for socialmodernization of Indian agricultural system using ARM7 and GSM is focused on atomizing theirrigation system for social welfare of Indian agricultural system. The project is implemented byusing advanced processor ARM7TDMI which is a 32 bit microprocessor, GSM serves as animportant part as it is responsible for controlling the irrigation on field and sends them to thereceiver through coded signals. GSM operates through SMSs and is the link between ARMprocessor and centralized unit. ARM7TDMI is an advanced version of microprocessors and forms the heart ofthe system. Our project aims to implement the basic application of atomizing the irrigation fieldby programming the components and building the necessary hardware. This project is used tofind the exact field condition. GSM is used to inform the user about the exact field condition.The information is given on user request in form of SMS. GSM modem can be controlled bystandard set of AT (Attention) commands. These commands can be used to control majority ofthe functions of GSM modem. The LPC2148 are based on a 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI-S™ CPU with real-timeemulation and embedded trace support, together with 128/512 kilobytes of embedded high speedflash memory. A 128-bit wide memory interface and unique accelerator architecture enable 32-bit code execution at maximum clock rate. For critical code size applications, the alternative 16-bit Thumb Mode reduces code by more than 30% with minimal performance penalty. With theircompact 64 pin package, low power consumption, various 32-bit timers, 4- channel 10-bit ADC,USB PORT,PWM channels and 46 GPIO lines with up to 9 external interrupt pins these Hyderabad: Tarakarama Estates, 2nd Left Lane ‐ Opp RS Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad ‐ 500073  Vijayawada: 4th Floor, White House, Opp All India Radio, MG Road, Vijayawada – 520010 
  4. 4. MTE1 microcontrollers are particularly suitable for industrial control, medical systems, access controland point-of-sale. With a wide range of serial communications interfaces, they are also very well   Ph: 040 – 6464 6363, 6625 6695, 888 5555 212suited for communication gateways, protocol converters and embedded soft modems as well asmany other general-purpose applications. In this project we are using LPC2148, Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor,Dry/wet sensor to detect the soil moisture condition automatically and 16X2 LCD is used todisplay their values with the help of in built Analog to digital converter and the people canaccess the information of sensors with the help of simple SMSs by using GSM technology. This project uses two power supplies, one is regulated 5V for modules and other one is3.3V for LPC2148. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridgetype full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac output of secondary of 230/12V step downtransformer. Hyderabad: Tarakarama Estates, 2nd Left Lane ‐ Opp RS Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad ‐ 500073  Vijayawada: 4th Floor, White House, Opp All India Radio, MG Road, Vijayawada – 520010 
  5. 5. MTE1 Block Diagram:   Ph: 040 – 6464 6363, 6625 6695, 888 5555 212 GSM  Modem      U    MAX  A  232    16X2 LCD  R    T    Contrast  ARM 7 TDMI  LPC2148  Temperature  A  Sensor  D  C  Humidity  Sensor  Hyderabad: Tarakarama Estates, 2nd Left Lane ‐ Opp RS Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad ‐ 500073  Vijayawada: 4th Floor, White House, Opp All India Radio, MG Road, Vijayawada – 520010 
  6. 6. MTE1 ADVANTAGES: 1. Ease of maintenance   Ph: 040 – 6464 6363, 6625 6695, 888 5555 212 2. Accessing the data from any remote place. 3. Less power consumption 4. Very faster communicationAPPLICATIONS: 1. Industrial Automation 2. Weather stations 3. Home Automation 4. Notice boards   Abstract Prepared By  TM Hyderabad: Tarakarama Estates, 2nd Left Lane ‐ Opp RS Brothers, Ameerpet, Hyderabad ‐ 500073  Vijayawada: 4th Floor, White House, Opp All India Radio, MG Road, Vijayawada – 520010