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Future Lifestyle of Smart City L Zone Dwarka Delhi


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Embrace the future, for the fast developing smart city Lzone in Dwarka, Delhi is now stands for luxury life established. Prepared with all the amenities of the smart city houses everything you could wish a homeowner. In compliance with the MPD in 2021, the zone has state-of-the-art infrastructure, sophisticated communications facilities and many safety and security to creating your accommodation quiet and peaceful.

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Future Lifestyle of Smart City L Zone Dwarka Delhi

  1. 1. Future Lifestyle of Smart City L Zone Dwarka Delhi Smart city L zone dwarka Delhi is envisaged to be a major and the central hub for population in future. The zone usually covers an area of almost 22,979 hectares. In the desire to meet the elevated standard of living in the metro city life, the zone is properly designed with highly advanced facilities, significant amenities and has easy access to the upcoming Delhi’s largest Golf Course as well. There are lots of l zone developers. These l zone areas of various real estate developers in Delhi NCR’ are located nearby NH-10/Rohtak Road and Railway line in the North side and L Zone Dwarka Sub-City in the East side. These days, due to the most well-connected zone of the city which makes L Zone Delhi as a highly sought after options of residential zone in the coming five years. The Zone L is highly envisioned to be the next area to convenient as per the space concerned issue in the city. If someone wanted to know the best time to invest in real estate property, the time is right now and the place is for sure L zone. According to the MPD 2021, the Farm Houses are now also got licensed which is assigned under the ‘green belt’. Delhi Government has given approx. 900 acres in L Zone for the sources of water reservoir. In the near future, L Zone dwarka will come out as the highly sought option after property in the city.
  2. 2. Specification HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: Such L zone developers are designed with highly advanced facilities. Healthcare is most important faculty and a hierarchy of health facilities / hospitals has been also proposed to meet the needs of lacs of population of the zone and is also provide 5 hospitals including beds per thousand populations. EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES: Educational facility is other important amenities at upcoming residential projects in dwarka L zone which has enable maximum utilization of all the resources and available education infrastructure. The zone usually covers an area which creates policies and concerned norms. Such norms have been recognized in the Master Plan. SPORT FACILITIES: In the messy metro city life, the L zone dwarka Delhi is perfectly decked with all the elite amenities and has proper access to the upcoming Delhi’s largest Golf Course. In the zone, the entire site perfect sports Training Institute for the sports lovers. Here one can get all the new sports facilities. One can get the hierarchy of leading divisional sports centre / Golf Course, District Sports Centre and Community COMMUNICATION FACILITIES: The L zone developers are also consist with highly advanced communication facilities. The zone has the two plots of Head Post and two plots of Telephone Exchange which is of 2500 sq.m. Remote subscriber units within the given radius of 3 Km and each of its is 300 sq.m. Shall also be offered in the sector / scheme at defined location. SECURITY & SAFETY FACILITIES: Here one will get proper security facilities. Police Station / Police Post, Police Lines and Jail etc. are 24x7 available and shall be provided in Public / Semipublic use. Area for the Fire Station has been also proposed and soon to be started. Article Source: