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Vodafone marketing mix

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Vodafone Marketing MIX

  3. 3. • The network, known as Racal Vodafone, was 80% owned by Racal.• Vodafone launched on 1 January 1985. December 1986, Racal Electronics bought out the minority shareholders of Vodafone for GB£110 million.• 1991, Racal Telecom was demerged from Racal Electronics as Vodafone Group.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION• VODAFONE Is derived from the word Voice Data Fone.• World’s largest mobile telecommunication community.• A UK based company.• 1st largest telecommunication company by revenue.• 2nd largest company in subscribers.• 30 countries and partner with networks in over 40 more.
  5. 5. Features & Services• At Vodafone, we believe we can help to build sustainable future by delivering products and services that enables positive economic ,social and environmental outcomes through out the world. 3G Network 360 Cheap Vodafone Mobile VODAFONE connect phones LIVE!! card Web box Emergency call
  6. 6. Essentials of MarketingEffective marketing key to high visibility Vodafone has to be highly visible as { the brand to buy}
  7. 7. Vodafone Marketing Mix PriceProduct Place Vodafone Marketing mix Promotion
  8. 8. Product• Features and benefits of a good or servicePlace• Where the good or service can be boughtPrice• The cost of the good or servicePromotion• How customer are made aware of good or services
  9. 9. Product• Product with different features provide customers with opportunities to chat to play games send and receive pictures sms , information about traveling, sporting events video messages.• Vodafone live! Provides on the movie info
  10. 10. Place• Vodafone UK operates 300 of its own stores.• Independent retailers• Customers are able to see and handle products they are considering buying
  11. 11. Price• Product and services accessible to as many people as possible, from young to high powered business man.• Offer various price structure to suit different customers.• Monthly price plans are available as well as prepay option.• Vodafone UK gives NECTAR reward points for every £ 1 spent on calls, text messages, pictures and ringtones.
  12. 12. Promotion• VODAFONE work with icons like Manchester United DAVID BECKHAM,MCLAREN to communicate its brand value.• Advertising on TV, on billboards and in other media outlets reaches large audience and spread brand image effectively.• Stores have special offers to attract customers• VODAFONE store its staff all project the brand image• VODAFONE actively develops good public by sending press releases to national news papers and magazine to explain new products and ideas
  13. 13. Why DAVID BECKHAM?? For PROMOTION• BECKHAM a legendary footballer but is that all??• No! he is also a fashion icon and a caring family guy• Remained Captain of English team Wow!!! Lots of fan• Fan’s love to adopt what their celebrity adopts• The overall image that attracted VODAFONE to him• As he appeals to many females because of his lifestyle and fashion icon.• The synergy is clear
  14. 14. The MARKET CAMPAIGN• Supporting the Campaign of VODAFONE byBeckham• Beckham being Reminded “to buy eggs”• “Send it like Beckham”•Promotion of VODAFONE LIVE!!
  15. 15. Market Research•High profile campaign are a gamble,•Customers were asked what they remember of thecampaign by showing posters and ad’s•Answer was Beckham’s ad remind them ofVODAFONE LIVE!! That’s what a company needs.•This is known as RECALL in Marketing Industry. •Due to Beckham people are able to recall the advertisement without promoting •High Awareness Index
  16. 16. New Marketing Strategies • Attractive brand like MCLAREN for Promotion • Zoo Zoo ad’s are a new way to promote Vodafone and to attract customers • New products and services • Online promotion • Australian Cricket team and Vodafone
  17. 17. Glossary• A.R.P.U [average revenue per user]• Brand Migration [taking brand in new territory]• Improve Margins [Difference between sales and cost of generating those sales]
  18. 18. Conclusion• We can conclude that then main thing which helps Vodafone is its marketing strategies.• According to them marketing helps Vodafone to Humanize its brand in the eye of its stakeholders.• Sponsor ship with Celebrities like Beckham, Brands like McLaren and teams like Australia helps to promote Vodafone and its products.• As success depend on both remaining high profile and in public eye.
  19. 19. ? Discussions ? Q WHAT MAKES VODAFONE UNIQUE?• Anticipating the customers need.• Unique Marketing strategies• Unique product and services such as Vodafone live!!
  20. 20. Q Describe Vodafone brand .value? •Vodafone works with icons like David Beckham to communicate brand value •They also made contract with McLaren f1 team to brand their value
  21. 21. Q May other celebrities be as well appropriate to communicate these values? • Other celebrities will only attract certain community people towards the brand • Vodafone needed an overall perfect person suited for this task Which was Backhem not other on could do it
  22. 22. Q Key point in Vodafone success is to build and strengthen customer relation ship. How this is carried out? • By anticipating the customers need • Vodafone provides what a customer need from them • And what they will provide to their customers in near future
  23. 23. THANK YOU