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Your realm is your world – your inner world and your outer world. We all live in our own worlds. You live in yours. And I live in mine. Your world is how you see it and not what I or anyone else tells you. Hence, try to see your world anew so that you can attain greater happiness, health and respect. To my mind, anyone blessed with these three gifts has attained true wealth.

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Realm Of Personal Leadership Book May11

  1. 1. Category: Self help/Self-improvementYour realm is your world – your inner world and yourouter world. We all live in our own worlds. You livein yours. And I live in mine. Your world is how yousee it and not what I or anyone else tells you. Hence,try to see your world anew so that you can attaingreater happiness, health and respect. To my mind,anyone blessed with these three gifts has attainedtrue wealth.About the authorKamran has made a unique place for himself in the historyof a young nation straddled with a burgeoning populationof over 180 million people. He has pioneered the self-improvement and organizational developmentmovement in Pakistan in 1991. With amazing supportfrom his teams in Navitus & SoL, and through his writings,workshops, seminars and inspiring speakingengagements, he has, directly and indirectly, helped inpositively transforming the lives of millions in Pakistan. Aflourishing learning and development industry has takenroot making education and success an unstoppableagenda for change in the 9 780751 312782
  2. 2. Kamran Rizvi Realm OF PERSONAL
  3. 3. Realm of Personal Leadership Contents Acknowledgements 01 Preface 02 Introduction 07 Chapter 1: Followership is Leadership 09 Chapter 2: The Flipside of Life 12 Chapter 3: Centre of Reality 16 Chapter 4: Confronting Ignorance 18 This book is dedicated to all those Chapter 5: Our Common Origin 21 who know they cannot wait Chapter 6: The Danger of Half-Truths 25 for a knight in shining armor Chapter 7: Eternal Leadership 33 to appear and rescue them from their plight. These are people who realize they can make Chapter 8: Gift of Contradictions 35 a difference and are keen to be who they are Chapter 9: In Search of Wisdom 58 – leaders of their realm! Appendix Reading 1: Legends Never Die 01 Reading 2: Simplicity of Self Reliance 02 Reading 3: What the CEO Thing Is All About 07 Reading 4: Nissans Turnaround ARTIST 09 Reading 5: The Power of Words 12
  4. 4. Realm of Personal Leadership Acknowledgements Notes Acknowledgements We managed to reconnect on facebook Notes last year and have kept in touch with each As before, this annual endeavor of writing other since. a book would not have been possible without the constant encouragement of I am thankful to Muhammad Asif my family, friends and colleagues. Here I Razzaque who has promoted and would like to make special reference to arranged distribution of my previous my father, Dildar Rizvi who is my mentor book, Reinvent Yourself and continues to and guide and whose patient listening provide valuable suggestions for this and generosity of heart I admire the initiative as well. My three young friends, most; my mother, Kishver Rizvi, whose Maryam Ahmed, Syed Nazim and Emran immense love and faith in my abilities is a Baluch have teamed up yet again to source of great strength to me; and my ensure that the manuscript transforms wife Samia, who has made valuable itself into the book you see. Maryam inputs in making this book more readable. Ahmad and Syed Nazim, are studying at the Lahore University of management Amongst my friends in Pakistan and Sciences (LUMS), and Emran Baluch, our abroad, and colleagues who are always creative guru at Navitus, continues to add there when I need them, I would value to this effort. I am forever grateful particularly like to thank Shireen Naqvi to everyone working at SoL, Navitus, Riz who continues to motivate me and is also Consulting, and other individuals and gradually nudging me towards research organizations whose dedication on management practices in South Asia, continues to strengthen the learning and with particular emphasis on organizations development industry in Pakistan. (non-profit and commercial) based in Pakistan. John Hillbery, my senior Kamran Rizvi colleague from BCCI1 days (the early 80s), Apr 26, 2012 has been a remarkable inspiration for me. His belief in human potential, his ability to move people through his speeches and his uncanny ability to connect with people across cultures, is still fresh in my mind.1 Bank of Credit and Commerce International. The banks worldwide operations were shut down at the directive of The Federal Reserve of the US in July 1991.
  5. 5. Realm of Personal Leadership Preface Notes Preface Your personal leadership begins when Notes you begin to see yourself at the centre of Go For It! was my first book that got your realm (within and outside) – which published in 2010. In it, I urged my readers only you can determine. How big or small to get on with their life instead of just its size and scope is, is of little sitting and waiting for things to get consequence. What matters more than better. We must not be at the mercy of anything is that you thrive in your realm events. Instead, we need to act by inspiring those in it – yourself and intelligently by selecting the right others. moment to seize the opportunities around us, while trying to mitigate This book is designed such that the threats through concrete and practical chapters are independent of each other. measures. Each holds its story within itself so you can open any page and carry on from Reinvent Yourself, published in 2011, was there. my second book in which you were At the end of this book I have included encouraged to equip yourself with tried inspiring articles and extracts from a book and tested beliefs to meet the challenges that will help you further enrich your within and around you, with confidence. I realm. shared with you the idea that our future is no longer what it was. Our rapidly I hope that by the time you finish reading changing world makes sure of this. Tools this publication, you will start seeing and concepts were conveyed to help you yourself as priceless and feel extremely thrive in this rapidly changing world by fortunate to be alive, with the power of tapping the power of your mind for your infinite choices in your armory. own good and for all those you care for. In Realm of Personal Leadership I invite you to re-discover, analyze and expand your conceptual landscape... your playing field, so to speak.
  6. 6. Realm of Personal Leadership Introduction Notes Introduction live in mine. Your world is how you see it Notes and not what I or anyone else tells you. “It is a passion to see, almost forensically, Hence, try to see your world anew so that the character, potential and quality of you can attain greater happiness, health another human being. Understand it, and respect. To my mind, anyone blessed admire it, or engage with it, to enhance with these three gifts has attained true oneself or the community as a whole. The wealth. Leader interfuses with that being and blends it with others and unites them in a Consider this: YOU are alive and YOU can purpose directed by a Vision. This is make a greater difference than you are leadership.” John Hillbery making at this very moment. What stops you from doing more by extending Whenever you hear yourself saying that yourself? Could it be fear? Or is it apathy? there is a leadership crisis in the country – Whatever it is, stop looking to others to stop. There isnt. You are simply passing come and rescue you. the buck! The fact that you realize the need for leadership says a lot about you. YOU were born. And it is YOU who will It shows you are aware that something die, sooner or later. Life as we know it is needs to be done. Yes…You are terminal. Hence live each day, each absolutely right! But who will ultimately moment, as though it was your last. bell the cat? It is high time you took Enrich your NOW with dreams of a responsibility for your realm. beautiful future. Craft it brick by brick, day by day, every day, with lessons and Realm, according to Encarta Dictionary, is skills you have learned from your past. the scope of something; an area or domain, e.g., of thought or knowledge. It Think. It is only YOU who will wake up in is also an area of interest e.g., the realm the morning. It is only YOU who will eat of pure mathematics or philosophy. and drink to nourish yourself. It is only YOU who can forgive yourself or Your realm is your world – your inner someone else when YOU feel the need to; world and your outer world. We all live in and it is only YOU who can thank a person our own worlds. You live in yours. And I for being of help to you in some way. It is
  7. 7. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 1 Followership is Leadership Notes only YOU who will succeed or fail in any Chapter 1 Notes venture you embark upon. It is only you who will be acknowledged for the positive contributions you make and it is Followership is Leadership only YOU who will be condemned for any wrong that you do. In short, YOU are “Leadership is about creating, day by day, a responsible. Blaming others is a waste of domain in which we and those around us time and energy. continually deepen our understanding of reality and are able to participate in We were all born to lead. We all have the shaping the future. This, then, is the deeper requisite attributes and hidden territory of leadership -- collectively capabilities. The question: Are leaders listening to what is wanting to emerge in born or made? was never valid. Instead, the world, and then having the courage to we should be asking ourselves, Since we do what is required.” Joseph Jaworski all are born with the potential to lead, what are we doing to prepare for Leadership and followership go hand-in- leadership? What kind of a leader do we hand. One cannot be a leader without wish to become? How effective can we also being a follower, no matter what role ultimately be? All this will depend on how one plays in life. aware we are of ourselves and others; how we relate to others; and how Have you ever wondered why there has conscious we are of our environment – been little or no talk on the subject of with all the threats and opportunities it followership? I have yet to see a book or a contains. training program titled, “Effective Followership”! This may be because we all like to see ourselves as leaders and not followers. But if this is so, why is it that we keeping hearing of a leadership crisis in our midst? You are a leader if at least one person follows what you say or do. The key
  8. 8. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 2 The Flip Side of Life Notes question is, Who do you follow? Do you Chapter 2 Notes follow ideas of others, without believing in them? I hope not! Do you follow your ego? Your ego is likely to blind you to The Flip Side of Life alternative perspectives, and you may end up forcing your point of view on In over thirty years of my professional others. You will end up saying things like, career in international banking and later Do it, because I said so or its my way or as a motivational speaker, trainer and the highway! Instead, we all need to management consultant, I have had the follow higher principles that govern life good fortune of interacting with a variety itself – principles of fairness and justice; individuals, from all walks of life, in my protecting our own rights, while country, Pakistan, and abroad, mainly in respecting the rights of others; respect the UK and Canada. I have come to for humanity and diversity etc. realize that nothing in itself is new. Whats new is the different ways in which Universal principles imbued by the spirit we see things and interpret our own of love and generosity serve to guide experiences. humankind towards growth and progress, where everyone wins. It is our Consciously acknowledging the reality of tendency to hate and our lust for fame death as an ever present phenomenon and power that destroys the moral and teaches us how to live. Awareness of this social fabric of society. The good news is fact alone keeps us from procrastination that we can change this through greater and helps us live each day to the full. awareness of self. Death is the flip side of life; night is the other side of day; followership reflects Building a home, a family, an organization leadership. or a society is a patient labor of love – it is this finest expression of giving which Talk to anyone who has had a near-death rewards us with the highest sense of experience e.g., an almost fatal road fulfillment. Such a feeling is unmatched accident; kidnapping; or has suffered a hi- and no amount of money can buy this jacking ordeal, from which they came out sense. alive. Their lives have transformed
  9. 9. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 3 Centre of Reality Notes immediately after. Whereas previously Chapter 3 Notes they valued physical possessions, status and power, they now find greater meaning in relationships, spirituality and Centre of Reality caring for self and others. They are free from worldly attachments and find Stop and think for a moment. You are the strength in their newfound faith that centre of your own reality – your world – stems from deep within themselves. your universe. When you shut your eyes, everything goes dark for you. When you Whether you believe in God or not is your go to sleep, you become completely prerogative. However, the fact remains oblivious of your surroundings. When you that life as we know it will come to an are in severe pain, your world becomes end, sooner or later. Therefore, why not unbearable. When you are in a state of do todays work today? Why leave joy, being stuck in a traffic jam, feels like a important things in life unattended, till it celebration! becomes too late? Snapping out of torpor is the finest form of leadership. Accepting You are powerful beyond measure. Any and realizing the impending reality of place you visit comes to life! For example, death helps us to do just that. the moment you enter a meeting room with people in it, they notice you and We all have different views with regards respond to your greeting; look at how to what will happen after we die and how your family welcomes you when you we came to being here – on this planet. arrive home after a week-long trip. Is it This, before and after life, talk falls in a not true that when you smile, the world different realm altogether, which is not smiles with you? Your sheer presence in my focus here. any place makes a difference! Even your bike comes to life when you ride it!!
  10. 10. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 4 Confronting Ignorance Notes Chapter 4 in living on purpose, as you have defined Notes it for yourself. Confronting Ignorance What we urgently need is to be honest with ourselves and others. This begins the Poverty is not lack of means, but lack of moment you recognize your self-interest choices. This stems from ignorance – and try to discover and respect the same ignorance about who we are and what in others. For example, you cannot be we are capable of. loyal to anyone else, unless, first, you are loyal to yourself! This suggestion may The journey of self-knowledge is never- strike you as strange, but I would like you ending. Moreover, the very process of to take a pause and reflect deeply on this self-discovery is rewarding. The more you perennial idea. know of yourself, the better you will understand others and your environment. Our appreciation of the world we live in becomes clearer and more engaging as we delve into our own being and find glimpses of the countless gifts we have. I have come to realize that by merely amassing knowledge and regurgitating facts with the intent to impress others is a futile activity. Such a pursuit only fascinates the ignorant and satisfies the narcissistic tendencies of those who love to bask in their own glory. The act of learning becomes an inspiring endeavor, only when it is done to achieve a vision you hold dear. True greatness lies
  11. 11. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 5 Our Common Origin Notes Chapter 5 achieve your shared purpose. Notes The central theme in all my writings and Our Common Origin speaking engagements is to draw the attention of my audience to one simple A simple, yet profound fact connects us fact i.e., Know who you are, and be it!! Of all. I am the son of my mother, as indeed, course, this is easier said than done. you are either the son or daughter of your mother. Can you think of anyone who is not a child born of his/her mother?! We share a common origin. We are alike in many ways, and yet very different when it comes to our aptitudes, attributes and attitudes. What remains most significant is the fact that as individuals we can make a real difference in our lives and in the lives of those you care for. Your realm lies within and around you. It comprises of your hidden potential, your mind, body and soul. It is only when you are able to manage your thoughts and emotions effectively that you will have a positive impact, with your direct and indirect relationships having a variety of expectations from you. What the individuals around you do each and every day, affects your life, positively or adversely. You can rely on some, if not everyone, to share in your dreams and to a lesser or greater extent, help you
  12. 12. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 6 The Danger of Half-Truths Notes Chapter 6 we find the balance we need. This balance Notes keeps us away from the dangers of mindless euphoria and a sense of total The Danger of Half-Truths despair. “To be hopeful in bad times is not just The danger of half-truths is that they foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact blind us from the whole picture that that human history is a history not only of constitutes any event and, as a result, we cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, fail to make contingency plans. E.g., it is courage, kindness. What we choose to only natural to feel excited and happy emphasize in this complex history will when you get the job you were looking determine our lives. If we see only the for. Getting a job is one thing, staying in it worst, it destroys our capacity to do is quite another matter. What if you get something. If we remember those times fired for no fault of your own? Did you and places -- and there are so many -- plan for such an eventuality? If not, you where people have behaved magnificently, will be in for a shock. this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top No matter what the situation is, never get of a world in a different direction. And if too excited or excessively depressed we do act, in however small a way, we about it. Youll recover to a state of dont have to wait for some grand utopian mental and emotional balance as soon as future. The future is an infinite succession you see the whole picture. For example, of presents, and to live now as we think loss of a loved one will fill you with grief human beings should live, in defiance of all momentarily. You will recover your that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous balance as soon as you realize that the victory.” Howard Zinn individual has met with destiny, just as we all will one day. As I see it, we are often victims of half- truths. It is only when we see the whole We all know that death is inevitable. It is picture i.e., threats as evidence of the only certainty in our future. Yet what opportunities; night as evidence of day; remains uncertain is when! evil as evidence of good ...and so on, that
  13. 13. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 7 Eternal Leadership Notes Chapter 7 how long our legacy reverberates Notes through time, once we are dead and buried. Eternal Leadership Back in 1987 in the City of London, I met a “I sense a great desire among people colleague and friend of mine, Shahid everywhere I go to get the country back on Doha, in his office. He had recently track, to improve education, improve returned from his honeymoon in Italy. performance in all fields, and recover the Not having visited the country till then, I old commitment to the common good. The asked him to share some highlights from world has a vested interest in how well we his experience. He took his time succeed in that; and make no mistake: It describing the beauty of the different will take a lot of strong, enlightened cities visited. When he said, “We spent leadership.” half a day marveling the grandeur of St David McCullough 2 Marks Cathedral in Venice”, I was shocked, “Half a day??!! Staring at bricks We are mortal. Yet as human beings we and mortar? You could just as easily have can become immortal through our deeds bought a few picture postcards of the by continuing to live in the memories of cathedral and drawn delight from them!” coming generations, long after we are He replied, “If only you knew the history gone. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and other of this cathedral, you would not say this.” legendary figures from our recent and “What can be so unusual about its past?” ancient history go on having a pervasive I remarked. impact on us to this day. As the story goes, there was a man called The thought behind Eternal Leadership Mark, who, in 1100 AD, when he was 50 was inspired by a saying that suggests we years old, dreamt of a magnificent should plan as though we will never die; cathedral he had constructed to glorify but when it comes to action, we need to God. When he woke from his dream, he act, as though we may not get a second commenced meticulously working on chance. Life is not only the time we have drawings and plans for constructing this from birth to death. Life is more about beautiful structure, which he had seen in2 Timeless Leadership: The great leadership lessons dont change. HBR, March 2008
  14. 14. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 7 Eternal Leadership Notes his minds eye. This process took him five through people touched with the same Notes years. By now he was 55. He shared his eternal spirit. plans with family and friends and tried to recruit as many hands as he could muster. Pakistan is just over sixty years old. According to Marks estimates, it would Where are the leaders who have a take around 350 to 400 years to build the compelling vision for our nation that cathedral. He knew at the outset, that the extends beyond their mortality? You need task that lies before him goes way not look around for such leaders. You are! beyond his expected lifespan. Yet, despite Be the change you want to see in this the odds, he managed to get the project world. This saying from Gandhi has almost started with trusted and able members become a cliché. What stops you from amongst his family and friends. He passed living this creed? away a few years later as the massive foundations were being dug. Despite this, History illustrates enduring leadership through several generations, his team principles handed down through continued working relentlessly. The job centuries by individuals from a variety of was finally done, and today, the cathedral cultures and traditions. Courage, honesty, stands tall over a thousand years later in flexibility, vision and persistence are testimony of a man with a great vision. timeless nuggets worth keeping in mind Imagine the faith he had in people to see in your repertoire of leadership. this mega project through. Feel the 3 immensity of commitment and belief Michael Anthony Jackson brings to the each one on the thousands in this story surface 21st century lessons we can learn must have displayed through successive from prominent personalities of the past. generations. Try and visualize the His book contains revealing short succession process in which incumbents biographies of five well-known passed on what they knew to those who individuals, namely, Alexander the Great; followed, and that too, without any Changez Khan; Hannibal, Elizabeth I, and dilution! No wonder Mark was labeled a William the Conqueror. These saint. He thought of the possibility way personalities died centuries ago, but are beyond his lifespan, in the faith that a they really dead? Lives of those process once commenced, will endure considered dead today continue to guide 3 Author of Life Lessons from Historys Heroes
  15. 15. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 7 Eternal Leadership Notes us to this day. Their endurance comes Apathy can kill our ability to lead and to Notes from their high impact legacy. make a lasting positive difference. Pretense is our worst enemy. The first Not to see leadership as an enduring step to becoming a leader is to stop phenomenon is to miss the point. Not pretending. You know what you need to entertaining eternity in your mind is to do – Just do it! steal the soul from the vital act of leadership that we can and must demonstrate in all walks life. Our souls are eternal. What Dr Wayne Dyre says is paradigm shifting: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." Think about it. You admire people who faced great odds and challenged status quo wisely. They shared a daring and a beautiful vision, demonstrated courage and compassion and made lasting contributions to society. In an HBR 4 interview, David McCullough pointing to the need for leaders suggests: "We need leaders in every field, in every institution, in all kinds of situations. We need to be educating our young people to be leaders. And unfortunately, thats fallen out of fashion." He refers to leadership not being in fashion these days, particularly in the American context. I fear this trend is more widespread than we would like to believe.4 Harvard Business Review, March 2008
  16. 16. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 8 Gift of contradictions Notes Chapter 8 If it werent for our curious minds, would Notes we ever learn anything new? Could we Gift of contradictions ever improve the way we think and behave? What triggers curiosity in us? Contradictions! For this reason I have "In a business, quarterly reports and an associated the term gift with this average lifespan of 40 years for big phenomenon. companies tend to put immortality on the back burner…The Mitsui Corporation and Consider this: We are forever caught my old Oxford college are both over 600 between the need to control and at the years old, both still going strong and same time, to empower; Leaders need to thinking far…You can only look ahead as exhibit courage, while also having far as you can look back." capacity for compassion; Managers need Charles Handy 5 to focus on goals and at the same time need to show the flexibility of mind to Change is the eternal reality individuals create and innovate. and organizations have always faced, are There are numerous instances where I confronting today, and will continue to have seen managers hang when faced encounter through time. However, it is with competing ideas. They need to our understanding and adherence to reboot themselves in order to use never-changing principles that help us contradictions as a springboard for thrive in change. success. We all know and agree how important it is Everything we take for granted today was for organizations to continually learn, once viewed as impossible by many. Take improve, and grow. These are eternal flying for example. The governing requirements and imply the need for us to paradigm almost a century ago was that adapt to change continuously. Such only lighter than air can fly. Thank God contradictions in life are everlasting and there were a vital few who had the come in all shapes and sizes. They are audacity to challenge status quo and built into the very fabric of nature - within today we have over six hundred tons of and around us. immaculate engineering transporting a 5 In his book, The Empty Raincoat.
  17. 17. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 8 Gift of contradictions Notes vast number of humanity across the guru of the modern workplace. Many Notes continents at the speed of a bullet! of his predictions have already come true, including the demise of the traditional The world-wide web is yet another organization and job and the emergence example which glaringly illustrates the of talented individuals and entrepreneurs power of contradictions to inspire being outsourced for their expertise in innovation. The "www" marvel is the specialized fields. most centralized system on earth, and has liberated individuals to access Handy concedes disparagingly that, "In a knowledge and communicate globally, business, quarterly reports and an instantly. The internet has transformed average lifespan of 40 years for big human possibilities beyond belief! companies tend to put immortality on the back burner." He finds this short- A colleague once asked me, "Who has sightedness ill-founded; institutions, he been your best teacher?" I thought for a declares, can be immortal. "The Mitsui while. Names flashed through my Corporation and my old Oxford College memory. I went to the white board in my are both over 600 years old, both still office and made a circle. In it, I placed the going strong and thinking far." He symbol of a question mark "?". I am continues to amplify his point, "You can eternally grateful to my colleague for only look ahead as far as you can look asking such an innocent question. I spent back." that entire day pondering on what gives rise to questions in my mind. Voila!! I Building trust with others and between found the answer: Contradictions! My life people in organizations is the only real changed forever. Its in small moments way to achieve greater efficiency, reduce like these that big things happen, but only costs and create sustainability. However, if we make time to reflect deeply. to enjoy the fruits of trust, you will have to make yourself vulnerable! I have since discovered many truths. That mortal beings can create immortality if There are no perfect solutions to they so wish. Social philosopher, Charles anything, and no one can predict exactly Handy is widely regarded. He is seen as what the future may hold. The ambient
  18. 18. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 9 In search of wisdom Notes paradoxes are too complicated for that, Chapter 9 Notes but continue to be a blessing. In search of wisdom Our continuing success depends on making sense of contradictions. Over two thousand years ago, a young man in his late teens had this intense desire to seek out the truth. He discovered that there was a man in his town he could go to in his search for wisdom – and this wise old man was Socrates. The young man met the philosopher who took him for a walk to a nearby lake. On reaching the shore Socrates took this young mans hand in his and started walking into the water ever so slowly and continued moving gently till both of them were in waist high water. Socrates stopped, quietly placed his hand behind the young mans head and in a sudden motion, shoved the boys head into the water and held it there. The seeker of wisdom was now in a state of terrible shock and a thought raced through his mind that maybe he had made a mistake by coming to the old philosopher. Maybe the old man had gone mad. As the seconds ticked away, the lad struggled for breath, and Socrates in turn used more force to keep him down. A point came when the boy knew that the only
  19. 19. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 9 In search of wisdom Notes way to survive was to put all his might making incorrect use of knowledge is a Notes and lunge out of Socrates firm grip for a fool! gasp of air. Using every bit of his strength he succeeded to pull himself out of It would be interesting to learn how many danger. On recovering his breath and people in top management positions composure, he demanded to know why today are graduates of reputable business on earth did Socrates do this?! Socrates schools and regularly read books on replied, “Young man, the day you pursue management. My guess is the number your goals with the force of passion and would be small – much less than 50% in courage you displayed for catching one any given organization. The next question breath, is the day you will gain wisdom!” is: Who are being more effective, those with MBAs or the ones who have practical This parable is simple, yet profound and hands-on experience and are street contains several implications for leaders smart? Invariably, one finds that those whose aim it is to empower others. I have with greater wisdom are not necessarily shared this parable of the young boy and the ones with better educational Socrates with a countless number of qualifications or degrees! managers in coaching and training sessions throughout the country to good In essence, what makes managers effect. Brig Azhar Ansari (Retd), quoting a effective and better than their general he admired, once said, “You counterparts is their ability in applied cannot lead with the heart of a sparrow.” wisdom – ie., knowing how to get people to work well with one another; knowing The Random House College Dictionary how to attract talent and get them to describes wisdom as having knowledge of coach their successors; how to motivate what is true or right, coupled with good people to do their best; how to get the judgment. In another dictionary I found whole organization strategically aligned wisdom to mean making correct use of and to act together on difficult issues. knowledge. This made me think. I After all, management is about wondered what incorrect use of converting resources into results knowledge might be! And the answer was efficiently and effectively, and this goal astonishing. It turns out that someone can never be accomplished without
  20. 20. Realm of Personal Leadership Chapter 9 In search of wisdom Notes people skills. as well as through informal sources e.g., Notes self-study, experience etc. Experience, Look around you. Meet senior however, is the more relevant avenue of bureaucrats in government, top wisdom acquisition. There are signs for managers in companies, leading social those who reflect. activists and members of civil society. Notice a string of degrees some have Every day experiences carry immense under their names as proof of all the value for us if only we develop the insight accumulated knowledge. What good is all to find significance in the apparently this knowledge if it is not being put to mundane events of life and work. For correct and effective use? The more we example, the simple exercise of learning know, the greater the chance of us acting from ones own mistakes. The most as fools, if we fail to do what we know to important elements in our experience are be right. How many managers challenge the day-to-day routine mistakes we make. status quo? How many directors speak up Being able to acknowledge our own in board meetings and express views that mistakes and draw lessons from them is go counter to that of the chairmans? the starting point of wisdom. It takes Behind a lot of pomp and ceremony, good intent, courage and vision to be when you look hard enough, you will find wise – wise enough to take the kind of cowardice dressed up as expedience. Fear actions that lead to improvement and is the enemy of wisdom and turns enduring good in our places of work, and knowledgeable workers into fools. in our homes and communities. The rubric, In search of wisdom, can also Learning from our own mistakes is fine. be stated differently as, A desire to avoid But to supplement this by learning from foolishness! Foolishness in Urdu means the mistakes of others is even better. Jihaalat. Sadly, in our society, people Obaidullah Baig recently gave an inspiring who are not literate are mostly termed talk on History to over 200 young “Jaahils”, when, in fact, some may students and professionals at the Young actually be quite wise! Knowledge is Leaders Conference organized in Karachi acquired through formal means e.g., by the School of Leadership Universities, colleges, schools, madrassas; ( Participants were spell
  21. 21. Realm of Personal Leadership Conclusion Notes bound for over an hour. His message was Conclusion Notes crisp and clear. According to him the study of history enriches us with the Wisdom is like excellence – an ever wisdom and experiences of colossal moving target, the pursuit of which is in personalities who have ever lived. We itself an admirable quality in people. Not learn of their thoughts, actions, and to search for wisdom is to condemn our consequences of their actions. By caring lives voluntarily to mediocrity and indeed to read the great figures of history, we to foolishness. can learn from their mistakes and their decisions and become even wiser. But Einstein reminds us by saying that no alas, what we often learn from history is matter how much we know, our that we dont learn from history! knowledge will always be limited. But with imagination, we can encircle the world. I hope you have made notes of key points that you have found useful and worthy of further consideration.
  22. 22. Realm of Personal Leadership Reading 1 Legends Never Die Notes Appendix: Reading 1 Notes This section contains readings that will Legends Never Die furnish your mind with more ideas and help you enrich your realm: Here is a story of a legendary figure from the Asian Subcontinent which will furnish Reading 1: Legends Never Die your mind with empowering ideas. Reading 2: Simplicity of Self Reliance Legends never die. They live in memories of people inspired by their achievements. Reading 3: What the CEO Thing Is All No one in the history of our subcontinent About ever accomplished global impact of the magnitude a man did in less than twenty Reading 4: Nissans Turnaround ARTIST years (1972 to 1991). This man built an organization from scratch in 1972 that Reading 5: The Power of Words grew to being the seventh largest private bank in the world. At its height, the bank had an active presence in 72 countries with assets exceeding US $ 50 billion (direct and indirect) by 1990. It had over fourteen thousand employees comprising 98 nationalities. Here was a global corporation with a corporate culture, mission and purpose that transcended the ordinary and conventional. This bank, one of the fastest growing in the world, was the Bank of Credit and Commerce, better known as BCCI. It became a source of envy in the international banking community and within a few years was surrounded by
  23. 23. Realm of Personal Leadership Reading 1 Legends Never Die Notes controversy. In 1987 it fell victim to prime minister of Great Britain, late Indira Notes money laundering allegations of epic Gandhi and the like. global proportions and was shut down in July 1991 by the Bank of England Mr. Abedi, his vision and his philosophy of following pressure from the Federal business management were pioneering Reserve of the US. and far ahead of his time. Values are the soul of the culture, and leaders personify Much has been written on BCCI and them. They are pivotal figures in a strong several paperbacks on its rise and fall culture. He was a human being with found their way to the bookstores in the immense strengths and dare I say early nineties. What were the reasons for weaknesses. In an interview that Mr the collapse of BCCI? This is a big question Abedi gave to Financial Times of London and to answer it is beyond the scope of back in 1978, he was asked to share his this article. However, I must add that biggest strength and his significant much of what has been published weakness. His answer was simple, he said portrays a biased picture of events that “people” to both. History records this to lead to its closure. be true. It is vital to strike a balance when trusting and forgiving people. Trust Who has ever achieved such feat in our should never be blind. It also needs corporate history? No one comes to mind, watchfulness. In my view, it is this except late Agha Hasan Abedi, a man with imbalance that led to the undoing doing a mega dream, who traveled the world, of BCCI. and networked with prominent figures and heads of states from the east and Mr. Abedi was born in Lucknow (India), in west, the north and south. He was given a family of noble descent. After taking a state receptions in countries like China. masters degree in English Literature and Amongst his close friends and associates graduating in Law, he began his banking were prominent personalities like career in Bombay with Habib Bank. The President Jimmy Carter, late Clark partition of the Indian Sub-Continent in Clifford, legal counsel to four previous 1947 brought about dramatic changes in presidents of the United States of its banking system. It created a near America; Sir James Callaghan, the then vacuum of banking services in the area,
  24. 24. Realm of Personal Leadership Reading 1 Legends Never Die Notes which became Pakistan. Habib Bank In a talk recently given by Peter Senge in Notes Limited moved its Head Office to Pakistan Dubai, he shared his definition of learning in order to fill this vacuum and became as “a process that enhances our capacity virtually the unchallenged leading bank of to help us achieve our dreams.” Dr Peter that country. Senge is a faculty member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Seeing a unique opportunity to fulfill his director of the Center for Organizational inborn urge to grow and succeed, Mr Learning at MITs Sloan School of Abedi made an important contribution in Management and founding partner of the the growth of the newly established management consulting and training firm bank. By 1958, he felt that the economic Innovation Associates, Inc. His insights development of the new nation of into how organizations learn and share Pakistan called for greater competition knowledge have helped many leading and innovation in its banking system. companies around the world to tap into a Therefore in 1958, he founded a new bank new and very real source of competitive – United Bank Limited. advantage. What Peter Senge has been saying for almost two decades, Mr Abedi In addition to the considerable banking has lived for over forty years. experience he is said to have acquired, he had also developed new approaches to Mr. Abedi was the first banker in Pakistan management and business development, to realize the potential of people and which stressed individual development markets, particularly overseas. As a and autonomy. Sadly, this is still not a consequence United Bank successfully reality in most companies. Business established itself in several Middle development became a primary objective Eastern countries and the United of management. Within ten years of its Kingdom. At the beginning of the 1970s foundation, the United Bank had become he began to feel, in the restrictive the second largest bank in Pakistan and exchange control climate of the home when banks were nationalized in Pakistan country, that it would be very difficult to in 1973; it was almost as large as the sustain the expansion of UBLs foreign largest bank in that country in terms of operations. Also with the emergence of assets. the new socio-political trends in the
  25. 25. Realm of Personal Leadership Reading 1 Legends Never Die Notes country, nationalization of the banking universal and purposeful. Notes sector appeared imminent. It was with this background that he is thought to - An ability to communicate through the have conceived the idea of the articulation of feelings, thereby attracting establishment of an international bank in people of extraordinary commitment. a country, which offered facilities for growth and expansion. - An inherently persistent urge for growth and success, as a continuous The dramatic success of BCCI lay in the phenomenon: a law of nature. leadership and philosophy of its founder president. Mr Abedis beliefs and insights Mr Abedi emphasized that “The character may be summarized as follows: of this institution is the result of a process of evolution in a situation of which the entire staff and such other conditions as - A sense of timing, a sense of history, a economic, social, political etc., are the sense of what the future holds. components. These components are neither created nor controlled by one - A profound interest in human nature and person and they are constantly changing. the purpose of life. As you know the abilities of all of us are also constantly changing. And for this - A realization of the power of the human reason we have been taking pains to potential and some discovery of a key avoid the establishment of authority and factor that enables the individuals to superiority of one staff over the other, translate this potential into tangible except just to the extent that is necessary results and achievements. for keeping an order in the working”. He went on to say: “We are trying our best to - An extraordinary ability to relate to create a climate of complete freedom and others and to the communities which openness, where people can grow they compose: to forge them into a uninhibited by pressure of delegated powerful force by linking them in pursuit authority and by sheer merit and ability… of uncommon common values, beyond where every individual has the fullest their narrow interests, to an end more opportunity and freedom to assume
  26. 26. Realm of Personal Leadership Reading 1 Legends Never Die Notes responsibilities on the one hand and to leadership and vision. Without this vision Notes take the pressure of work on the other the energies will wane and collapse in hand to whatever extent he may like. In misdirected efforts and random this concept of management, there are activities”. two central points, namely, that each individual in the institution moves around It is with dreams that our learning truly objectives rather than dance to the tune starts. What are your dreams? I have met of authority, and that a unity is obtained many pragmatic and expedient in freedom, as against a unity through directors, general managers and CEOs in authority…unity of thought, purpose and Pakistan, but few who also love to dream action.” Mr. Abedi said this in an and inspire others through their interview he gave in 1966, while still compelling vision of the future, like Mr. President of the United Bank Limited Abedi. Our aspirations trigger curiosity (published in BCCIs in-house journal and compel us to learn in order to build “International” January 1985). our capacity to create what we truly believe is important to us. The importance of managing the culture of an organization was not lost on Mr. We dare to dream only when we have Abedi. In his inaugural address at the 1984 faith in ourselves and in our future. Look convention of the Management around you, meet people working with Association of Pakistan (MAP), he said: you, interact with friends and ask yourself “the culture determines how things get how many people do you come across in done in a business. Managing this culture your family, in your circle of friends and is the principal task of the chief executive colleagues and community who are officer (also senior and middle beacons of hope and vision? If the management). The culture in turn then number is more than five, you must be in manages the people …it is the vitality of great company. the organization. Its collective energies determine the quality and quantity of our Companys performance. As custodians and keepers of this spirit, we are the ones who nurture its growth through
  27. 27. Realm of Personal Leadership Reading 2 Simplicity and Self Reliance Notes Reading 2 of refugees from newly independent Notes Bangladesh. Simplicity and Self Reliance Orangi could have resembled the Akhtar Hameed Khan had called for desolation of many other famous South simplicity, renunciation and self-reliance Asian Slums. But Orangi today is a as sanctions began to bite, says Tarik Ali development miracle, a thriving Khan in his article reproduced below. community of middle and lower-income migrants. The difference from a slum is Every morning Akhtar Hameed Khan immediately apparent: the stench of makes the journey to Orangi, Pakistans human waste has disappeared due to a largest unplanned urban settlement, or network of sewerage lines, secondary katchi abadi. Located 12 kilometers from drains and pour-flush toilets. Small locally- Karachis centre, it is a microcosm of this built schools vastly outnumber city of migrants, a sprawling community government schools – all built by Orangi of mohajirs (Indian Muslim refugees from residents with technical and 1947), Biharis (more recent refugees from organizational guidance from Khans Bangladesh), Pathans, Sindhis, Punjabis brainchild, the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP). and Balochs. Orangi has swallowed up 7000 acres of the barren Sindh landscape After a stint at teaching at Michigan State on the edge of Karachi and is still University in the 1970s, Khan returned to growing. Orangi is as big as Colombo or Pakistan to serve as an adviser to a rural Amsterdam, a city within a city. development project near Peshawar. The Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI) More than three and a half million people approached him in 1980 to start a project live in the 400 katchi abadis that surround in Orangi. With no office, no staff, and no Karachi. Being outside the official city contacts in Orangi, Khan began by plan, the migrants have little access to walking the lanes for months. He peered government-funded resources. Officials into the middle and lower income houses have traditionally ignored their squalor. of its one million residents, people who Orangi itself began to be occupied in 1965 came in search of the economic dream in and grew rapidly after 1972 with the influx Karachi. Khan spoke to local officials,
  28. 28. Realm of Personal Leadership Hard Program Notes councilors and lobbyists and discovered percent of Pakistani households enjoy Notes how little the katchi abadi residents had this kind of access. in the way of rights. But perhaps the biggest urban Hard Program management lesson was that it could all be done without grants or subsidies. Realizing that OPP would have little Khan has been able to harness and legitimacy and no authority within the organize the migrants spirit of traditional structures of city government, enterprise. With their own money, and Khan decided that the solution lay in supported by the OPPs technical organizing residents. He got to work with guidance, residents constructed over them, and the communities identified 5000 sewerage lines and 80,000 latrines. health and sanitation as the primary With the sewage taken care of, the needs. In response, OPP began to communities went on to build 750 schools develop low-cost sanitation technologies and 646 health clinics. Residents formed that people could craft themselves. An their own local organizations and took engineer offered technical help and OPP- over the running of the facilities from trained social organizers provided the OPP. logistics. The results have been dramatic. Between Work soon picked up steam. Every 1982 and 1991, Orangis infant mortality mohalla (locality) elected a manager, rate dropped from 130 to 34 per 1000 someone who would oversee the work of (Pakistans average is 95 per 1000). installing sewerage lines, secondary Property prices rose in Orangi, and the drains and toilets. Khan recalls: "The residents benefited. Through OPPs designs made by foreign consultants Research and Training Institute, Khans were expensive and inappropriate, we action research approach has brought found. The ones we developed were more initiatives after the initial focus on more culturally appropriate and made at sanitation, health and education: social one-tenth the cost." By 1995, 76 percent forestry, low-cost housing construction, of Orangi households had proper and family planning. sanitation facilities. On average, only 24
  29. 29. Realm of Personal Leadership Hard Program Notes From the Pathan children who collect “Whereas we were telling them not to Notes plastic bags for recycling to the Banarasi wait for handouts and do it for silk weavers busy with their intricate themselves," recalls Khan. "It was hard to work, every lane of Orangi bustles with convince them.” enterprise. Khan felt the average working familys productive capacity could be Believing that women are generally more improved through access to credit. In honest, Khan has employed an all-female 1987, OPP established a trust which staff to handle credit disbursement and borrowed from Pakistani banks and repayment. The credit office at OPP has a began lending. The first two years saw deliberately spacious and open design to high default and blackmailing, but today a encourage transparency and prevent tight lending policy ensures that there is a under-the-table deals. Khans own daily 95 percent return rate on OPP loans. New vigilance routine also has an effect on the clients must be referred by a trustworthy staff; he is still as watchful as a hawk. "All former loan recipient, and each recipient Pakistani organizations which dole out finds himself listed in one of four money are corrupt. Initially out of the 10 categories: competent/honest, staff I hired, I had to fire five," he says. incompetent/honest, competent/dishonest, Khan is convinced that Pakistans incompetent/dishonest. problems are largely moral. Given the countrys current state of corruption and Over the years, Akhtar Hameed Khan has debt, Khan says what it needs is a hard become convinced that true development program of development, one that must make the poor self sufficient. demands self-sufficiency without donor Subsidies or handouts have contributed aid. At Orangi, OPP has broken the vicious to dependence on foreign aid, which he circle of waiting for a free lunch: residents calls the "langar khana (free food) and staff both accept the new ethos of a mentality". Beginning a project like OPP hard program, even if leaders do not. was no easy task because, as Karachi mushroomed in the 1980s, politicians like the late Gen Zia-ul Haq were making wild promises to the shanty-town residents.
  30. 30. Realm of Personal Leadership Shurfa Boy Notes Shurfa Boy Victorian self-discipline, modesty and Notes frugality. In a country where feudal politicians, bureaucrats and the military elite call the Akhtar Hameed Khan says that in his shots, Akhtar Hameed Khan draws his college days in Meerut, he was influenced inspiration from the Sufi and Buddhist by Nietzsche and the writings of Allama principles of simplicity and renunciation. Mashriqui, the latter a strong proponent Born to a Uttar Pradesh Pathan family of ghalba-i-Islam, or Islamic domination. from Agra in 1914, Khan was bred for In the 1930s, Mashriqui had founded the success. He recalls life as part of the All-India Khaksar Movement. Dressed in shurfa, or Muslim middle class, that khaki, Khaksars largely lower-class continued to survive in North India after members were organized for social the Mughal decline. The UP Pathans had service, but its militant fascist undertones been transformed from belligerent tribes were obvious. Khan eventually married who challenged the Marathas in the 18th Mashriquis daughter and joined the century into jagirdars (landowners), prestigious Indian Civil Service (ICS). policemen, soldiers and civil servants. But after nine years as a colonial civil He was raised in the tradition of Sir Syed servant, and having participated in the Ahmed Khan, the 19th-century reformer poor central planning that led to the 1943 who founded the Aligarh Muslim famine in Bengal, Khan was disillusioned. University and encouraged Muslims to The decay of the British Empire was as synthesize Western knowledge and apparent to him as was the growing Islamic thought. Sir Syed offered Muslims poverty of the Subcontinent. Long reformation through his humanist influenced by Islams Sufi mystics and the alternative to the religious madrassah writings of Tolstoy, he decided to schooling and post-Mughal decadence. renounce the world. He resigned from the His promotion of English education ICS in 1945 and spent the next two years brought opposition from the ulema. He as a reclusive locksmith. discouraged practices such as having multiple wives and dancing girls in the "Why did Buddha give up his prince hood shurfa household and encouraged to become a wandering mendicant?"
  31. 31. Realm of Personal Leadership Shurfa Boy Notes Khan muses. "Because the way to There is no mistake in my life except this Notes discover the meaning of life is through migration.” controlling your instincts. This is the message of Sufi poets like Jalaluddin Khans love of scholarship and free Rumi as well. What are the three things speech is often exploited by his enemies, we must control? Greed, hatred and those whose very power is threatened delusion.” when the poor become mobilized. "My social work in Pakistan is like walking a Khan confesses that his love of tightrope. I have to avoid controversy at scholarship brought him back to the every turn. But the advice of the Sufis is world. His Khaksar fantasy dissolved and not to care for ones surroundings. The he soon discovered his next teacher, Zakir world is within you.” Hussain, the head of Delhis Jamia Milia Islamic University, and, later, president of In teaching, he had found his calling. He India. In Zakir Hussain, he found Sir Syeds migrated to East Pakistan in 1950 where rationalism coupled with strong Indian he was appointed principal of Comilla nationalism. Khan taught English to College. In addition to the writings of the primary and secondary schoolchildren sages, he began to devour books on and history to college classes at the Jamia economics and the theories of Marxism Milia until 1949. Its extensive library and capitalism. With his ICS experience as allowed him to continue studying the an administrator in Bengal, he was soon writings of Islams mystics and appointed director of the US-sponsored philosophers, while Partition took place village agricultural and industrial outside. development ("V-AID") projects. He was sent for a year to Michigan State But East Pakistan soon beckoned. "Zakir University for training and the Americans Hussain told me not to leave for Pakistan. became his new teachers. He returned to He said that people like me were leaving an appointment as director of the because we were frustrated. He felt that Pakistan Academy for Rural Development we could better serve the Muslims of in Comilla (today the Bangladesh India. But I was full of Islamic ideology Academy for Rural Development). and thought Pakistan would be a utopia.
  32. 32. Realm of Personal Leadership Organized Development Notes Organized Development says Comilla was the American answer to Notes the socialist model of development but The task before Khan now was to figure makes it clear he was not driven by any out where to begin the development ideology, either communism or process. The colonial legacy of the British capitalism. was an administration based on law and order and revenue collection. The Khan left in 1969 and ended up teaching foundation stone for maintaining the Pax at his alma mater, Michigan State Britannica in the Subcontinent had been – University. By the time he returned to and continued to be – the thana, the Pakistan in the late 1970s, the east had police station. The few facilities which become independent Bangladesh. existed in the rural areas (schools, health Officially retired, he was soon busy giving dispensaries, veterinary dispensaries, and advice on Comilla-style pilot projects at even roads) were often at the thana. For Daudzai near Peshawar, and in the Khan, the jurisdiction of the police station Northern Areas with the Aga Khan Rural was small enough, and developed Support Program. But it is at Orangi, enough, to serve as the centre of his where he has patiently brought activities. The Comilla experiment was development according to his Sufi- underway. Buddhist principles of right livelihood that his efforts sank deep and paid off. Khan focused on improving rural infrastructure: link roads and irrigation Khans towering six-foot body is now channels. While development fads like slightly stooped, the gait is slow as he community development and V-AID came arrives every morning at OPPs office to and went, Comilla blossomed. It had meet guests and receive reports from the American financial backing and the staff. His associates listen intently to his support of Pakistans Prime Minister, Field booming voice as he responds to each Marshal Ayub Khan. Its thana training new situation, quoting instructively from centers, rural works projects, and the Quran in Arabic, Sufi poetry in peasants cooperatives soon became Persian and the Buddhist sutras in Pali. models of organized development. Khan Says Khan, "Although there is no concept
  33. 33. Realm of Personal Leadership Reading 3 What This CEO Thing is All About Notes of an ashram in our society, I feel OPP is Reading 3 Notes an ashram. And here I am not a bull baboon who demands obedience. I am more like a daadi ma (grandmother) who What This CEO Thing is All About guides out of love.” Who better than Jack Welch to speak on the subject? After all he is one of the most Asked whether OPP will survive without admired CEOs ever to have lived. Jack him, Khan sounds confident, and it is clear started life as the only son of a railway he is proud of his associates and the conductor and rose to great heights in his people of Orangi. "The work will go on. career, before retiring at his peak, having successfully passed on the mantle to Jeff We have Arif Hassan at OPP and Tasneem Imelt almost a decade ago who continues Siddiqui of the Sindh Katchi Abadi with Jacks legacy to this day. This Authority. These people understand the succession challenge took six intense self-help philosophy. We have the support years and turned out to be an inspiring of the people. And even though we success. criticize them, we now have the support of the government as well. We have I am reproducing below extracts from proven here that the hard program lives. Jack Welchs book, Jack – Straight from It is sustainable." the gut: Being a CEO is the nuts! A whole jumble of thoughts come to mind: Over the top. Wild. Fun. Outrageous. Crazy. Passion. Perpetual motion. The give-and-take. Meetings into the night. Incredible friendships. Fine wine. Celebrations. Great golf courses. Big decisions in the real game. Crises and pressure. Lots of swings. A few home runs. The thrill of winning. The pain of losing. 6 Extracts from: Jack. An Autobiography by Jack Welch (Ex GE)