Samintrra and kamila presentain humanites education


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Victorian education and jobs

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Samintrra and kamila presentain humanites education

  1. 1. Victorian Education & JobOpportunities for Children Presentation *By:samintrra*kamilia*
  2. 2. Job opportunities
  3. 3. Victorian education
  4. 4. Question time!!!1.what do the children have to wear when that got all the question wrong?2.were the children in the school have a life like us?explain why? can you compare now life and the past life in the school?4.was the study there very different then us?5.    What was the most dangerous job for children?6.    What was the most tiring job for the children?7.    What was the most dirty job for the children?8.    Why were the windows placed very high in the classrooms? 5.   What did the poorer classes have to attend?