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Cosmetic surgery in India offers patients from around the world a chance to uplift the features of their face, making them look stunningly attractive once again.

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Cosmetic surgery india

  1. 1. Cosmetic surgery in IndiaOverview:More than seven million cosmetic procedures are performed annually in America alonewhile many millions more in India and around the world. Cosmetic surgery havebecome safer and effective now-a-days. There is a vast growth in this particular field inthe recent years. The improvement of the human figure is now limitless with theadvancement in the medical surgery, whether it is in the face, body or limbs. Now youcan have the perfect figure without have pouches, wrinkles and bags, if you think anypart of your body is not in shape i.e. if you feel something is too big or too small,cosmetic surgery will probably fix it.What is Cosmetic surgery?Cosmetic surgery is a term used to refer to that medical specialty that involves the correction, modification, restoration, andalteration of form and function. This is done by removing or minimization of cosmetic shortcomings, defects, age-relatedchanges of face, neck and other parts of the body, attaining to esthetic norm. Thus it can be defined that, the cosmetic Surgeryis as an art of enhancing one’s beauty and self esteem without any post operative complications under the experience of theartistic talents of the cosmetic surgeons.Cosmetic surgery is a term used to refer to that medical specialty that involves the correction, modification, restoration, andalteration of form and function. This is done by removing or minimization of cosmetic shortcomings, defects, age-relatedchanges of face, neck and other parts of the body, attaining to esthetic norm. Thus it can be defined that, the cosmetic Surgeryis as an art of enhancing one’s beauty and self esteem without any post operative complications under the experience of theartistic talents of the cosmetic surgeons.Purpose of Cosmetic Surgery:Cosmetic surgery procedures are performed to make a person look younger or enhance his or her appearance in other ways.Reconstructive surgery is used to reattach body parts severed in combat or accidents, to perform skin grafts after severeburns, or to reconstruct parts of persons body that were missing at birth or removed by surgery. Reconstructive surgery is theoldest form of plastic surgery, having developed out of the need to treat wounded soldiers in wartime.Types of Cosmetic surgery: • Botox • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) • Breast Augmentation • Breast Lift • Breast Reduction • Breast Implant Replacement/Removal • Brow Lift • Buttock Augmentation (Butt Enlargement) • Buttock Lift • Chemical Peel • Dermabrasion • Endoscopy (Keyhole Plastic Surgery) • Face Lift • Facial Implant • Injectable Fillers
  2. 2. • Radiesse • Restylane • Juvederm • Endermologie • Thermage • Sclerotherapy • Facial Scar Revision • Forehead Lift • Arm Lift • Gynecomastia ( Male Breast Tissue ) Reduction • Hair Replacement • Intense Pulsed Light Treatment • Laser Hair Removal • Laser Vein treatment • Laser Skin Resurfacing • Labiaplasty • Liposuction • Mentoplasty ( Chin Surgery ) • Chin Reduction • Microdermabrasion ( Skin Rejuvenation ) • Neck Lift • Otoplasty ( Ear Surgery ) • Rhinoplasty (Nosejob Surgery) • Rhytidectomy ( Face Surgery ) • Thighplasty ( Thigh Lift ) • Thread Lift • Tummy TuckCommon Cosmetic surgery procedures:Rhinoplasty: is also known as nose job. People who want to enhance the shape and size of their nose go for rhinoplasty.People who have disfigured nose due to an accident or birth defect go for this surgery. People who have nasal or breathingproblem also undergo rhinoplasty. The cost of the surgery depends on the severity and complexity of the problem.Otoplasty: It is performed to correct the disfigured ears. Some people may have disfigured ears due to accidents or birthcomplexities. Some times the structure of the ears causes partial or complete loss of hearing, in such cases otoplastycome for the rescue.Blepharoplasty: This surgery enhances the appearance of eyes by making them look bright and well shaped. In thissurgery the eyelids lifted and given a proper shape so a patient no longer looks sleepy and tired. This is a good option forpeople with droopy eyes.Face Lift: is performed on the people who are unhappy with their sagging facial skin. In this surgery an excessive looseskin is removed from the face by through an operation. This surgery also helps you get rid of wrinkles by tightening it. Itmakes you a younger looking skin. A patient may choose to go for brow lift, neck lift, cheek lift etc.Tummy Tuck: In this surgery, excessive fat from the abdomen is removed. This also helps in tightening and firming theabdomen skin. It makes your abdomen look toned and slimmer. It also helps you reduce weight as; excessive fat also isremoved in this surgery. The overall result is that it makes your belly button attractive. Generally, over weight women go forthese surgeries who acquire a loose skin after pregnancy.
  3. 3. Liposuction: It is quite similar to tummy tuck and performed to remove excessive fat and skin from the abdomen. There arevarious ways liposuction can be performed, such as laser therapy, mesotherapy, radiofrequency etc. and depending on thecondition of a patient, a particular treatment is decided upon. The results of each of the liposuction therapy vary from patientto patient.Breast Surgery: Many women are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their breast. Women who aspire for bigger breastgo for breast implants which enlarge the size of the breast. Some women have sagging and loose breasts that can be theresult of aging or breast feeding. Such women are suggested to go for breast augmentation that helps them get back thefirmness and elasticity of the breast. Another type of breast surgery involves reducing the breast size. Excessive skin andfat from the breast is removed in this surgery which reduces the size of your breast. Breast surgery is one of the prominenttypes of cosmetic surgery for men after liposuction.Hair Implants: It is increasingly becoming one of the favorite types of cosmetic surgery, as many celebrities; especially menare opting for it. In this surgery the bald scalp it replenished with artificial hair. This surgery is also known as hair weavingand is a boon for bald people.Preparing for the surgery:Preparation for cosmetic surgery includes the surgeons detailed assessment of the parts of an individuals body that will beinvolved. Skin grafts require evaluating suitable areas of skin for the right color and texture to match the skin at the graftsite. Face lifts and cosmetic surgery in the eye area require very close attention to the texture of the skin and the placementof surgical cuts (incisions). Patients scheduled for cosmetic surgery under general anesthesia will be given a physicalexamination, blood and urine tests, and other tests to make sure that they do not have any previously undetected healthproblems or blood clotting disorders. The surgeon will check the list of prescription medications that the prospective patientmay be taking to make sure that none of them will interfere with normal blood clotting or interact with the anesthetic.Individuals are asked to avoid using aspirin or medications containing aspirin for a week to two weeks before surgery,because these drugs lengthen the time of blood clotting. Smokers are asked to stop smoking two weeks before surgerybecause smoking interferes with the healing process. For some types of plastic surgery, individuals may be asked to donateseveral units of their own blood before the procedure, in case a transfusion is needed during the operation. The prospectivepatient will be asked to sign a consent form before the operation.Post operative care:As with any other surgical procedure, post-operative care is imperative in the case of cosmetic surgery as well, this couldbe enumerated in the following ways: • Regular follow up visits are crucial in monitoring the progress of recovery. The recovery time and the amount of after care largely depend on the type of cosmetic surgery performed. For instance, major cosmetic surgery procedures, such as abdominoplasty and sizeable liposuction necessitate proper nursing for a significant period after surgery. • The follow-up surgeries (or touchups) might be required to eliminate undesired effects of surgery, or to attain better results. For instance, a womans breast implants might internally rupture and therefore necessitate a follow-up surgery. Moreover, cosmetic surgery has associated complications and risks, such as scarring, blood clots, bleeding, or an adverse reaction of anesthesia. Thus post-operative care is pivotal for attaining satisfactory results and in order to expedite the recovery process. • It also entails being careful about the body part, which has been operated upon. Undue stress and exertion to that portion, just a few days after surgery, may lead to unforeseen complications. You must strictly follow the advice of the surgeon on this issue. In addition to this, you must have realistic expectations from the surgical procedure. Since a major cosmetic surgery involves a significant recovery period, you must not expect instant results after surgery.
  4. 4. • The most crucial aspect of cosmetic surgery is to choose a surgeon who has loads of expertise in the pertinent field, since he/she can effectively advise you about proper post-operative care. Cosmetic surgery is something that one opts for in order to improve ones appearance and, in turn, ones life. So if you dont want to settle for anything less, simply adhere to your surgeons advice on post-operative care.Benefits:The benefits of cosmetic surgery are fantastic – both physically and emotionally. You will not only look and feel younger,thinner, and prettier, but your self-esteem will skyrocket as well. Many cosmetic surgery patients discover that they aremore outgoing, more personable, and more confident. Procedures like liposuction and breast reduction can greatly enhanceyour life. People who have had these procedures find themselves more physically active and much healthier than they everwould have imagined. Individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery find themselves emotionally more confident. Patients areno longer self conscious about their physical defects. You can focus on living your life instead of worrying about the wayothers are looking at you.Risks;Cosmetic surgery, like any procedure, carries with it some degree of risk. Complications are rare, but they do occur.Modern procedures have greatly diminished most risks. However, these complications might be enhanced if you havecertain health conditions, such as diabetes.Why Cosmetic surgery in India:India has become a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery and thus has become the most preferred destination for themost trusted and excellent results. Every year countless foreign patients from all over the world visit India for variouscosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic hospitals and clinics in India complement to any other state of the art hospitals in UK andUSA providing cutting edge technology and staffed by well-experienced, trained and qualified multinational team.Most of the cosmetic clinics in India meet every stringent safety standards, serving international patients with the greatestcare. These cosmetic clinics offer a full array of cosmetic surgery procedures, such as body contouring and enhancements,as well as overnight recovery.The Indian cosmetologists are excelled in the art and science of Cosmetic surgery, and most of them have to their creditInternational fellowships and International Board Certification. Personalized care and attention is provided with value addedservices besides results of world class standard at a very low cost affordable to all sections of society. The variousprocedures in India are available at various hospitals in the following cities with latest amenities and state-of-art-facilities. Mumbai Hyderabad Kerala Delhi Pune Goa Bangalore Nagpur Jaipur Chennai Gurgaon ChandigarhThe idea of cosmetic surgery in India is coupled with the health holiday where medical tourists are offered with anopportunity to get away from their daily routine and come into a different relaxing surrounding of exotic beaches andheritage places of India. Thus the international patients have the option of clubbing them together with exotic holiday.
  5. 5. Cosmetic surgery cost in India:Significant cost differences exist in India when it comes to Cosmetic surgery. India is not only affordable but cheaper alongwith zero patient wait lists. This is due to the outburst of the private sector which is comprised of hospitals and clinics withthe latest technology and best practitioners. The following cost comparison can suggest the sudden rise of internationalpatients flocking to India for various cosmetic surgeries in India. Procedure USA ($) UK($) India ($) Extensive Face lift 20,000 18,000 3,000 Rhinoplasty 10,000 8,500 2,000 Liposuction 7,500 6,000 1,000 Tummy tuck 9,500 7,000 1,800Some of the common countries from which patients travel to India for surgery are: USA UK Canada Australia New Zealand Nigeria Kenya Ethiopia Uganda Tanzania Zambia Congo Sri Lanka Bangladesh Pakistan Afghanistan Nepal UzbekhistanABOUT INDIALocated in South Asia, bordered by Pakistan, Nepal, China and Bangladesh, India is South Asias largest, sovereign,democratic republic. India has an edge over other countries when it comes to offering comprehensive, cost-effective andtimely medical care: it also offers an exotic, adventure-filled or cultural -if you wish array of destinations to discover andrevel in for the travelers. Indian cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, Bangalore, Nagpur, Kerala, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur,Chennai, Gurgaon, and Chandigarh offers best medical tourism service.Mumbai - Formerly known as Bombay, is the commercial & financial capital city of India. Mumbai is famous for many things,including its thriving Bollywood film industry, teeming bazaars, colonial-style buildings, Art Deco structures and a superbchoice of restaurants, often being rated as the dining capital of India. The tourist district of Colaba in Mumbai is a greatplace to start exploring this great city.Hyderabad – Hyderabad city is a great place to visit in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The place has witnessed a continuousgrowth for last many years. Hyderabad has become a tourist hotspot following ever increasing number of tourists duringpast few years. Hyderabad has a well-founded reputation as one of the safest cities in the world.Goa - The countrys smallest state and famed for its colonial Portuguese and Catholic past, most tourists visit Goa for itsendless selection of sandy beaches and coastal attractions. Standing proudly next to the Arabian Sea, Goa is a particularlycompact state and often feels like a large town, being easy to travel. Around Goa, tourists will soon realize that the statehas much more to offer than simply stunning beaches, fishing, water scooters, windsurfing and scuba diving.Bangalore - Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and if you want to see one of the most beautiful places in India thenBangalore is the word for it. Bangalore has earned sobriquets like Silicon Valley of India, Pub Capital of India, and City ofGardens. Pleasant climate with colorful gardens with lakes and glittering nightlife, Bangalore has made its own attractionfor travelers as one of the most charming cities in India,
  6. 6. Cosmetic Surgery in India Testimonial: Ms. Yvanna, Norway Rhinoplasty Surgery in IndiaMiss Yvanna from Norway underwent nose reconstruction surgery at Mumbai in India. She was very pleased with thepost surgical outcome which enhanced her facial accord and she sincerely thanks Tour2india4health for its genuineservices. She received suggestions from with expertise cosmetic surgeons of Tour2india4health and got immenselyflattered with their provision of medical services. Lou Anne, USA Body lift and facelift surgeryI am Lou Ann from USA and I came for my facelift surgery in India through Tour2india4health with the best faceliftsurgeon in Mumbai India associated with Tour2india4health. Getting a facelift surgery back there in US is veryexpensive. And I knew about medical tourism in India offering the best medical facilities in India at a low cost.Therefore, I started looking for medical tourism companies in India, which can help me getting my facelift surgery inIndia at a low cost. I will be more than happy by recommending the services from Tour2india4health for low costFacelift surgery in India with the best facelift surgeon in Mumbai India associated with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani andtour2india4health. Mrs. Rose, Australia Breast Implants and Tummy Tuck Surgery Hi, I m Mrs. Rose from Australia, I decided to freshen up my appearance. So on doctor’s recommendation I opted to go for abdominoplasty and breast implant surgery. I was looking for a low cost option for my surgery. An internet search brought up hundreds of advertisements, but after an exhaustive comparative analysis of what was on offer, my own discretion led me to pursue Tour2india4health for more information. The service and medical care was of international standard. I am extremely pleased with experience of successful low cost abdominoplasty and breast implant surgery in India. I would definitely give high recommendations to my friends and relatives.
  7. 7. Knee Replacement Surgery in India Knee replacement surgery also known as knee arthroplasty is procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve the pain and disability of osteoarthritis. It may be performed for other knee diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. The procedure has been proven to help individuals return back to moderately challenging activities such as golf, bicycling, and swimming. Total knees are not designed for jogging, or sports like tennis and skiing (although there certainly are people with total knee replacements that participate in such sports). Knee replacement is a routine surgery performed on over 600,000 people worldwide each year. Over 90% of people who have had Total Knee Replacement experience an improvement in knee pain and function.Knee Replacement Surgery CandidatesA person would be considered a candidate for knee replacement if there is: • Daily pain • The pain is severe enough to restrict work, recreation and ordinary activities of daily living • Significant stiffness in the knee • Significant instability (constant giving way) of the knee • Significant deformity (knock-knees or bow-legs) that hinders normal function of the knee • Damage from arthritic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or post-traumatic arthritisSuccess Rate of Knee Replacement Surgery:Knee replacement surgery is recognized as a miracle of modern surgery. Most orthopedic experts consider replacement to bethe best method of handling arthritis in the knee. Knee replacements have literally put hundreds of thousands of Americansback on their feet and allowed them to enjoy their golden years.Knee Replacement Surgery Preparations: • If you smoke, cut down or quit. Smoking changes blood flow patterns, delays healing and slows recovery. • If you drink, dont have any alcohol for at least 48 hours before surgery. • Ask your doctor for pre-surgical exercises. If you are having hip or knee replacement surgery, doing exercises to strengthen your upper body will help you cope with crutches or a walker after surgery. • Your primary care physician or an internist will conduct a general medical evaluation several weeks before surgery. This examination will assess your health and your risk for anesthesia. The results of this examination should be forwarded to your orthopaedic surgeon, along with a surgical clearance. • Shortly before your scheduled surgery, you will probably have an orthopedic examination to review the procedure and answer any last-minute questions. • You may need to take several types of tests, including blood tests, a cardiogram, a urine sample and a chest X-ray. • Advice your surgeon of any medical conditions you have and of all the medications you are taking. You may need to stop taking certain medications or your surgeon may recommend substitute medications until your surgery. Medications such as corticosteroids, insulin or anti-coagulants will need to be managed before and after surgery.