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  1. 1. Nibble MATRIX
  2. 2. What is JDK,JVM,JRE?JDK: Java Development Kit contains tools needed to develop javaprograms. the tools are(JAVAC.EXE=compiler , JAVA.EXE= how you startthe JVM) applet viewer etc.JRE: JRE=JVM+Java packages(class libraries as util,math,lang,awt,swing...)Actually JVM runs the program, and it uses the class libraries, and othersupporting files provided in JRE If you want to run any java program, you need to have JRE installed in thesystem JVM:                               JVM is an InterpreterWhen we compile a JAVA File, output is not an .exe but its a .class fileconsist of Java Byte Codes Which are understandable by JVM. JVMInteprets the bytecodes into the machine code depending on operatingsystem and hardware combination
  3. 3. JVM
  4. 4. Description of jvmCL=loading classes and interfacesExecution Engine= executing the instruction contained in methods ofloaded classes .Each instruction of JVM has one method area and one heap area .These area are shared by all thread running inside virtual machineMethod Area= class dataHeap Area= objectPC Register= Thread 1 , Thread 2, Thread 3Java Stacks= stack frame Native method= is a great way to gain and merge the power of C orC++ programming into Java