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Our country, our town, our school.

  2. Information: Population: 38,192,000 Location: Poland, an East Cenral European nation, borders six countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and a Russian exclave, Kaliningrad Oblast. Capital: Warsaw (Warszawa) Currency: Złoty (PLN) Language: Polish
  3. Polish cuisine ZUREK PIEROGI BIGOS
  4. The largest Polish cities: Warszawa Łodz
  5. Krakow Wroclaw
  6. Poznan Gdansk
  7. MOUNTAINS -TATRY Is the highest mountain range in the South of Poland. It is characterised by numerous lakes and breathtaking views.
  8. Zakopane is the capital of the Polish mountains.
  9. The most famous place in Zakopane is Krupowki
  10. Zakopane is located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains in the valley between Gubałowka and Giewont. It’s the most famous tourist resort.
  11. The northern border of Poland is the Baltic Sea
  12. Poland has a very rich culture and tradition that dates back to the beginnings of our country. Unfortunately, some customs are slowly disappearing. These are typical Polish national costumes.
  13. THE MOST POPULAR POLISH NAME man woman dog • Piotr • Kasia • Burek • Paweł • Anna • Reks • Łukasz • Magda • Ciapek • Marek • Ewa • Kamil • Ela • Bartek
  14. The most famous Pole John Paul II He was born in Wadowice- a town about 60km from Mszana Dolna.He is still the pride of our nation
  15. Mszana Dolna
  16. Our school is located in Mszana Dolna. It’s a little town of more than 7800 residents.Mszana Dolna was propably founded in 1308 by the Cistercians from Szczyrzyc.The name Mszana comes from the local stream Mszanka. Mszana Dolna is located about 60 km south from Cracow.
  17. In Mszana Dolna there are many places worth seeing. The most interesting places are: Folwark – Stara Winiarnia; Formerly, stalls, now it is a restaurant.
  18. A monument commemorating over 800 Jews executed by the Nazis during Word War 2 The neo-Gothic church was built between 1891-1910 on the site of an old wooden church. Inside, there are many historical monuments, for example : an image of a gilded background of the early sixteenth century, stone font from the seventeenth century and the beautiful garments of the eighteenth century
  19. Wyspa Mszanka Perła Galerii You can eat well there !
  20. We live in the Gorce mountains.We can hike in the area of Turbacz, Stare Wierchy, Lubogoszcz, Lubon and other.
  21. Our school „Lesna” in Mszana Dolna
  22. Something about our school:  The school was founded in the 40s of the twentieth century, a few days after the liberation from German occupation.  The first high school in Mszana Dolna was established in 1990.  Today our school has about 500 students.  We have a choice of 4 profiles : technical, economic, touristic and medical.
  23. Sports club :  Students take part in different competitions, play volleyball, basketball, handball and football. In school we have a women’s football team.  Students also take part in military sports club activities. During the course students will learn to shoot with air rifles.  We also like hiking in the mountains. We have been on all mountains peaks of our region
  24. Students take part in different shows and projects for example St. Valentine's Day, Santa Claus Day, cleaning of the world or other national festivals.
  25. The theatre group – „Emet” The group consists of people who like poetry; they also sing. Recently we have prepared a special programme about Jewish culture, as before the war Jews were part of our community.
  26. Our school participates in the project "Take heart. History and culture of the two nations‘. Recently we met with people living in Israel. It was wery funny meeting. 
  27. 100 days before A-levels exams students of the last classes dance a national dance called poloniaise. This is a Polish tradition.